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The Baltimore Balloon

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The Balteinpre Sun thiis speaks of tho balloon in whioh W. F. Schoedor, of that city, propose to attempt a voyago to Euröpo : The balloon is egg-shaped, very strong, mul will holil 80,000 cubic feet of gas. Proni the machine, shaped liko n life-boiit, and suspended below, a .steel mast will ruil up ut oach oud, iutérgocting and bracüig the baillooa. Tho balloon tuid inachino will thus bo iunily united. Tie car will he saspen. led below iiKicliiiio. There is to be u nul dot at each tinl of tho innohiuc, aud iilso a propeller, oocli liftoon feet loug. Theso propóllers, working togothor, act the one to pull and the other topusli tho ship i'orwiinl. They are to make twölvé huildred re.volutious per minute. Ou eftch sido will le a wing tliivty-live feet long that flaps liko a blrd in Bight, and will s rve to ráise or [uwer the balloou, or niiike it .stand stiU. A light oight lnr;;e power ongiue will work tho maehinerv, aild a mm generator is to bo oarriéd along. 'Ríe whole afflair, it w o]u deel, will woigh ?,800 pounds, and will 2,000 pounüs tinder ordinary foinUtioiJK. Makk's joking advortisomont l'nv the body Of a boy who Htolo liis unibrell at a base ball match reooüed rather li,';iil on hita, iáome naedioftl stadene lef ka "paw" thé eotpm oi' i boy - at bis houw, nul INlavk was thought to have been hin mimlerer uutil tho janitor of the medical eolloge dairaed the "subject."


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