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Death Of Andrew Johnson

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Ex-President Andrew Johnson died at the regklcnce of liis sister, Jttrs. W. K. Hrown, Carter county, Tenn., on the morning'pf Saturday, July 81. Ho Ie ft liis liumi) in Greenville, Green counly, on Tuesday, tito 27th, in his usual licalth, halo, alert andvigorous, to spep.d a few days witli hifi daughter. On the evening of tlio following day lie was suddenly tri eken down with paralysiK, mainly aUbcting his lelt side, and rendering him uncoiiHcious, in whieh eondition he reniained for many lumrs. On Friday he rnlliid, feeliüg was partially restored to his left side, lie couYeraed intelligently, and his friends had j every reason to hopo for his early rej oovery. On Saturday niorning, howI ever, Mr. Johnson received a second i attacL, which he survived but a short timo. A dispatch from Greenvillo, Tenn. , to a Nashville paper gives tho following particular of Mr. Johnson 's illness and death : ' ' Ho had boen oomplaining somewhat of ïll hoalth during the last month, but feit no apprehensions. Last Wodnesday ho took the niorning train to visit his daughter, with whom Mrs. Johnson had boen sojourning for the past six weeks. Ho rode in a hack from Carter 's depot to lier ïesidence, some six miles disUnt, and seenied in good spirits on arrival, and at(; a hearty dinner, and al't( .' b fèw minutes of general conversation retired up stairs, and was talking alone with his granddanghter, Miss Lillie I Stover. While thusengaged, his tongue rel'used to utter a tone, and to her great consternation he feil from his seat to tho floor. Help was instantly summoned, and dmost as aoon as raised he expressed indi.stii)ctly that his right side was paralyzed. Aftcr bcing taken to the bed, when the family spoke of sending tor a pliysioiiin, he forbade it, saying that lie would soon recover. In this way the Bummoning of n.edicol aid was dnt'erre.l for twenty-four hours. When Mr. Jobe was ealled from Elizabéthtown, some two miles distant, he instantly began .1 heroic treatinent, aided ly Dr. Oameron, and seemed at ono time the nexú diiy to bo suceeeding. The patiënt couvers.ed in)})erfeetly in regard to domes! c maffers, and did not seem conscious of appioaoiÚDg dissolution, but bis caso WM beyoud the skill of a physioian, and at 7 o'clook last, night he beoam.9 iinconseiou.s. Mrs. l'atterson ayd Andrew Johnson, Jr., nvrived au lm! !■ later with two phyfiieians from örcenvüle, Drs. Bréy and Taylor, but l not ceoognize eiiher of them, and after sevea hours andft Iialf of micousoii ' in ss ]ioae'fully breathed his last, surrounded ly his wife, ohildren, andali lii;; , rpndfhildren, expqpt the son and daii.;hfiT of ox-Senator Patterson." X r. .lohnson, a ahort linie previous to bis leath, expressed a desiro that his winding sheet lie the flag of his country, Andrew Johnson was eminently a k ÍImade man. f wis liis reasonable boast [ that Erom a yonth of extreme povnly, wlii li deniedail adVantages óf education, f he had steadily elknbed the ladder of public prefereuoe, round by round, uutil lie reached its highest posaible poiut. He amimenced his career at the age of ten .. tailor. Death iinds him at the age tv -sevi'n, i Senator of the United StaUb, wlio had liern ifn 1'iTsiilent. lic was ',:m iu RaleigU, North Carolina, D laibei 2% 1808. His fathor's social üng and monetary worth may be iued ivlion it is stnted that hu was . H'o v-iíjy sexto, and jportc of th Htatc bank. In 1 s2i young Johnson moved d Tennessee, tfaera lo pursuc liis trade m jonraeyman toilor. Ho settloil at Qreenville, whioh, dnriug all tho years of liis busy and evenfcfnl lifo, contumed to be his homo. There shortly aiter hifl arrival, he married, and it was under his wife's instructiona that he learned to write aml cipher. His flrst appearaace In politics was as tho orgaciaer oí' a workingmeii' party iu oppoatien U the licli element wiiinh rulsd the fown. He was choson an AldermaB, nul tbenedforward, init il tho day of his deatb, was in public life. Ho was sucoossiv(ïly elected Mayor, member of the lower honso of the State Legislatur, a Van Btupen Elector in 1810, State Senator, member of Oongress in 1843, holding his Beat throngh iivo terms. Ho was fcwfco elected (ivcrnor of tho State, and passod throtigh tlio exeiting, violent canvaases which preceded tho elections, withan inlicpidrtv which wiis a. leading chara.ct.oristic of the man. Ju 1857 lu wns Bent f tho United StateB Sonate. In 1862 he was appointed Hllitary (íovernor of ïonnossoo. His administratioii was marked with such vigor aiul at tho same timo snch modcration, lic had mado 80 many sacrificos i'or tho Union causo, lio was 80 cniiiKMil'iy ;t war man, that, notwithstandiog his ELe-loag association witli tin1 1 oinocvatic ]!ivly, hopas placed on the ticket with Abraham Lincoln in 1864.


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