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The New York Times prints a Btatomuit to the effect that DonaldHon, tho missing baloonst, in not dciiil, bnt is alive and well in Michigan. Little crodenco is placod in the Btory Thero is coiiBidcrable cxcitement in the oil regio.ia of Pennaylvania over the discovcry of fresh ou well of large capaoity. Tnt.UK is a lockout in all tho milla of Full Biver, Mass., and 15,000 oporatives aro idlo The iafants of New York city are dying at tho rato of 100 a day, chicfly from cholera iufantmn. Th minera in the anthracito regiona of rennsylvama, are said to bo prcpariug for anothcr contoat with tho operators. . . . Foeter Brotheix, oupetrwewvera of Brooklyn, N. Y., haTO failed. LiRbUitioH, $265,000. Ar a meeting of the Western nail manufacturera at Pittsburgh, the other day, it was docided to lis tho price of naila at $3 per keg, iiot. This is lower than tho prico has boen iuce the year 1S65. A magazine oxploded at Frankfort, Pa., on tho ïth iiiHt., k'lling ono boy and injuring twenfcy others A large mass of soft rock feil in tho Hoosac tunnel the other day, and block jded tho big bore . . . . By a Btnanhup on the Ceaeva, Ithaea and Atheus railroad, on the 6ih iust., the conductor of a íroight train and bwo brakomen woi'o killed, and the enginecr and fireman so badly scalded that thcre are UI ilo hopos of their rocovery. The accident was caused by a misplaced switch, which was cponed, itis bolieved, by bandits for tho purpi -o of throwing tho pasHonger train from the track with the inteution of robbing the [asno".ig?rs. ThLbk was a brutal prize-fight in tho auburbs of Few York city last week, betweon iwo roughs namod Oallagher and Hadden. B3th eontestants were terribly punished .... The illage of Victory, Cayuga county, N. Y., lias boen almost ontirely destroyed by fire A melanoholy tragedy is roported from Niágara Falla. A party of six gentlomon and ladios visite 1 the Cave of the Winds without a guido. After passing through tho cave, two of tho party, Mr. Ethelbcrt Parsons, aged 29, and Miss Lottie C. Philipott, aged 25, descended to an odJy which in nover visited by the guidep. Tho Jady lost her footuold, and was caught by th3 antleman, but tho curront carried both into the river below, where they were drowned. They wero Boon to havo been marriod. . JL . THK WKST. A coíívention of colorod newspaper men was held in Cincinnati last week. Nearly all the newnpapers in tho Unitod Statos under tho control of colored men woro represented . . . . Woodruff, lato Trcasurcr of the Western I)evelopaient Company, a San Francisco corporatiou, is the champion dofaultor of tho year. His " irrcgularities " are something ovor a million dollars. Prof. Kiug mado a perilous balloon ascensión irorn Bloomington, Iowa, a few days ago. Ho pasaed through a heavy thunder-storm, and narro-.vly escaped being struck by lightning. Tho rain freighted tho balloon hoavily, and causcd it to fall rapidly, lodging in a tree near Olena, UI., tearing and damaging it Boriously, though not injuring tlio inmatoB. . . . A locomotivo w;n thrown from tho track of tho Wabash railroad near Callin Station, 111., on Tbureday laat, cauaing the doath of the engineer and the serioua wouuding of tho fireman. Tho catiae of tho disaster was a misplaced switch, dono by somo villains, with the iutention, it is believed, of robbing tho expreaa train, which iollowed closely after tho wreckcd locomotiva. C. -J. WliiKIBBON and John L. Uittinger, Itcveuuo Collector and Uauger in the lát. Jonoph (Mo.) Listrict, have been arrested for embezzlement. WUkinson and Bittinger aro the pubüshers oí the St. Joseph Berald A torrible tragedy was cnacted near Eau Claire, Wis., on Friday, the 6th inat. Ou the preceding Wodnceday a babo of ïlra. Austin Drako feil out of bed into a bath tub and was drowned. The ovent soworked upon her mind as to uiisettle it. Sho aroso on Friday morning, apparently aa woll ih usual. After preparing brcakfaat for horself and uhildreu, threo in number, sho tooit the two c.ldast boys, four and six years of age, respoctively, and went out of the house. Tlio male aembers of the faraily had previoualy gono jito tho harvest field. In about an hour aftei Krs. Drako left the house, the youngest boy returned, black in the faco, wet through, and so exhausted that he could not speak. Restoratives wero applied, and the first words he ultered were, "Oh, grandma, mamma ha drowaed herself and Viviau, and triod to drown me." Mrs. Drako, after loaviug the house, in a fit of iusanity, went to a creek, carrying tho youugast boy in her arms, and leading the other oue. Arrived thcre, she throw tho youugast in, and dragged in the other, whom sho di'owned, and then committed suicide. The voungest canght hold of a tree, and succeedod ia reaching home. The alarm was given iramc liately, and Mrs. Drako and tho boy woro founi lockcd in each other's ombrace, both deatl. Mrs. Drake waB a womau of more than ordiiL.ry intelligence and culture. Tu: war of ratos between tho St. Louis, Kanhuh ( ty and Northern road, and othor compotmg Unes, ha.-t at last reached a most interesting poiut to the traveling public. The tirstnamcd road ha cut the rate to f 2 from Kansae City to ot. Louis, and the Hanuibal and St. Joe road is aolliug tickets for 85 from Kansas City to Chicago, and .f10 for the round trip .... A dispatch Beaver, Utah, saya the jury in the case cf John D. Lee, charged with being the leade: of the Mountain Meadow massacre, roportei that they were unable to agree, and were discharged by the court. It is reported that they stood nine for acquital to three - onc Geutiia and two Mormons - for eonviction Thre3 dasperadoes that had oscaped from tho Denvsr jail were smronnded in a forest fifty miles eouth of that place, a few days ago, by fifty i'auohmon, who fired upou and instantly killed tvo of them, the third escaping. . . .The pauic occasioned by the flooda in Indiana has subsitied, and the botter cstimates placo the damao to the crops at not more than 25 per cent. ::i the central and southern portions of the fetiito Iowa, according to the censúa juat taken, kas a population of about 1,350,000 - a gr.i:i of about 100,000 in two years. CuaiiLES Scheffek, President of the National Bank or Stillwater, Minn., committed Buicidc by shooting himaelf on Saturday laat. WASaiNGTON. The rumor of a quarrel betweon Secretary Bristo. and Troasurer New turna out to bo falso. Cheso gentlemen are not ouly on tho best o." terms in thoir official capacity, but aro on te:r.H of intimacy in their social rolations. Notvv:tustaniin tho uiianimous report of the c&imiitteo oí local arebitects to tho effect that work on tho Chicago Cuatom-Ilouso ought to go forward, Secretary liriatow is firm in hia dcteiTiiuation to leavo tho building iuthohiiuds of tho next Congres. Tui: government incomc for the last fiscal year :;; liirger than ajty cntiniate niado, and moro iban rralizes tho expectations of iho TroaK'iy oflicialn. .. .Three arrents have been mado j.t Washington on mispicion of conxpJicity in the obberj of the Treaury of a mouey packege, containing some 47,500, ahout three ïaont':.. 250. One of the number is a Treasury clerk, :.:iothor ü gambler, aiul the third aaaloun koepc.-. Tho Treaamy clerk, llalleck by name, admite havin;; ntolen tlio money, bnt claims that la„ joh was put up by the saloon-keeper, Ottm::i, who sharcd tho phinlrr with him. Halok, tho Tieasury employé who han oóoletth d to atealing tho tl7.00l) paokogOi was ahipping teller in the caah room. lic haa hoon omployod in the dep&rtntent about eiglit years, and waa regardod aa 011e of tho moat triatworthy men in tho building. A large amofuatt of tho ntolen money haa boen recover:1:! . . . Diiring tho late flood in the Wabash river of Indiana, the waters were higher thau they havo ever been known before. TUK SOUTil. A TiKF.iFic expioHion occurred Friday laat on a fari. ia Maury cov.uty, Term. The boiler of a atora: threaher exploded, iustautly killing three aea, and aeriously wounding eevcn othere, two of whom will die. The headof one man was found in a üeld some distance away, mil another nuui was blown a dintauce oí 75 ViinlH. A kegbo namod Zaok Gordon, wlio had boen arresled for attemptlng to outrago a white woman, was taken from tho jai] by a mob at Athene, Temí., on Friday. and ehot to death, liis body being riddled with bullóte A prisión goud in Loumiaiia lias been disooverefl in the horrible sport oí turning convicta Ioohc for tlic poxppea of exeroiaing tlio bloodhouMds ! UKNKKAL,. The IriHh jioimlation of tho country celebratod in a Bjdrlted mauuor tlio ono-hundrcdtli aiinivorHary of tlic birtli of Daniel O'Couuoll. Jkpf Davih, riesidont of the late Southern Coufoderacy, has accepted au invitation to be present and addroHS tho Winnebago County (DI.) Agricultura] Society, at Kockford, on tho 14 th of September. POLITICA!,. Tuk majority of McCreel-y, DemoCTat, fof Governor of Kcntucky, it íh oHtimalod wih bo about 35,000. Keniitoky, Alabama and Texas bavo votcd aflirmauvcly on the qncstion of calling Stato coiiHtitutional conventions. Tuk late election in tlio CUorokeo Nation, for First and Becond Clnef, Senators, niemberH of tho National and Ornnd Couucll, aii'l for district oftlcerB, passed off qnietly. William E. itiwH va olccted Ohiof .... Tlio delegation to tho Alabama Constitutional Convention stands 81 Demócrata, 12 Eepublicaus, and C Independente. FOHBIGN. IIon. L. A. Dessaulles, Clerii of tho Crown and Pcace for Montroal, Canada, hun absconded, leaving behind him debts to the extcnt of about f 100,000 Advice froni Madrid report Mint the AlfonsistH havo gaine! several important victories rccently .... Franco has ratified tlio Beruo Postal Couvention. Hans Chkistian Anderssen, tho well-known Danish poet and novelist, died reccntly at Copenhageu, agcd 70 ycars The Turks are collecting in largo forco to crash the iusurrection in Herzegovina Tho Frenen Assembly has adjourned until Nov. 4. Much distress bas bcon ontailcd upon AmoricaiiK abroad by the failuro of Duncan, Sherman & Co. Over 1,008 holdcrs of tho lirm's letters of credit havo boen heard from in Germany alono. Mauy aro nttorly destituto, and have been coni)ollod to apply for roliof to the local autnorities or to the American Consuls .... Disastrous iloods, attended by considorablo loss of lifo, are reportod in tho East Indies, . . .Renewod assaults upon foroigners are reported from Pckin, China Thirteen persons were drowned the other day by a hugo water-spout, noar Berlin, Germany TUero is great mourning in Denmark over tho dcath of Hans Cbristian Anilorssen. Adookdikg to accountH from Damawcus to the 23d of July, cholera wag raging thore. l'i'ur hundred cases wcro reported daily, but the real number was concealed. The Christian (Hiarterb aro deserted. Suddcn doaths occur in the strects. There are no pbysicians, mediemos, or supplies .... Mr. Schoez, of Vicksburg, Miss., won the nilvcr cup in tho international riflo shooting match at Stuttgart, Germán; Tuero wero scrious riots in Glasgow. Scotland, daling tlio O'Connoll centenary celebration. Mauy pólice wcro bjully injurcd, nocesHitating the sorvices of tho military .... Capt. ISogardus. the Americau pigeon-slaughtcrcr, defcatcd his Kiiglish opponent, Hniiel, casily. The trial of Alexauder and William Collie, who reeeutly iailed for Bomo $15,000,000, on the charge of obtainiug money on falso protensos, was brought to au abrupt stop in Loudou, tho othcr day, by the announcement that tho eider brother had abtscondcd. Ilis bail Wiis declared forfeitcd, and tho trial postponed for a month.


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