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Revenge On A Fatherly Tutor

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An Oregon paper pnuts tüo f oliowing " A certain Orogon professor was a very fctiherly nort of a man, particularly towurd his young lady pupils. Whenever a yoiing lady asked a question he wonlt placo liis Jianil lovingly on her head, as tho.igh she were a littlo cliild, and make considerably more fuss tliau was neces sary. Of eourso the girls got tircd o tlns, and conspirad to break him of his fnthorly proelivities. One of them hi upou a plan. She íixed up a littlo pii oushion, had tho pius inserted so tha they would stand on thoir heads, points upward, aud then adjusted tho inferna machino on top of her head, eo yering i with jnst enough of her hair to hide i froni view. This done, sho left lier sea diiring tho session, walked demnrely n] to tho professor's desk, stood a momen in his anglist presence, and then in a meek and plaintive tono of voico she asked him for information as to whethor Washington crossed the Delaware on th( ico or on horsebaok when lio lof Tronton. IIo raiscd his hand over her head and Roothingly said : ' Why, my deur little cliild - ' The balance of the exclamation was a sort of a half howl half whoop, which wo can neither wrile nor print. For just as ho said ' child, Ikí loworod his hand caiessingly bu forcibly npon the crown of tho girl' head, and tho whole surfaco of his ex tnáed palm feit the tickling and exhil arating ïnHuenco of a couplo of dozen of pin poiuts."


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