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Money continúen plenty, mul tho domaii'l in ratlier ligbt ; interest ratos ruling wenk and oasy at G((i8o per cent., acooTcUog to tiiuc. flovcrnmcnt bond tirm and in iloniiuid : Buying, SeXting. 1!. H. G'sof '81 (. int.) 121 X l'JU, V. H. S-aCPsof '69 115J, 115)4 D. S. 5-20'of '(4 1H'' ll?i U.K. 5-'0'h of 'f.5 119 U9 '. S. fc-20'8 of '65 Jiiiiiüiry and July (ex. Int.) 119 119,V U. 8. 5-20'n of 'G7 Jannary and July (er. int.) 120 120;V V. B. 5-20'n of '68 January and July (.■x.itit.) 121 12HÍ II. 3. HI.IU'B 117'., 117„ I'. S. aewS'aof 'Hl (ox. int.) n:,1, lili U. S. currcnoy fl'B Vïi 122', Oold (full welgut) 11SJÍ ll:c„ (ioid Oonpone 11:114 li:i-„ Gold oxcnango, IK), W% ];ikajstui-'S. Thcro wan quito an active movement ia the grain markets duriug tlio pont week, and tlie obangea in values wcre frequent and quito severo. The markctH have been what aio called "wcather markets," the eouditiou of tho weatbcr boing the maiu inlluence governing the courHe of priceH. With rain, values would invariably advance, while pleasant weather would always oxert a revorso inlluchco. Tho movcnient was alniOHt wholly 011 Bpeculative account, tho shipping interest doüig but littlo in the way of buying. Spring wheat shows an increaae in the stock in store, but corn and oats show a decrease. Duriug the closing days of tho week the greater part of the advanco gainod early was lost, although the closing quotations of wheat and oats show an improvement of from 3@5cperbu. Corn was higlier, but closed at lower ligures. Cash oats wcre scarce, and sold up to Clc, the oll'crings beiug inadoqnate to moet tho wants of the local trade. ltyo was 7(9c higher, and barley for September closed about C(7c higher. The following table shows the prices current at tho opening and close oí tho past week : Upêmmj. Vioeing. No. 2 sp'g whent, casb (31.36 (rfl.2fli No. 2, Boller August. . 1.22. ("41.26.V Ho. 2 aelterSfeptember 1.21,, 1.4s No. 2 corn, cash .71JL (# .11% No. 2 corn, s. August. @.7l .71V bid No. 2 corn, Beller Soiit @ .7a1,, .72', bul No. 2 oats, cash (s .62 .68 No. 2 oats, h. August. @ My. A"i bid No. 2oatn, b. Sr-pt.... @ .W. M% bid No. 2 ryc, cash @ .80 .87 (?. .81) No. 2ryo,acllcrAug.. .81 @ .82 @ .87 No. '2 rvi , sollcr Hept. @ .80 @ .85 No. 2 barlo.y, cash.... @,1.2fl 1.20 @1.25 No. 2 barliy, s. Hopt. . . @1.07% @1.14 No. 2 barley, s. Oct... 1.07 @U08 (dl.Vly, No. V barley, cash 90 for ne .08 (n 1.00 PKODIICE. The week opened rather quict in the buttor market, but toward the latter part of the week there was an inercase in tho domand, and a vrry satisfactory trado was reportad. Tho rcceiptH wero liberal, but uot mueh in excess of tho shipments, and tho accunmlation was but slight. Tho quality of tho receipts shown some ini))rovemcnt over the provious week. Dealers generally wcro quite firin in their views, and full formcr prices wore maintaincd. Quotablo at 22W25c for extras ; 18(rt20c for iirsts. lfi(Vf 18c for secouds, 13(l(c for thirds, and 11( 12c for inferior stock. Tliero was nothing of consequence done in beaus, but the offerings wero uot largo and prices werc without cssential change. Eastern mediums quotable at $1.80@1.85 per bu for primo accordiug to the quality. Western O1.25 @1.7B for common to choioe. Beeswax was steady but quiot at 28@80o for prime. Thero was a very good trade in broom corn, and tho market ruled steady. Quotablo at liy(rpUc for No. 1 to extra hnrir ll(")11Xc fr Koo(' to choico stalk braid, and (i(f 8 U'c or crookcd. The week has been a very activo one in the chceso markot and prices ruled about 'c higher on the botter qualitics, though the advanco for common was but süght. The markot closed at 5@10c for common to good, and 10)c for primo. Dried fruits were firm, and apples uuder a good demand wero higher. Michigan and New York apples sold at 83@8%C and tho outHido was bid at the close. Oliio ([uotablo at His'c, and Southern at 7@7Lc. Halven peaehefl wero scarco and lirin at 10c. l'.hukbcrries sokl at 8c for renovatcd, but primo uot renovated wcro held above tliis figure. Dricd pcitH wero dull, and sales of good mnrrowfat wero inado at -Í1.C5. The market was again in a very unsatiaf&ctory coudition for oggs. A largo portion of the reccipts wero in ]oor order, and recoivors are oonstantly boing nnnoyed by grocers claiming rcclamations. Fresh reèeipts and warrantcd cloHed at 14c per doz in carriers. Fcalhors wcre slow at 48@52c for primo live geese, 20(ri25c for turkcy tail, and 8@5c for chicken. Green fruits werc again quite active, and prices for choico fruit were steady, but there was an abundance of common, tlio markot for whicli was slow sale. Applos sold at $1.50(83.25 per brl for common to choioe cookiug, and 25(i50c in boxes. Choico froostono peachos wero 111 good demand aud firm at l.75@2.00 per box, but clings sold slowly at 6üc@1.50, acoording to quality. Common and small pears wero dull, but ohoice I met with a fair demaud. Salos ranged at $1.00 @2 DO por box, and 75o@#1.0Ö por basket. l'lums wero dull at 75c@fcl.00 for wildin X bu boxes. The demand and otTerings of cherrics were both light. ïhcre was an improved demand for hides and prices ruled firmcr. Qnotable at H(ifiSc for choicc full curcd green salted, and G(di(i}{c for damnged. l'otatoes wero again very dull. There was no demand i for old, aud some lots wero aotuallygivenaway. New wero also almost unsalable, and the few ! sales made rangod at 75c@1.00 per brl. Poultry was in very good demand aud steady. Turkcys sold at 'J@10c ; old chickens $3.75@4.50, and springs iji2.50@3.50. The range in prices being duo to the quality. Salt was unchanged. Quotable at $1.50 for Onondaga aud Saginaw Hne, and -Í1.70 for ordinary coarso. Veal was in very good demand and prices werc steady at 5((8c for common to dioico careases. VegetabJos wore dull and the principal sales consisted of tomatoes. Tho market closed at 25@ j 50o per box for tomatoes, 7@10c per doz. for coru, $3.00(íí3.25 per brl for onions, and $2.00 [)er brl for ehoice new Michigan rutabaga tur nips. Wool was dull and uuchaugod; quotable at 38(142c for fine to choioe coarse and medium waslied, 25@33c for the samo unwnshed, j and 40@53c for poor to ehoice tub washcd. ritovisioNs. Trailo was again only moderate in this market during the past week, vet the market rulod firm ; and a material advanco was uoticeablo in valuos. Tho business transacted was again largely of a spcculative character, tho purchasos male for shipmont consisting mainly of small lots. Tho arrivals of hogs wero fair aud prices were 25@50c higher, this advance having some influence in strengthening values of tho j hog product. The advices received from New ! York and Liverpool were of a more favorable tenor and calculated to inspiro more lirmuess amoug holders. The following priced for the articles uamed show the comparison for two seasons : Articlea. 187.". 1874. Livehogs $7.25 @ 8.25 $6 00 @ 7.10 Mess p irk, eash. . 21.37)i@ 2.M i '2J..".il ! Messi., s. year.. 18.37i@18.50 1(1.50 (iW 62; ; Lard, cafli 13.62" 14.87X@15 00 I Lanl, s. Uieyear.. 12.37;.. (S 12.40 10.75 cè10.87 Tho market closed at $21.35@21.40 lor cash mess pork iu small lots ; $21.35@21.40 for seller August, 21.50@21.52X Beller September, and f 21.G2L@21.65 seller Öctober. Cash lard closed at .tl3.C2K, seller August i13.0(ai3.65, seller September $13,75@13.77K, aIld seller October id3.95@13.U73.ii. BBEDS AND UKilIWINKS. Tl' ere was a marked improvement iu the market for timothy duriug tho latter part of tho weck, but uo change of importanco]was exhibited in tho other descriptions. The market rulod very quiet for all kinds of seods Friday, when largo orders wore roceived from Southern points, and the market ruled activo and 25@30c higher. Saturday, however, the market was quiot, and a portiou of tho declino was lost. Sales rangod at $2.SO@3.00 for common to primo timothy; closed at abont G2.85(a2.90 for prime. Clover was nominal at about .8.0ü for primo meadow. Flax quotablo at íil.50(ñ' 1.C0. Thero was no market for tho other descriptions. Thero was a good demand for highwines, and the markot rulod as activo as the offerings would admit. The markot closed with sales at -f 1.18. OOQPBRAGE, LUMBEB AND WOOU. Tho uHual quiotnoHs agaiu prevailcd iu tlio I market for cooperage. niel n particular activity I nood bo cxpcctcd until the opening of tho packiug season. Tlie offerings w!ro only moderate and prices wcro unchanged ; quotablo at iA'' J'i 1. lü for pork barreta, 1.;5( 1.45 for lard tierces, $1.9n@2.10 for whisky baricls, and Í5@85o for Hoiir barrels. The market wa.s wcli isupplied with lmnberduiing the week, a'.i'l although the luovcmcnt was uot as brink as it might ha vc been undcr i good hu assurtmcnl. a ska'lv ricling parvaded tlie niarketaml former prioes were maintaiued. Tlie iuarkot. closed at Í8.50 for .joint and acantling. $8.60 IC. 00 for common to ehoice boards and topa, 2.12}@2.70 for slungles, and 1.60 for latli. Wood waa again dull. but prima wcro unobanged ; quowble at $8.09 per oordforbickoiy, Ï7.00 for maple, ili.00 for bcecli, and 1.00 per oord for slabs at tbe yards. Tt'h-firapliic MarKrt Keports. HUW YORK. ÜBKÏl'.K 7 Ml S 13 60 Boon Drciwed 10 (" "" Cotton U Vt irf 1 1 ■„ Fi.orii Bnpcrflno WesUrB 5 28 @ -r' 75 Wiikat No. 3 ('Incalo 1 BB (rf I in No. 1 KpriiiK 1 l 60 CdiiN 8:l; ft OAT8 88 (4 '1 i;yk 97 ê ' ll:1 Pork- New Mese 21 Ml i$21 7r Laiu) - stiani l:t'it Hu ST. LOUIS. Wheat- No. 2 Red 1 ( 1 47 OOItti- No. 2 88 (SS 70 3a#S- No. 3 61 S I'S ItïE-No.2 Ilfim BS l'olliv -Mens '22 OU W22 f0 Laki) lf 1 Hoob 7 50 (4 8 00 CATTIJ5 60 @ 6 50 MIIAVAUKEE. WHEAT- No. 1 1 SSJÍ No 2 @ 1 8O.l (lORN- No.2 68 (4 70 Oatk- No.2 (4 ifi HVK 71?„( 85 No.2 1 08 111 PINCINNATI. WnKAT- Kort ,.., 1 00 C4 1 7:1 Corn ÏS g 78 OAM 70 @ 75 rïk 5 ( i m PORK- M0B8 (32 UU Laud 13i($ HX TOLKIjO. Wheat- Kitra ( 1 .riri Aiubcr (tl 1 51 Cokn {, 7f'. oath oa @ g:j DETUOIT. Whkat- Extra 1 47 % 1 18 Amber 1 3H (#1 42 Cohn 9 79 Oath 60 té Si CLEVELAND. Whkat- No. 1 Kort SÍES No.3Ked 01 SS COHÍI i , 83 (3 83 0AT8 m & 71


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