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Güicap Business Diré cíary. AGRICULTURA!. IMPLEMENtT " OIIIOAGO SCRAPEU DITCHKR 00., 56 l„s, AWNINGS, TENTS, TWINES AND COROAGE ""' (ILIiKKT, HUHliAKD 4 00., 202 W2O8 SmithWat, BAKING POWDER AND EXTRACTS Dn. riUCF.'S, Stcnir. Príce MTrj.,201 ,. 2m's ,„ Chicago, 204 Jí. 2(1, St. Jxiuls. 244 Mili, Cin.inn,,,'8'' BANNERS AND GLASS SHOW-CARD WRlTERs MUNN A DltUM, 215 W. MadiBon. BOOTS AND SHOES-AUCTION AND COMMISSIn JAS. P. McNAMARA A CO., 27 B. Wastiind,,,, CANNED FRUITS AND CRYSTAL LAKE PICKELs 1'. A. WAIDHEB, 45 and 47 River. COWING'S DRIVE AND WELL PUIMPS, fe DOWNER WOOLNKR, 98 and 1(10 FronkHn CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE AliRAM FRKNC1I 4 CO., 101 and 1(0 Wal,.,!,',, ENGRAVEft, SEALS, PRESSES, STEEL AND Po.r STAMPS, STENCIL TOOLS AND STOCK S a 11. HANSOJt, 33 South Cl.irk. ENGRAVERS. S. D. CIIILDS, JR., CO., 115 Kraiiklln. ENGRAVER, DÍE SINKER ít MANFR. OF SltBCllí L. BOCHE, 171 K. ]:im..lili. FLOWERS AND STRAW GOODS SPECIALTY DA.LY, 11KKUOTIN i. JO., 141 añil 118 Wl,asli FURNITtIRE. A. L. HALO A URO., 300, 392, 904 and ST, l; GLASS SHOW-CARD PA1NIER. J. J. O. HUKiaiOl'F.CIt, 199, 201 and 303 1!. lUndol,,!, URASS SEEDS. ALHIORT DICKINSON, 117 Kinzle. GUNS-CUTLERY MANUFACTURERS. W. K. SPENOKR A CO., 51 State. Send for prictl HARDWARE AND CUTLERY WHOLESALE. FDWIN I1UNT A SONS, 58 and 60 Uke. HEAVY HARDWARE-WHOLESALE. KIMBARK BROS. A CO., SO to 84 Michigan-, HOTELS. NKVADA HOTEL, Wabah nv.,bet. Uadlscmurili rno. Central, con?enienk 2.(HI per day. BIU5VOOBT UoUSK, 143 and 146 K. Madlaoj Onih. (Joropean plan. II H. Thompeon, proprletor. MKTROPOLITAN HOTI'.I,-$2.S0 per day. Cor tu. ,V Wah'n,ttool oíd 8t. James, opp. Ifield,UnJj" OGDRIÏ HOUSE rtrst-clasa in eveiy parttenhr R. bel .i, forres', prop'rs. Cor. VVaslünKtun an WOÓD'S HOTEL, S4 & 36 Washbigton. O.. Prioe 2 pet dar. U.8. Palmer (lite City HoüEfiJ IMPORTERS AND MANFRS. OF WARWICKSHIRElin COLUMBIA SAUCES, IMPORTEO CAISUPS A FLAVORING EXTRACTS. " LEW1S A CO., ISi E. Kinzio. Bend for prlce-llx. LUMBER. riir. PBSHTIOO CO.-Oreen Rny Inmb Pier. W. B. StronB, Pres't; O. C. lIemiistaa(i,5K', REAL ESTÁTE. JAS. B. GOOD5IAN A CO., 73 Donrhom. SAW MANUFACTURERS. HKNRYDIS.STONASON.N.W.cor.RandolphlJIukn SEWING MACHINE COMPANIES. HOME S. M. CO., Jolmson, Clark i Co., 141 Sute. WASHING MACHINES. l'or Circnlars, ete... nddros CALKIKS CHAWI9I Washer Co., 207 Clark. Agente wantod eTB WATCHES, JEWELRY AND JEWELERS' SUPfLltS. 0OG8WKLL, WBBER A CO., 105 and 107 Sute. tl ( 4-r 4!RHn lnM Ín Wall K,, i . Ti pitrt1 booh iinÍMDh. ysrytbing.iind oopy ol tilo Wnll Slrcrl Iterin QCIJT CDCC John Hicklino A Co.. Banken OCli I rnCC. mil ümlier, 7a Broidnif, ü.y CAUTION- NOTICE,- The GENUINE EDiTEON. LJWF) AND LABORS OP I -T INGSTO KTB, (Includingthe " LAST JOURNALS,") onfoldaiMii nis 3(1 Yrars traiiscíiclv-ntHi-r,alsothe'n. fiti's. Wonden aiï W'ciillli of tim' country, and is iilisolutfly thi only nrw (nmMíete werk. HenoeU s. U-: jnsi ihink, n.m rst 7 wcoks. ARents' tttrcrs wonld atmh pm, more wanted. Send for terms and p'iKitirtprmfoi gtn. hntH,. UUBBABD Bnos., Pubs., 1Í4 W. 4th St, Clon, 0. Wp- WS Keeler, Holmes A Cfc,ft GZ-m Soaí'onm i? tbcbrstIi;ikingPoBilpr y[lrè Gro. Ij. Ciiiíliii V ■ V XË$v 1) J fa í.'"riTTi Isst.-adïiyKa'inincinfnTa , v r.m í.''"Tors' wivescanexñíNtvToii CjStm'U1 Tijt itand ('nd fnrcirciiíirto YSlSiSTf. (EÜ. V. GASTZ .i. 1 1).. iv -i. pt17l' ])innr Sí ., Kew York. iiiwi ..j iii.-ThiB ne-.T Traas te wora y" . .3l with perfoet comfnrt nUlí K& 'T T A T(l!M:!!"' ' Ai! i,.' . !' l ■ L L S I X v ■Xfvr.v motion of the bndj, L T T TT S S ÍSiietninKriiturruT]ii'rth'( Vi: _-. lgíífP h;irdeKt(1t-rcisc(Tsípv ■ Styfy istico'frlíí NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sent by mail. Cali or Bend for Circular and !' aaní Tho now nlIFFALO BILÍ. UKVOIAKR j DreDaidtoanynartof l'nitd States on reortí ki.mi. ai.lHlalrra.iysoW. li,.;it= anjtliine "1 the kind I ever made. For accomoy and distanoe It has no biui i A"w!ÉsTBReCl WORKS. CmoAflOjU. N Ií - AV( have t-very rovoivor examined by nneiplenciid pMwmlth l.cforo it lwivcs onr "rky, and wnt them perfoot in every way. Liberal discountotDOUWl "TORTftBrEGRÏNDiNG MILLS. -„ ncstFrcncIiItun J9 1 ')JK,Ta Hií-rcl".'' Üorfc. M'!'': hmesfí. ha rior "i" mi' ; "" jLBHQl Iiit iíoIiíiií; l' ' F m &SUl Bm , 'í i 'i '■íiK'lfl (carinü Hhsftin". g VsiabUshcd 1. Í3feBS THADE MARK. TATESTED. The bost añil rhcapest Paintinit" Voi ll for Iron. Tin or Vool. í"t" bv Trolera ovcmvliore. PRINCES' J1JTALU' PATXT CO.. Slimiift'rpTs, 96CiarSt.,eI {yCATJTION rurchaserBWillplJ sec Uut oor ñamo and trade mark are ■ every packago. ÍSend for a Circular. Forestall Snmmer Fcvfríi an() .II k "JJ pltatgeneratedbyeice8iheat,bykeeplito"IB" cool ana the bctwels f ree with Tarrant'.s Effervescent Seltwr Aperiom at once ■ most. ri-frosliins drauglit and the best of Hr sulatiivT uiodicineB. SOLÍ) 1)Y ATX DBÜGGSSW. SoldiiSbUriJots. as cinta ind uuwif i ö mmm 3 Si ttg-.g SOSO-!'!? ej . L EL s-. 3 o .. -j-p c-O B bCwhittxer No. 6i7 Si, Charles Street, St. Lcd. j'auea to tren all e&iei f obiuolei to mrHr. b' B Impuridm, eiory allnnl or ilokoeii wt6 "",, Ín JlG=rc:loQ or tmpruilenco, wítti upiirlieJ1 '■ ,,... Dr. .- giUbllaameQt lj okirtered bj tM 8 " , isrrt. vu faunded Dd ha boon eütiWiibN w ,ƒ r. jeruln nd ríUabl relief. Bdng ír'"' ,ƒ i tr.r.I medical collejet, and havlng ibe [" "Mul lonj .ud icoeaifal Ufe n bia.peiHIel h" p ''.oU rnn-líoi tbt re effeotual io all Uiese caaol. H r1" rt fcla trwatcd br mll or íl-preM ererjwhe rr. r ktM#i wba íai'.il, aalt tr write. Trom tbc Creftlh rlii .r of applIoaUoiu b li enabled to k'CP ' ,í. !. 36 pageJi.jlrlns ruil lymptonu, foruoi BñARRIACE CUIDE, t0 r. a popol.r book bloh hontó be read bjr ' ' oody. aiír!e .ir, or peraoni ""'m'LU.iJf tlfi, on mrl lo do wltbont 11. It ooBUlm lb J"f , ttedleal literatare on tbla aabjeol, the reiulu o' orj, ... R. U. NU- ' pic' my you IWH' "" U t Ai paptrt


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