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Tkbï talk of nnoadunizifig Water Htrcct in Bay City, and of putting tho 'ity prisoners at worK to do it. Sknkca Smitii, ;i pioneer eetüer md prominent citizen of Kalamazoo oounty, ilied, laat week, aged 74 ynirs. Maköual.1, claims it in to have, the host hotel acoommodationn of uiy towu ot 5,000 inliabitants in the State. AVnitE many other Staten havo tvcoived incalcnlablo daraage from floodH, Michigan alono is orying out for rain. "BüiOK Pomeroy" will deliver tho annnaJ addreas bfore tho Eaton County Agriuiiltural Hociety, at Cüiarlotte, September 23d. Tira Patrono of Husbaudry of Calhoun connty, had a grand picnic and harvest party at Goguae, last week, over 3,000 being present. Dcieino the past ycar 434 dcaths have occurred in Grand Rapids, being a ratio of seveny-four to every one thoilfland of tho population. Walsh & Enole's carriage factory at Union City, was burned a few days ago, throwing twenty men out of employnient, and eausing a loss of $8,000, Three convicta escaped from Uu; penitentiary at Jackson, a fow days ago, by going over the wall on a ladder. Tliey wcro pursued and rocaptured. John Hinjman, of Bay City, agcd 6) year.s, died last Thursdy from the effccts of an overdose of morpliino, whieh he had taken for the purpose of quieting hia nerves. Jackson has a horso 51 years old. His name ia liomp, aud he was foaled in Clarence, Erie county, N. Y., in 1821. Ho is without puff or wimlgall, and does a good day's work daily. Mus. Decker, of Bay coimty, left hei child alone in the house for a few minutes, and during her absence the littlo one foll into a pail of hot water and died after live hours of intense agony. AüijAii Luoe, an old sea Captain, died at Grand llapids last week, aged 84. He left the sea twonty years ago. In 1851 ho sailed the bark Harvest Moon betwceu New York and Montevideo. Laluïï Coffee held the, pistol t Grand Kapids, and was positive that it was not loadcd. Edward Corsey had his oye shot out and receivcd a dangerous wouud in the head, and thinks it was loaded. Neak East Saginaw, on Monday ff last week, as two boys named Matthews and Crabb wero eugaged in lniuling wheat, the load capsized, instantly killing MatthewH and severely injuring Crabb. Kev. C. H. Kichakdson, of Northville, who has been mipplying the Bnp tist pulpit in that village for nearly foiir months, having received a uuaniniona culi to the pastorate of the ehureh, will aeeopt the samo. Bï the discharge of a pistol in tho hands of Larry Coffee, which he supposed was not luaded, Edward Canrey had an eye shot out, and the btillet inflicted a dangerous wound in his head. The illair happened at Grand Eapids. A collision betwccn twofrcight trains on the Michigan Central rond, near Niles, last l'ucsday, resulted in the wrecking of three engines and twenty earp, and tho fatal scalding of John Mc Ginnis, an enginecr. Damage, $50,000. Lew W. Haines, an old resident of Saginaw county, while driving through Saginaw City, on Suuday last, in company with his wife, was thrown from his buggy and snstained injuries from which it is feared he will not recover. Mrs. Haines was slightlyinjured. Mbs. Dabey, au elderly Frenth woman, was run over and killed, at Monroe, a few days ago, whilo in the act of crawling nnder tbc cara of a freight train of the Cauatla Southern railway, which started up before sho had pasaed. Her body was badly mutilated. At Marquotte, on Thursday of last weck, George Lowinan was convioted of minder in the seoond degree for killing a woman at the Rspublio mine, last spring. The jury at the last term of court disagreed. He was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment at Jackson. At ld Jacket, near Marquette, on the Gth inst., a Finlander, with an unpronouncablo name, outraged and nmrdered a little girl of eight years, named Anna Switzer. At last accounts the infiu-iated populace were hunting for the scoundrel with the determination of hanging him. The village of Mount Pleasant, Isabella county, was visited by a disastrous conilagration on the morning of tl e 5th inst., destroying 12 business buildings and n number of dwellmgs. Tho loss is estimated at $100,000, and thero is very little insurance. Cassius M. Jackson, a colorcd man about 70 years of age, we are informed, left Goorge Wellington's, in tho town OÍ Spriugport, Jackson county, for Albion, over a year ago, and np to this time han not arrived. 'Tis said be had about $100 in monoy and i noto for $H5 against oiki Charles Doak. nis friends suspect foul play. Dubing the month of July postoilices were cstablished and diseontinucd in this Site i follows : Sstablished- Forest Home, Antrim couuty ; Jordán, Antrim couuty ; Geddts, Washtcnaw eouuty. JHxcontinuid- Gilford, Tuscola county; Forest City, Ücoaiiii.-ounty. Name rhanijcd Thorn Applo Lako, Barry eouuty, to Mcadville. Thk iron aud other nmt.'ilal ÍOT tho eoiiKtruction of tbe división oí the Chicago and Liike II uron rnilrond between Fiint and Vernon Jiiiiction, on the Dö lioit and Mihvaukee rüilroad, is now heinK'lcposited at the terminus, and tracklnying will commence soon, when thcy espect to lay a niiie a day. QaoigP Ö- WatroilK has Vh'CU ai]()iuted iSillii'iintendextt of Mut.ivc Pcwcr, nnd 8teph n TinUtr Master Mcclmnic of Üic road. ïueüday aftornoon of last wcfk tlireo eonvicts, naincd Cliavles, Peter O'Brien, and ThoiiüiH Moijucen, escaped from priHon at Jackson by ïAeana of splieiug ladders and scaling thr all the guard boing absent at the time on awount of sickness. They were discovered by a guard on another part of the wall who flred ui'on them, but none of the shots took effect. Pursuit was immediately made, and in a short time they were all recaptured.


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