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Large And Small Farms

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Twèlve ut the States have farms that ayerago lase th.u 125 acres in extent, whieh is loss than the average elsewhore, wljirh in some States even ruus uj nearJy to au averugo of 500 oeros. These rwêlve States give the i'ollowing as the average siüo of their farras : Aereé. Arir.s. ftfoine ...... 9 Nfiw Jorney 98 New Hainpshiro 12 J Vn uk} l;iui:i IN hfatwachusetts 10;í Indiana 112 Hhorto lslaml 94 Ohio 111 ( ■niinritii-iit ;: Michigan 101 jNiu Vork KV) jVitcouxiu 114 While tho total v&Jne of the farms in tlio United States is put down at $9,262.803,361, tho value in tho above sniall l'arin SUttes foots up $5,407,587,178, or nearly three-fiftha of tho total - and tliis, j too, while the area of these States is loss than one-tenth of tho area of the wholo counfery. No more conclusivo exhibí of tho practical superiority of the small farm system could be given than this. While this ïecoril is of interest to those ]i;r;iged in farms, the following table, oulJcctcd from our agriciütural reporta, is of hardly loss interest. We give the average value per acre : Maine $14 16 Texas $12.81 New Hüiniislnro 19.16 rkaiiBas 17.IÍH Vermont 18.87 t'ennessee 12.70 Massaohuaetta 81.10 WmI Virginia KM Rhode [aland 34.00 Eontncky l.ï.54 Uonnecticut S3.9I Ohio 14.57 New York 22.SM Wlohlgan 15.65 New Jitw v 27.96 Indiana 13.51 Pennsylvania 20.8(i IUíhoíh 11.13 IMliiwure 13.24 Viwr'onsin 14.18 MaryJand 15.42 Vlnnesota 11.3 Virfjinia 14.15 lowa 8.49 Nörth Carolina 11.88 Mis. uri 11.99 South Carolina 10.45 Kansas 8.92 Georgia 11.68 Nebraaka 7.Í3 Florida 11.47 California 15.10 Alabama 13.78 Oregon 1H.70 MisBissippi ir.(il Serada 44.30 Louiaiaaa 13.61 ïbe ïerritories 26.10


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