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this way : "Senator Thuriuan repudiates the rag baby, while bis uncle, William Allen nurses it most tenderly. lt is a sad case of faHiily dissensiou." The Pontiac (inzette, snuffs a State eleotion away off in tho distance- say somewhere about the flrst of November, 187G, and taking time by the foretop, proeeeds to nominate Hon. Charles M. Croswell, of Adrián for Governor, which noniination is seconded vigorously by the Jackson Citizen, and just a little haltingly by the Adrián Times. Mr. Croswell is a man of better repute than the average Republican aspirant, but he lacks back-bone suffieient for a tifteen months candidacy. Better not " cali time " at this early day. As specimens of intelligent legislation. and by a Michigan Legislature, the following may be cited. Act 42 of the session laws of 1875 amended sec. 649 of the Compiled Laws, the section tixing the term of office of township officers, by making it read : " Each of the oflicers elected at suoh meetings [the animal township meetings], except justices of the neoce, hall hold liis office for one year, and until his su'ccessor is elected and qualified. ' Art. 65 of the same volume amends the same section [not the amended sectionl as follows : " Each of the oflicers elected at sueh meetings, eicept justiees of the peace and school inspectora fanother amendment provides for but ant school Inspector] shall hold tais office for one year," 4c. Sec. 1,888 of the Compiled Laws, being scctioii 8 of the highway law, was amended by Act No. 65 of 1875, and again amended by Act No. 78. Sec. 1,753 of the Compiled Lawa was amended by Act No. 65, 1875, and alao agaiu amended by Act No. 112 of same 868SÍOI1. And we might exhaust all our space in citing similar doublé amendmentn, but will leave the job to some curiosity hunter or lawyer without a cliënt. We will ventura, however, to give a sample of another kind. Act No. 167, Session Laws of 1875, amends - or says it does, but all changes are not necessarily amendment8 - Sec. 3,596 of the Compiled Laws of 1871, making it read as follows : " Any person may send scholars to a district school who are niembers of his own family, in a a district in which he does not reside: Pramded, He pays taxes in the district to an amount equal to the amount per scholar of the cost of suppurting the said district school. Such a diatrict school (member of his own family), will be of the Iowa type ; taught in UU own house (built by district tax), by hit own wife, with only hi own children for scholars ; though supported by taxes gathered in from non-resident land-owners. Verily, Bro. McCracken's proposed " Committtee on Phraseology " would have been a capital thing.


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