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The World Of London

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Here are nomo enrióos staüstics about Lonclon, extracted from one of tho papera issued by the Londou City Mission. It covers withiu th! fiftoen milos radius of Cliarhig Cross nearly 700 square milos. It immbors within tlieso bouodariee ■1,000,000 inliabitants. It oomprises 100,000 foreigners from every cjuarter of tho globo. It contaras more Roman Catholios than Rotee itsolí, moro Jews than tho wliolo of Palestino, moro Irisli tlmn Dublin, more Scotcbmcn than Edinburgh, more AVolshmen tlian Cardiff, and more oountry-born persons than tho oounties of Devon, Warwiekshire, aud Durham combinod. It has a birth in overy flvo miuutes, a death iii every cight miinitos, and Beven accidents every day in ita 7,000 miles of streets. Ic has an average of 23 miles of now strnots oponed, and 9,000 now liouses built in it every yoar. It lias 1,000 slñ'ps and 9,000 sailors in its ports every day. It has 117,000 habitual crimináis on its pólice register, mcreasiiig at au average of 30,000 per annum. It has afl mímy beer shops and ginpalaces as would, if placed sido by sido, stretch from Oharing Cross to Portsmouth, a distfince of 73 miles. It has as many pampera as would moro than oceupy every house in Brightxjn. It has an influence with all parts of the world, repreaented by the yearly dolivery in tho postal distriets of 288,000,000 íettcrs:


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