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Of the plea which has been heretotore made and is still urged for giving the management of Indian affairs to the religious denominations, the New York Nation says : lt ís easy to show that the argumenta in favor of the adoption of this course with regard to the Indian service differ in degree only, and not in kind, from the argument in favor of putting relig ious men in all other departments of the public service, or, in other words, of handing the State over to the church. There is doubtless more need of them in the Indian service than in others, but there is need of them in all. They are needed in the Pension Bureau, in the collection of internal revenue, in the appraiser's office at the custom house, and in all other positions where a great deal has to be left without check or control, to the offioer's honesty and fidelity. The miHsionary societies have no special facilities for dealing with the Indian service. They doubtless have within their employ or within their knowledge a considerable body of persons possessing special fitness for the work of Christianizing or civilizing savages, but they have no peculiar faoilities for supplying men with special fitness for the work of disbursing goverument money in any large amounts, or. for making large contracts for supplies of various kinds and geeing that they are properly executed. Indeed, any large business house which had a great deal of this kind of work to do would never thirik of applying to missionary societies for men to do it. If, therefore, the religious organizations are fit to take charge of the Indiins, they are fit to take charge of the treasury and the Attorney-General's office. If we need religious men for Indian agents, we need them for ooilectors and appraisers and marshals. There is no escaping from this conclusión. The temptations to knavery may be less strong in these latter offices than in the Indian agencies, but they exist in all. If nothing but the church can reform the civil service, to the church let us go. Every poor white man who payi a tax, or draws a pension, or sues out a writ, is au much entitled to its protection as Red Cloud or Lone Wolf.


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