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Vast Industry Of Birmingham, England

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Acoordiiif ti) a statement in tho F.n ijíiki r, ii weck 's work in Bifmingham, Eaglafitj, oorflprises, among its various resdlte, tin fabricaüon of PourteeH millious of poiiH, nix thouxand bedsteutte, Beveu Uionsand f?uns, three Inuulicd millioni of ent nailH, ona hundred nullions of buttons, ouo tlKHisiHid .sad.ll.s, livo niillioiiH of coppor or bronzc coins, j twanty thousiuul pairn of spedtaolos, si tona of papur maohe waru, $150,000 : wortli of jowclry, four thoiisaml niilca of faron and stee] wíl, ten tona of pius, fivo tons of hair-piim and hooka and èyea, one btmdied and thirty thousand groatl of wodd 'icrows, live hnndred ton of nuts and sorow Ixilts and spikes, ftfty tons of wrought iron hingen Öireo Imn dríd emú. lil'ly miles' k'Bgtíi ai vwax ft restes, íorty tona of rei'med meta], l'orty tons of Uernmii SÜvtir, ono tliou.sand (hizi'ns f fondsrs, Ilirc thoiwand livo lniüdrcd hcllown, aight hundred tons of brass iiud cop]K'i' warcK - thosii, with :i miiltitude of uiiciee, beiAg ex ported to afansst all part of the flobe. Mkn arr cn-atif!. William llcmer, of Memphte, permitted bis wife to íí'ví il gi-and party, aiul when tho giifsts had arriveil ho brought in the garden hce and sprinkled them out.


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