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- - - mmam C. ELISS & SOIT are now rendy for the SPRING TRADE wit ii an Elegant Stock - o v - New Goods Doulatiaf of EL0( K8, WATCHES, JEWELRY, SilYer & Platefl f are ndii ering them at pricea never befure uHered in the niarket. rioraething new ïu TEA SETS and at a grent reduction froin former prices. KTKcmember we hare (be l.urm st Slock in tbe city. Cali and aee for yuurselven. REPAIRING NSATLY AND PR0MPTL7 DONE. e. bliss & son. 1522 LYNCH & KÍNNITí A MERGHANT TAILORS. 1S1 Jefferson Avenue, MKRRir.L BUX'K, Detroit, - Mich. OOI STOCK OF FINE WOOLENS s the largesl and most complete to be found in the city of Detroit. Gentlemen Tisiting the City Should examine these goods before purchasiiig Our Styles are Imported xprenly for us and are roolined to our House. Samples sent lo any part oí the State. . LYNCH & KINNUCAN. 68213 NEW ÁRRIYAL - ov - SPRING AND StJMMER CLOTHING. WE WAGNER i Jimt Ketelved A FBNE STOCK. Which MD8I and will be sold al PRIOE TG SUIT THE TIMtS Also a f all stock of Clotha, to be CUT AND MADE TO ORDER. Style and Work warranted to tuit. Also a Full Line of Furnishing Goods. CALL and C. WM. WAGNER, 21 South Main St. Ann Ardor. 1496 poxcsims'8 Bryant rad stratton BUSINESS UNIVERSITY of Detroit, removed to the new Mechanic's Hall, oppoite the City Hall, occupies the beat looatioa in the city. The rooms are the flnest and beat furnished anywhere to be fodnd. The instiutton ia conducted upon the actual business plan, and after 25 yeart experience in the business we are aatisfied that it ia superior to any other ; it alto receives the endorsement of business men. College paper sent free to any addreae. ' 1542 16 T I 1ST T S Of leeitmate Lead and Liquid Paint Mixed witli Pure l.iimved Oil, Put up in packages from one pint to f.irty gallona, and ready at all times for immediate use. Nu!rithstanding onr paint is PURE I,EAD AND ZINK, it ÏHsold as cheap as ordinary LIQUID PAI1TTS. One gallon of this paint will cover 250 square feet, two ooate, and aan be applied immediately, as it ia mixed with oil, and EKADY FOR THE BRUSH. We will send samples, througe the mail, to any addrese, FREE OF CHARGE, or it may be secó at the warerooma of the Detroit White Lead Works N. B. - We also cali attention to our brand of Sxbioili Pure White Iikad. a_lOO IN.OCLiD!a We warrant this White Lead to be ohemically pure, und will pay 100 in Gold for every oance of adulteration found in this package branded with our name. WORCESTER, BOYDEL 4 CO., 127 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mieh. LA 1)1 1'!S eau make %d a day in their own city or towu. Address ELLIS M'FG Co., Walthani, Mms. J'Iiew If II "i ik-sn 'ol If'lf oli.'is t b.-st iTXkuown (kclltties for athorough business education. For circulars address IKA MAYHEW, Detrolt, Mlch. VATCUTC Have you an invention for T-'M I til I Oí which you desire a Patent, either in the U. S. or hny foreign country ' Tht'ii eend to tbe Meohanieu and Inventor!' Aüsociation, the only reliable Patent Agency in Michigan. 87 W. Congress St., Detroit. THO8. S. 8PRAOÜE, President. 16. W. Voight'8 SALVxTOR BEER Is the Best Lager Brewed in the West. MILWAUKEE BREWERY, Grand River Ave., Detroit. Thla beer is bottled by Jacob Beller, 11 State streot, .1. 1'. Ma]iK'y & Co., 280 Grand River avenue, and Williams A Co., brewers, Dunean's Brewory. W A I T EUlMMEDÍATEJLY 1 no YODNG MEN TO ÏUV I.EARN TELEGRAPHY. with good situatiou guaranteíKl. tíalary paid while priiel ici ut AiliJress with Stamps, C. A. 6HEARMAN, Supt. U.T. C„ Oberliu, Ohio. TTvÜTlJrEISSE FEATHJïtlS FIRST QUALITT Conatntlyonhand andfor salt'bv BACHfr ABEL. (Üfiti ÖtiitPer dky at home. Terms free. Ad ÍJO ' ['"drMi G.Stixsoi4Co., Portland, U


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