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Pat's Persuasiveness

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The following aucdote is relafed of tüe late Mr. Greeley, who is well known to have been thronghout life a staunch advocate of temperanee. Throngh all liis electioneering cainpaigiis, he sat at public dinners and suppers where wine and spirits flowed freely, but he never passed the bottle or touchod the liquor himself. The waiters who knevr liis tempéranos principies were generally pnzzled wint to do when tliey carne to the row glasses fronting his plate, as they fronteci all others. Usuaily thoy wero directed by a look or gcsturo of the master of the ceremonies to pass by hini in silence. 13ut on ono occasion, an Irish waiter would not abide such an apparent breach of hospitah'ty. " Hadn't ye better tako something, sir, to get up an appetite like, afteryour long ride, sir?" thehospitable Hibornianwliispered to tlicstartlecl sago. " A little brandy and wather wud do ye good - it wud, upoii mysowl, sir." The, heartiness of the appeal touched tho pliiloRophcr. He recogniuod the ring of triie hospitality in its tones, and his henrt reienbed at the idea of depressing snch sterling virtuo by a continned refusal. "Brandy and water?" he suid. ' ' Well, Tat, 111 take half that to oblige you. Give me tho water, and let sumo ono elso havo tho brandy."


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