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The moncy market !;us been steady with a fair demand for f&vora and liberal quantitios of ]oanal)lc fundn. Haten 6@7 per cent. for short time. (ibvorninent bonds iirm and steady as follows : Buuing. Setting. II. 8. (i's of '81 (ex. int.) i'.ti', 120)f II. S. 5-SO'sof Y.2 (os. int.) 114 114! i i;. s. 5-20'aof '64 (ex. int.) 11BJÍ llf', u. s. s-ai'sof ■(;.-) (ex. int.) hh,,n , D. H. 6-20' of '66 Jaullary and Jllly.llS'ï llH'i IT. s. 5-2('s f '67 January and Jnly.1l!) .i 120 II. H. 5-20' of 'OH J;inu;iry and July.lle ', 120 II. 3. 10.40' 116)4 H'i'4 ü. S. ncw r's of 'M (ex. int.) 114',, 114'., ii. s. eurrency ( 121 i 122 Gold (fnll wolght) U24 1X8 Gold ('onpona Jlai 118 Gold i 'xuhuiigc 112,",; 113 BBXAD8TIXm ïho grain marketa v,-cre agaiu active and moro or Jo excitenient prevailod, wliilo tlio changos and tluetuations in vahiOH were inore or Ichh Hcverc. The movemeut waa inainly on specalative aocount, and tbe governing inlhienoee wero largely of the Hame elMS, the weatlier having moro infiuenco and effect on tho market than any other circumstance. Tbo advices from the Kast at timcH quoted a lirmer set of markets ml !iL,r;iin woaknesa and dopression ; but taken all in all local speculativc caases more f han counteractod the effect that would nalurally bc expected from the tone of the markets at tho Kant. Tho receipts wcro largor all ronnd. m!io-, ing n moro maiked incrcaso, however, whon compared witli tlie arrivals for the Hamo timo last year. Tho shipments wero lightcr all round, and the result wils quite a liberal increase in the stock in Htorc. The Bhipping intcrewtH were slow in taking hold and about the oiïly inquiry for cash grain wan from July shorts who had nol made proviHion for thoir maturing contracta. The nnsettled weatlier, would ahvayH oauae tm upward movcment in valucH, wbilo a chango to favorable weatlier, would favor a downward movement. At the cióse tho tendency of prices wa to a high er range. The following table hUowh tho prices current at tiie opening and close of the pat week: Opening. Cloaing. Ko. 2,sp'(; wbeat, cash ( (cb,.1'l No. 8 geiler August... @l.l(t) @1.22% No.2,scllcr Srptcmbor 91.14 O1.21% No. 2 fiorn, casli (ris, .71),';, .71) ';iü, .7l' No. 2 corn, a. AuRust. H .7(1... .71 bid No. 2corn, K-Hit Srpt, (. .71 .73 bid No. 2 oats, caBh @ .53 s ,r2 No. 2oat, s. AllRiist.. .S9jJ .1:1', 1. hl No. 2 oata, . Sapt (d, :,tr, .:i:i ■ i,i,l No. 2rye, cash ;.. .03 @1.(K) .) now No. 2 ryo, . Allï (4 ."8 .80 O .82 No. 4 ryo, . 8epl @ .76 ,m No. 2 barley, caah (31.32 @l.:i2 tfo. 2 bsrley, s. Sept.. .09 il. 01 ffiiI.O'J So. 3 barley, e. Pet... .99 unai',, i.(i7',,(.. i.iik phovisions. There was considerable of a reaction in Chis market from the previous week, the exoitement that at that time prevailed givmg way toquietnowH. and tho tendeucy of vahíos Wfis deoiileilly downward. The amount of business triuisacted during the met wm liglit, and the bulk of tho trading was in tho way of transfers of contracta from ojio month to another at the differonce of about 20c per br). on mess pork, and lT4dï'ï()c per 100 flw. 011 lard. There was butlittle chango in the tone of either Eastern or l'nropean advices, and tbc markot wa-i goyorncd mainly by local inflnences. As comjiared with a week ago mess pork bas declined ■10c per brl., lard ÍÍOc per 100 Jhs., and EBttati .a ! 1 'c per ]t. The market closed at f20.50 for Cash mess 'pork, 'J20.40@20.45, scller August, $20.69@20.65, seller September. Cash lard. and closed at $13.30. seller September, $13.50, Beller October, at $13.00. teoduce. There was considerable) improvement in the bntter market during theweek just past. TUere was quite an active demand on shipping account, and a fair amount was taken for repaeking purposes. Tho arrrvals during tho week wero only mwleratc and somo roduction is noticeable in the stock. Of realcboico the'Hupply waw light, and such grades were held with considerable nrmness, though tho commoner qualities sold at fonnor prices. The following aro the classiflcatioiw adopted by the Butter Assoeiation at their last convention, for which grades the quotations are given below : Extras - Shall be composed of selections from tho flnest grades of freBh made aorts, and shall be of tho highest standiud of table buttor. Firsts - Shall be a good ijualityof butter, of unifonn natural color, in season, sweet and properly scaponod, in good uniform style of package, and in good condition. Seconde - Shall consist of a good, sweet, Bdlid grado of butter, uniform in color, in cood stylo of package, and in good condition. Tliirds - Sluill embrace all sorts botween the quality too poor to bc classed as BecondH, and the grade abovo grease butter. The following were the closing qnotations : Quotable at 21@ 25c for extras, 17(í!s2Oc for íirsts, 15(rïl7c for seconds, 135@15o for thirds, and ll(i)12c for inferior stock. The market was rathcr quiet for beanri, bufc prlcdfl wero without cssontial Quotable at ffl.80(1.85 for prime Eastern medium, and f 1.00@1.70' for poor to good Western do. A fair trado was reported in broom corn, and values were firm at ll)(f)14o for No. 1 to extra hurl ; UCiïllJc for good to choice stalk braid, and (i(W8o for erooked. Beoswax sold steady at 2fi(rf 28c for primo yellow. There was an active buHinoss reported in cnrrants at 2.00(S3.00 per bu, according to quality. Cheese laai rather we&k dm ing tho early part of tho week. hut toward the latter part tho shipping was improved, and a iirnior feeling was developcd. Qúótationa range at 8@9oJí for common to good; 10(i?10;c fmpnmo now factory in lote, and 10J@llc in a retail way. Dried fruit wero teady, and for applea the demand wius somewhat botter, but the other-.dei;ci'i]itions wero vcry quict. The markot closed at 7 (c for Michigan and New York appks, ,','( Do for halves poachcH and 8@83o for biacïberrles. Dricd peas were dull and nominal at $2.00(82.10 per bu., for choico green, and 1.85(í 1.ÍI0 for marrowfat. Eggs were in a very dull and uusettlcd condition. Nearly all of the consignmonts receivcd were in poor order and buyers wero Blow about purehaning. even at lower prices. 'l'lic markot cloned at about 13W@14c, and for somo Iota that wcro known to be good a shado over these tigures wa ootained. Feathers were inactive and nominal at 48('52c for good to primo live gecse, 20@25o for turkoy tail, and 3('i)5c for chicken. There was a fair trade in foreign fniits and mits and prioes wero steady as follows: $7.00@7.50 for por brl. Messina oranges and lemons, 21@25c por lb for hard to soft shelled almouds, and 38c for paper helled. Cocoa mits, $4.50@5.00 per 100. The receipts of green fruits were somewhat lighter, and tho market ruled quito steady. PeacheB, U0c( $1.25 for common to fair in V bu boxes, and $1.50@ i. id 101 goou to cnoico i.rawioruH. Appies, 35@50c for green, and 50@65o per box for good to dioico red. Brla ranged at í:i.004.()0. J lides were in fair demand and a trine lirmer ; quotable at l%(íbSc for good lots of green salted all round, and 13@13Xe for calf. Melons wero dull at $8V0fl(g4.0fl per doz for watermelons, and $2.00@2.25 for muskmelons and cantelope. Thcre wero no oíd potatoes on tlie market, and new were again exceedingly dull ; qnotable at $1.00@l.25 per brl for Bouthorn, and ■íl.50(2.00 per brl for -cholee Ualtimore. Salfc waw Bteady aud íairly active. Quotable ar. $1.50 for Onondaga aníl Saginaw fine, and 81.70 for ordinary coarse. TJiore was but little doing in vegetables; sales e.ousisting almost entirely of tomatoes; ( notable at 40@G0o per box for tomatoes. 12,1-.J'('15c per doz. for sweet coru, aud $3@8.30 per brl. for Illinois yellow onions. Wool was quiet but Bteady at uncbanged priuee; waslied. lino to coaree in good condition. 38@i2c; onwaehed do.. 25(:32c; tub waslied, 40@5So for poor to prime. SKK1IS AND UIGHWINES. Tlio reccipts of timotliy seed were aomewhat largcr during the papt week and prices in conHcijuenoe niled a hIuuIo eanier; ealea were made at Í12..'!II('!2.5O for common to good, and at i2.52,1,(íí2.C0 for prime. Tuero were no seUera of clover on tlie ninrlsct and plicas were nominal at .7.50@8.00 for prime medium. Fla (uot;tb]o at al'oul $1.60. Tfaere was no mii'kct for millct. Huugarian and buckwlieat were nomina] at 75@8So according to . maïity. Ked Top oíd at 80o. Highyines were in good demand, bnt hólders were a?king mure tlian buvcrs vrere 'silling to pay SBd trade was liglit; $1.17 was bid, witli sellcrs generally asking SI. 17.'.;. OOOPICHAIIE. LUMllKI! AND WOOI). There was bnt little life in the markct for cooperage. and no ofaauge 8M observable in values. Tbc iuquiry. as lisual at this time of the ycar, was mainly foiliglit stock, and light barrels nold slowly. The ofPerings, iiowevcr, were not large, and the market nüed quite Bteady. Quotable at fl. 12JÍ@1,16 for pork bárrele, $K35(5 1.40 forlard tióires. tl.90@2.10 fur wliislvv baiTels, aiul é5@55c for ilonr barrels. The movemont was rather light in the luinbcr maiket, but tho offeringa were not large, and tonner prices were maintained. The market olosed at 8.00@8.25 for juist and and Bcantling, Ss8.50@16.00 for common to choice Btrips and boards, Í2.1O( 2.(1(1 for nhiugles. and ;-1.50 for lath. Thero was but a very light denaand for wood, and the market ;;s dolí and neglected. Trices, bowever, remain unchaiiel. Hiokory, $8.00 5 maple, 7.0i' ; Beech, Ï6.00, aud slabs $4.00 per eord, according to qaality. T-l'i;r;ihi('. Market Report. NEW YOUK. Bxsvxa $8 so ( i) r,n llocos Dressoa 1 (s l(l' COTTOH H ñi Hí i.iivii - Superfino AVrwtrru 5 ÍS (' .r) 7ö Wiikat -No. 'i Chicago 1 88 (,{ 1 :I7 1 Spriua 1 -il) (' 1 !■! Coks B6JÍÜ sí Oxtt 03 i Dl K.i: 1 'W (j 1 UI Pobk N 1 a Mees 21 00 @21 Bfl Ura Bteam 18 ?, I OÜIS. Wheat- No. a Red l '■' Corm- No. 3 6B (?4 HS;U Oats- )S"o. 3 .,,,.,. 83 % 07 ÏYit- No.2 05 (3 96 l'OBK- MCB 21 (!U 21 '.!! i.AUl) 12 (ai 18 So r. oo (H 7 Bo 'A rrr.K 4 5() ( 6 00 MILWAUKEB. ft'HKAT- NO. 1 (JÍ, 1 28 No.2 ai ■■:.' oitN- No. 2 uu 70 Nu. 2 (ö) 52 KYK 'J8 100 No. 2 0 104 OINCINNATI. Wnv.kt- Bed 1 4." m 1 118 OOBS 72 ( 74 Oats 70 ut, 7ï KvK 1 00 (á 1 'ï Poiti; - Mcsm (0,20 7.r) I.AU 12%@ 18i TOLEDO. Wiikat- Extra O 1 ,"i:l AnilHr u 1 r HoiiN 75%{$ 7'i Oats CO @ C1V DETKOIT. Whxat- Extra 0,1 47 Amber W 1 10 CoitN (ii, 7r Oats 57 OIlEVKLAND. Wur.AT -;.'. 1 iici tg ] r.o No. 2Bed (4 145 Ook 71 c, 75 Oat 69 (} Cl


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