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EuEorE bas ftve millions of Boldiers all reiuly for fightiug, with flfteen tliousand ciinnou and a million and a quartor of horses ; its united flcet censist of 2,039 vcsaels, manned by 280,000 soldiers, and carrying fifteen thousaiul guns. The coat of these immonsc armamenta is fivo lmndred and sixty millionê of dollara anmmlly, tbrce-üft'ha of the amount being consocratod to tlio armies. WlLHOFl's TONI! - ÜNFAIIilNG AND InfaixjbleI - This great Chili Tonic cures Chills without the ihterveution of doctors and their bilis. No Consulting vifriW- no prescriptions to be filled- no hugc bill, cntailing pecuniary embartiHsmentH, added to Iohs of liealth. It is the ïricnd of the poor man. becanse it enables him to earn a living, aud of the rich, becanse it prepares lam to enjoy liis wealth. Tlii great boon to mankind is cheap, safo and prompt. "WihlEi.och, Finlay et Co., Proprictor, New Orlean. Fok sale jy all Ducooists. Henüy K. Bond, of Jeffersou, Maine, waa cured of spitting blood, soreuess and wetenen. of the Btomaeh, by the nsoof Johnson' $ Anodyne Liniment iuteruallr. A want has been feit and expressed by physiciana for a safe and reliable purgativo. Much a want is now snpplied iu Parsons' l'urrjalive l'ills. Gum Flora Spkinci Wateb, at Waukegan, UI., cures all kiduey disoases. How to Gbt a Home. Seo advertisement. A MAN OF A THOUSAND. A Oonsdmptive CüKED.- When death waB hoñrlyexpectod from Consuinpt ion, all remedios having failod, acoidont led to :i discover; whereby lr. II. James onrad his tmly child wti h a prepjiration Of (''iiinnhis Indita. Ho now Kives recipe frf f on reeeipt (if tWO RtampS to pay expenses. There 13 Bot n. siRglfl ftrmptom of CnnRumpüon that it .does not dlsslpate- Nurht Swe.tts. Irritation of the Nervefi, Difficult Bxpoctorsuon, nhnrp P.iins in tho Iiiní:R. Nausea at tho Stoiniich, lnnction f tht BoweU, nnd Wnthwc of tho Mnscles. Addtess CRADI)OOK OO-, M82 Kace SÜBet, PüUadolnhia, Pï.,glving name of tiiis pnpor. Vv II vl's 39 ti liona of childreh are weariiig rr.Jjg.J ftatM Stl.VKll 1 ll'l'I'.l) B Wa B Ui wfl JfP M Sli'n-B. Why nut:' Thoy are tho HWrWAVH?"?! chp.inest ,iud n"(r wear t)innjj,'h gWj j L I J JgaTJj al tho tui'. Tij BaHanMBH For Sale ly all iSlioe Dealers. Pr6m the Atlnntic to the PaciflcCTBBI lkMISll'.'J tl in rel mt a tii in ot the f$f Cy'3 m Tt 9 'J% ( aiü.k scuEW w i n ie rg PI "& nti lioots and Simes is sinfridinK. KfjhjLBl nW 3 i H Tticy nevcr vip. U-uk, (ir f;iil toRW'M'wJ1 'Wfl pteces. ïjook out for tin' l'nti'nip't'g ny Jj ■tunp ;all otliers are imitations. iMCLjnMÉHMKÍBnS WANTBD AGEVTS. SgmpU and Onlfit frn 11,'tler ihan Gold. A. OOULTEB è. OO., Chicago. E ERÏ FAjnLT WANTS IT. Monfj In N, S. M l)ï Agent. Addrwui M. H. LOVKLL. Erie. Pa. TVTT711TIT BOOK, "airantnsi." f ote Rrady. AtjmU iSïii W mddre. LOUIS LLOYD i CO., Chicago. P A f _ fi OC perday Bend for Chromo Catalogue. 4) 1 J e 4) L O J. 11. IJüffosd's Sons, Boston, Was. ♦ r f r A M)TII - AKOntswanted everywhero. U Ij UM Business honornble and first class. l'.irall.llil tloulaxs sent free. Address WOKTH A ifUil pp.. Sr. IuisLMo. I CLARK'8 BOOK-KEEPING. „'irS'od': Price S1.O0, poBtpaid. Send for Circular. IV. S. CliAUK & CO., 143 Race Street, Cincicnatl, Ohlo. linfA MONTIl and EXPF.KSKS to all. ArtioleEl li ll Ml I nw. ptaplo as flour. Samples free. ('. IjlN-l HPt JU IN JTOX, NEW YORK or (J1I10AOO. 1 II UMI ■!■! 1- II ■! 1 BUJlJlilJlllMí Agenta coln money. We have werk and money for all, men or women, lioys or girls, whole or spare time. Send stamp for Catalogue. Address FRANK OLUCK, New Bedford. Maas. f GeoTpTRowell Co7 EI3 CAI C Chicago Snhnrbnn I)t at PUK QALKi tiooesah- CMdomuidW monthly for i)alnnce- within a short, dtstance of city limit, with hourly traína nnd cheap faro. Send for circular. IRA BROVVN. U2 LaSalle Street. Chicago. 111. PEN NSYLVANIA Military Aeademy. CKester. Pu-. Opens Sept. stii. Civil Eñfflneeriiw. H ÜUmÍos, KnSlish and Military Art thoroughlj ■ tnurht. For circulnrs apply to Col. THEO. lïYA'rr, President. CIWCIWNATI DO1-LVRAVEEKLY STAR. An Independent Kaniily Newspaner. H Faes. 48 Columns of Reading. S- Pit YKAR. Bpeoimen Oupj rBSZ. SJJL Free of ptJij:(. Addresa THe " STAK" CO., C'iin'Iiinnti, Oliio. MMMBh Your Name Klf;antly PrintIIUL'Íl ed on 12 Tkanstakent VisiTtsa WaBW Ca kus, for2."i Cents. Kach cariicontams a scene which is not visible until heltl towarda tlie light. ■ XotliinlikethomeverbeforcofleredÍTi América. Bigimliice! ments toAgents. Novkltv PbiXTIHQ Co.,AehJaud,iMii8ñ. ; _-- - Of the prctíiest CARDS yon ever W ns J!i%v, with your name handsomely pi-inted on ' mY% M 8 ('lom Bent' pt'Btpuid, npon rcnipt of :!:) iTents. y Your fritmda will all want them when Ihey soe M mJÊ jüurt. Addreos W. (.'. CANNOJï 46 Kneeland St.. Boston. Mass. TT EL? A -Tho Ohoicest in the world- Import a iimmmJrfmf ■ cru' príct!s--La rK?st Company in Anierfba- tAple iirticlo- plf.tsrs everybodj Tnidtscnn tiim.illy itioro.iRinK- Aftynts wanted everywhere - best indmcnients- don't wast . timo- send for circular tu liOít kut Wfxls, 43 Vesey-st., N. Y., R O. Box 12Ö7. " -. v YounR men fo know tlwit Uw I l rx rvFii A baat pIíicb r-o ohtain n basineaa ■ WORTHIWOTOM BU81MKS8 COLLKiK Tfledo, Ohio. Address, for. Circulars, U.M.VVOhTHINGTK,Principal,Toledo,0. HOW TO GET A HOME. IOWA IM)S. hi)i),(()0 ACRES, Rii-h 80U, spod UUmate. exosllsnl Water, crowtnii Settlemnt We offer the Land. of tbe SJoos Cily and St. Paul R. R. and the MoGrecftr .ini Missouri River R. R. r.t to $8 per acre, on easy iuyinent.. Two years lent will iuiy a farm. A ppl to DAIIUSOS A. CAMCINS, R K. Land Office. Sibley, Otceola üo., Iowa. AGKNTS VAIVTED FOR. A iVKAV HOOIC. SUCCESS IN BUSiNESS. HOW mkb MONEY. SiIIÍihj pry fust. .SVi for ctralam. P. W. ZIHÓLER i. CO., 301 .s. Ci.irk-st., Ohloago, 111. ÚñM E I"PPP BV AtJKNTS KOU TUK Hf A BI UH G 1 Iwat-si-llitiB l'rio PackW" IT-9JW t biBiijins l.- Sheets Paper, 1;" linvlopes, (íoldt'ii Pen, Pen llolder, PenclK Pateni Yard Meaaure, and : Pieco of Jewelry. Siijirle PackiiRe, with debuut Pi-i,e, post-paid, 5á" ivaN. (.'ircular free. BR1D1Í ,t OO., 700 liroiidway, New YoíIí. PWIH, IIAVK, (H'í! BOOD& Send üí oonU and Arm.! send 'ny mail, prftpatd, our 1.AMI' l'i I .ï.K'.l, p with ivhlch .ron can till any Krro-mr frtmp iriihoul Z ,,,:, , rf;,,jui K.-Uiii 'i' L,,,;ip. J At Bamn time we mail yon all onr circulan and P trmB to agenta oiMvcn(y iim'íuI boiuehold arkticlea with whicq any peratya oan maka trom S'1 to Ü'.t rintly. VVo want ABelltireverywhoi-e. imW, AiV.!' KMPÜUIVM, ' Bo.iok, Mam,


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