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Description Of Centennial Buildings

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The main building i in form of parallelogram, extending east and west 1,880 feet in length, and north and aouth 464 in width. The larger portion of the structure is one story in height, and shows the main cornice upon the outside at 45 feet above the ground, the interior height being 70 feet. At the center of the longer side are projeotions 416 feet in length, and in the center of the shorter sides or ends of the building are projections 216 feet in length. In these projections, in the center of the four sides, are located the main entrances, which are provided with arcades upon the ground floor, and central facades extending to the hight of 90 feet. Upon the corners of the building there are towers 75 feet high. The building covers 21.47 acres, and being a temporary construction, the columns and trusses are so designed that they uiay be easily taken down. The niachinery building consists of the Main Hall, 360 feet wide by 1,402 feet long, and an annex on the south side of 208 feet by 210 feet. The entire area covered by the Main Hall and annex is 558,440 square feet, or 12,82 acres. Including the upper floors, the building provides 14 acres of floor space. The principal portion of the structure is one story high, showing the cornice 40 feet from the ground. The iuterior hight to the top of the ventilators in the avenues is 70 feet, and in the aisles 40 feet.


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