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EVHUY FAMI1YV WANTS IT. Monerinlt. 1 Sold by Agents. Addresn M. N. LOVBLL, Erle.P. VTTJ'Wr KOOK. "Glnnim." Nm K'hl. Asentí y Jji YV addroM LOUIS LLOYD & VO., Chicago. t4flLOHPcrl1aJr Send for Chrmnn Catalogue. kp 1 U { 4) CO f. 11. hoe pobo' Soné, UoBton, Mass. f-vN SATiAÍÍY only. Acents wantod, {fok nnd J Fniaif. AddreM, Ó B. ChrrlstUn, Marton, Oma. VUT T TM CUR1S. Obwp, uniek, private. No j X X U i.iX pain. Dh. Aummtrunii, Berrien, Mich. 3]'A:KAiRSSrr.K,l WHKAT.OIrenliirinf Blooded Oattle, SI piUoap, I'oultry, Sporting !";.. etc, rut fm t or 3 stamp. N. I'. l'.iiïE, ParkSsWlrg, FWltt. __■! i. Catalogue fy-eo. IlnVJ 1A.JLJLK etb & iwuis, mo. OKFM'KHS Al SOIiIJIURS who Iot, btffMI In U. 3. Arniy, no raa'fer o ín-í, can Kot paid. '' simin olitaimnl fnr plicht irounda or Injonea, l'auiphlt fm, V. K. ABNOLÜ, Cincinnati, O. f ' I M "' , , - "" " 7 K (h ifl ft A WONTU rtd KXriiNSKS to all. Articlesl v ifm I nrw. stnpliiiutflour. Samples frea. t!. 1,1. - , HP'iJU INin'flN, K KW YORK ut tiHIOACp. j {: CLARK'S BOOK-KEEPING. KSTSÖ ï Prlce SI.OO, iiotpaid. Send for Circular. W. S. C L.AI JÍV t CO., 113 Race Street, Cincinnatl, Oiüo. 1 ti A f" V AKentswnnted everywhere. r U 'Inil llu.sirii-SH honoraDle and iirBt clasa. Parhllll tlanlat sont f ree. Address WOKTII 4 t HfUW 00.. SL Loul, Mo. i rGEoTp7RowELL aTCo.] I ÖUlTUiilJlllllX Agen(B Colíl ion. We have work and monoy for ail, mon or womcri, Dojg at L]r), ' whole or upare time. Send stamp for Oitalojniö. Addresi FRANK ÜLUCK, New Bedford. Man. , IDPïlTO llf IIITm inr the best, cheapest AGENTS WANTEDs-:!,rS fiiroiiriMtratormsto Agent. NATIONAL ' IN(i CO., Ciiicago, I.LL., or St. L0UI3, Mo. THIS Paper is printed with Ink mado hy G. B. Kano & Co., 121 Dearhorn Street, Chicago, and for sale ' by ÍÍ8 lil largfl or Binall miantitlefl. ' C11IÜAÜO NEWSPAPER UNION, 114 Mooroe Streot, Chicago, I1L W B nfff Do yonwanttho Agencyin your ! I ■ I ■■&■ f tnwn for the bRst priyint' biJSÍnF I.III I r.2% ' '" tlro "■ s? " K"' ddross, witii ■' ■ Co., 141 Madison-st., Chicago. III. TOD CSIC Chicigo 9abrijwi Lot ei $100 enen, lUn O H L E 1 413 down and SB moiltlll.v for balance, witliin a short distanco of City Limita, with hoiirly traint nd choap fara. Sena for circulara. IRA BUOWN, 112 [iiSalle-st., Chicago, 111. DO ÜBL"ËTOUR T ËTdË DtiigiifstR, Grnonrs and Dealers- 'urt China and Jaman Ten, in ealod fiaokaefl, ternc-iop rant boxes, or balf chests- Grotrert.' prics. Send for circular. Thk Wells ! Tia Oompany, 201 Fulton-Bt., JÍ. Y-. P. O. Boz 45ti0. PEÑÑSYLVAN Á Millínry Acíidciuy, CllCAtcr, Ptt. OponsSept. Slh. Civil KiiKinw-riiiK, the Classics, Knelish and aiilitary Art thoroiiKhly tanclit. For emular apply to Col. THF.O. HYAÏT. ProoidenU igB S.Eü nAUKM'8 KOU THE WÏf SB CJVI 3 1Z_bBKO in tho world. It con■ t? B1S HfiMtnins 18 Sheets Papor, 15 KnvQl(ppf, Golden Pen, Pen Ilolder, Pencil, Patent Yard Meiuttre, and a Piece of Jewolry. Single Package, with elegant Príze, nost-paíd, ÜÍ cents. Circular free. BRIDE i. CO., 7!iO Iiroadway, !iuw York. 11(11 n I CC A sblandW New illnstrated Book WlLU Llrt of tho author's own :!() reara' l.V THK lifn and thriUing dwnturei! aniong CAD UUCGT tadlans. In border wars, hunting ivild rH[l ((LOI aiífmalí.etc. The hm and mil y nrw and compltie book fin the wild T'ak West. Beat anyIhiKpfoiiM. AtiKSTSWAilTBD, F. A. HUTCHIN60N 4 CO., CniCAOO, ILLB. ■Et. Ij. C L. 3ST JS I 33 Ij XJ , K La Salie Streot, Chicago, III., DEALER IN REAL ESTÁTE, Farms, Lands and ViUajye Property. Oorrespondence Bollcited from those desiring to dispose of thcirreal otaio. PWTLL HAVE OUR GOODS. Rond ." conta and wewill send by tnail.prepald, tmr Lamp, P with which yon can fill any Kerosene Lamp utthoui 5r rrmoriiff chimneyor (fettfeg outnidt of Lamp. J t s;uno time we muil yon :ill OUI cirünlura and P Uïrma fcongt.'iits nn; twoniy aseful houaehow arUclee "Ui wliich any parean ou malta frora 5 to BostoN: Mak. HÖWT0 GETA HOME. IOWA IAPÍDS, S()(),O()O ACltES. Rlc.h Soll.gooli Climatn, exi-pllent Watnr, f rowing Settlsinonts, Koon Schools. We offer the Lands of th Siotu )itï anri SI. Piiul ''-. R. ond tilo McGrogor and Missouri Htvar R. H. at SI to S per acre. on easy paymenta. l'wo years rent wül boy a f;.nn. At-piy lo DAVIIJSÓ1V jil C'AtiKINS, R. K. Land Uffice, Sibley, Oaceola Co., Iowa. CAUTION- NOTICE,- The GENUINE EDITION. LJP'fi'. A.TSTU IA.TÍOR.8 OF1 I-VIKJC-ST ON" "B. (Inrludinii tho "LAKT JOURN'ALS,") unfold rinViiy hl IJ V rara st tl vtnl urn, also thn cunnsiii.s, AVomlrrs nnH "W''altll of that mnrrelmu country, nnd is alsoluly the only n oomSletework. Henee II Sclls; jus( Ihilik, 12,000 rst i weeks. AgentB1 iruccew would astunish yon, more wantod. Soud for trms and poniiive jMronfof ffenutwnn. HuisliAKD Bros., Pubs., 114 W. 4th St.. Cinn., O. ji il n n T l f Tnnl N. F. BURNHAM'S water'wheel Wag gclectvrt, 4 years aeo, and tuit to wnrklnttan Pulnti Oilifc, WnshIngWn, I). Ü.,nd hu pro ved tobe tho best. 19si7,R3ina(!e. Prircs lowtr than anv othov nnt-olaRi Wbeet Pamphlet free. N. 1'. liUUNHAM. York, Pa. You Can Make Money F ST by peiling onr Patent. Water-Proof Clothes Line. It uill notShtlnk, Stretch or Rot. Notliing Uke it in the market. This is mucti betler nnd cheaper than the White WreOlothes Line. AÖBNTS CAN COIS lKINKVi'ilbit. Kveiyfamilywillbuy one. Sami'LH FBEK. AddreaiE iRosr ()MlANY, Box 900, Pittoburgti, Pa. rf--i' _L . ', .-k with peïfect comfort nleht ÊÊTt? tact t n Adapts itsell to ■ LLflö i Av ■Svry mot ion of the body, Bjfl T R U S S BKitaininpruutnreunderthe 'tw.-, stl'7 naidpst oxerciseorsovenwt üteÈ '''J&1ÍB s train unül permanently mV1% %--TfyW i-nid. Sold choai) by the X Elastic Trnss Co, NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City. Sentby mail. Cali or sutul for Circular andbecured. S ■ MiTHE BIÏST in t lir AVorlil. r A gtTña. k It Cis llniveisnl Satisfaction. aS9sm, YVONDKUKI li K.iiioiiiy. W&ZZQj6ff -í'1 toí.re bread to bbl. Flour ■gSHÍ'W SAVKS MlliK, F.i;US, fco. .f t& i 'ne year's savincs vill boff A coiv. 7jfel SOMOIIBSOVB BREAD. Uhs '■''■'''er. Sim. ter. Richer. J)5-Afi The Ladise are all In ïive with it. IfliSia "Kl-Cs Uk HOT CAKES. J6TSWfft k ej# ■' ' '"'l at i'Iln' for Circular to flS&iSyrA (iKO. F. CiANTZ i CO., J3I ""'■ 'jf t70 Dunne St., Sra York. f- C Uür.ülL'11 BW ASTHMA iff=f AAI V 1 I1H IIIJ11IIÏ. ""- -JQ&l Hnving atruKElcl twenty ycr b.-tw.-on Ilfjind 4 JÉHfeS't litth with ASTHMA, I exj'eiimentt'l by comI aQBBfö pciimlliig rofitB aiul hrrl8 and inhaling tho med3FX k-ine. I fortBnfttely Ii8r'veieíl A wonderlui Rfl KK remeuy and Buró cure for Axtlima and Citarrh. r1 Wairanted toielioveinstantly s) Itic patiënt can al É@i '.-latB re Buppli'-d wltlisainplopadtKEeBforFEB 9 :iatribution. ('a!l and -t one. or addreflB j;iw,,affa-l „_ LjjioKH, Apple Croek. Obla, 7-Sold by Druv-irtlo. Full-Bizo Tackae, by mail, $1.35. -TQIn. SlKllirnH KKMlKlttl) U8EIKSK! G I '■'O7vi Volta's ElïctroBbltb and Vv r i a r fiamia are iudorsed by the Jï" most eminent phyelclans In V v J ff , tiMworhlturtheinreofrlii'U'l sr inntisni, iuMir:ilKi:i,livcrcom- 'Z-7SLL( Plainf, d Hpepstil, kidllf-y dirt' Ja 'Wï3' e.i=e,:irlies.ptiirin.rwrvon8aisf iílí-r-. order, lits.female ( oliiplniMt - l %Ê7 in-rvoin nnd Kenernl debuity, " tSEF and otïivr iiroinc disiasesol (St thechest.head.liTer, Btomacli , ki,luey:ililiood. l!"Ok With IC LIFE f"" bï Volta ld kil U. i)EIT (■„., (.„innati, Ohio. Seïected Froncli Burr Mili Stone:, áH ',ÍÍV woi-kiiiiiiiship, l"rlall z 7f i'iílK ."ïlill1. npi'fr "f t niül'T iiMiiiii-, tor l-'aiiii ; vl ll'i-rh:n( WiH'lt. ?C ;ntiïiu' Ikuleli AnSSf1-., =1 UcrltltliiBllli. Mili __ riek. c."ii slmUi-i aii.l Tl CV--J riiiiüV.iinl"-!";.' etc.; ül ■' ' .. ■■7! M i. lililí :n,. ;. ■)■ i '. Millers' mi .-li.. Se u'.l for IV i ■ . . 1 1 1 , ■ 1 1 1 . I . Mi-.iiiU .tlill Sty ('onnuiiir. Hv IIJO. wmir ' - iiciiiiiiiii. otilo. wlllfili's UMBRELLAS. PHIIJ.DK1.P1IÏA nut! KAV VORK.- The qnatttiea niurküd with iheir naiim aro confidently recummeiiLlcd. Smith Organ Co., BOSTON, RflASS. Ttctse Stundunl Juxtriuiicnts Sold by Music Dealers Everywliere. AGENTS WANTED IN EVERÏ TOVVN. Sold throusbout the United Btutos ou tho IIMSTALLMENT PLAN: That is, on a System of Monthly PaymenU. Parchasers should ask for the Smith AlfIHlOAH Oboam. CataloKuea and f uil particular on applioattoQ. ?he Wonders of MoáernChemistry,, Sarsaparillian and, lts Associates. Jiangcs as Scn aml Kelt The y Oai'y Occur after Using a KVw Doses of DR. RADWAY'S Sarsaparillian Resolvent, THE GREAT BLtOD PUIUFIEU. 1. Good spirits, disappoaranco of ifimViuna, Ungnoi iwlancholy ; Increaeo nnd hardness of flesh nnd iilü :les, etc. % Strenfith increaRos, appciite bnprove, Mthb for nmro sour erutatims er w&terbrafth, good dl eestten, ealra and undisturbed sleep, waken nrerib rqJ ifïoroUB. 3. Dinnppoaraftco of Bpots, blotchcR, pimplee;the kVíu ooks ctonr nvtft hAaWhy, tho urine changed from He torne 1 anil cKnwy ap-J-en ranee to a cloar sherry ir aniiu-r jolor; watéï (ftissfis frí'ely ífomwwbladder tnroug h tha iretbra without pain or Beataín ; IHtle or ne ndlmeiii ïo jmm 6T weiiRneiw. 4. Witmted iliminntlnn ff (jefftfrtffï írnri r-on(iicy of nvolunklfi weak-eninR discharges (if nfHMpfJ thnt wBJ) vith certainty ííf Jwfrtftammt. euro. Inemajfld xtrrneirj '.xhiliited in the sCCrfMftat glands, and fnnctional twr nonyrostored to the BeWHU orjtans. '. TeUow tinjïft on tbe whíío of Ihe eyes, an1 thcFwur. ;hy, siiffrnn nppearance of tbe Bain changcd t dar ivelv nnd hoaltby color. (i. Tbóse BiifferinK from weak or tucmned Innpn rr beteles will realizo reat benefit in evpectofttfa. freelj the toufh pbleara tr mucousfrom liinirn.air :1Ih( brnnchi nr windpip, throat or Im'jk! : illmlnislim )f tfio frequency Of coach; general increase o! strength bhrouRhotit. tlie Bystcm ; sftoppaKO of niRlii pwcais niH paina and fonltng of weakneea aronnd tb! nnklcaJcgK iboulders, etc, ; cessation of cold anti cliills, Bënao o? suffocation; bard breatblnK and paroxySHMOf OOQgbitt lying down or arising in tbe morntng. AH theaeaiitn in nyinptoma ttnidiiíilly and sutpIv disiipi'fjir. f, Asday after duy the SARSAPApTlLLIAH fa takefl, ttfvf Hiffns of returninu health wili nppenr ; nMha blood ünproVWI in atrength and purity, dueaie wilMi. mlnish, nnd all fnrMqn and impnre depositf, nodw, tumors, cancerB, hard íttmp, etc., be resolved iwtn4 the unsound made sound and healtny; ulcera, tev sores, Bypbilltic Bore3, chronic skin diseases gradually (iisanpfjir. 8. In cases where the system lina tippti ulivatcd. nml Morcury, Quicksilver, Corrosivo Sublímate, (tbe prlnct pal constituent In the ndvertispd Sareanarillfifi. at-.. od ín ftoine cases with Hyd. of Potaesa.) have accanmhted and liecorao deposited in the bone=. jnintp, etc., cauin(í caries of tho hones, rlckets, spinal curvaturw, txtntortiona. whito swelUnRS, varioose veins, etc., Ule SARSAPARILiLIAN will resolve away theso deposits and extermínale the virus of the disease frora tho Bystem. iï Tf thoae who re taking thoso modirinrs fort lm rum of Chroflic, Scrofulous or Syphilitic dtseaaM, bottevn slow may be tltc are " feol better," 4nd hnd thwrgen. eral health iinproving, their flesh and wnijrlit mere or even kneping ita own, it i a nare sipn tht tbe bd EroRreasinfi. In these diseaLC the patiënt oitbei etter or worse- the virus of tho dleae is nut iosctm , if notarrested and driven from tho will sproad and continue to undermtne the constituticn. Ak sihí as the HAIISAPAHILLIAN makea the paUent "feel better," ovnry honr you will grow better and increase in halth, strciiffth nnd flesh. The reat power of tbis reraedy ia in diseases throaten deatb- as in Consinnption ol the Ijtinesand Tnberculoua Phthisis, Scrofula, Bpbilold Diwuat. Wastfae, Desenoration, and Ulceratum of the Kidnm, Diabetes Stppage of Water (mstantaflooaa roliel af. frdod whore cathetors have to he nsod, thiis oobig with tho pain f ui operation of nslng tbeee instrin ■ di(nlvtns (itonein the bladder, and in all case of Inflammation of the lïladder and Kidneye, m Cüronic cases of Ijencorrhoa and Uterine diseases. In tumors, nodos, hard lumps and ayphiloir ulcws; i„ drnpsy nd venereal soro throatf ulcers, and m tulof the lunRs;in Kout, dyspepauv, rheumatifim, n in morcuri;tl deposite- ft is in these terrible foi disease, whoro the human body has become a cdintilei.wreek and where every hour of existonce is torbin. wherein thia croat romedy challenges tbe nstotushnwnl andadmirntionof tho sick. It is in such cwses, where all the pleasuros of exiatonce appoar cut ofï hom tbe unfortunate, and by its wonderful, almo íperoatonl restoren the hopeless to a now life antlwvr exiatonce where this groat remedy stands ftlouaiaits inigbtand power. In tho ordinary Bkin diseases thafc every one is more 4 less troubled with, a few doses will In most cases, udt fow bottlea in tho more aggravated forniR, work a permanent cure. Those afflicted wlth chronic diacases should purchsfif a packago containing one dozen botUes. Pnce si) i per dozen, or $." por half dosea bottlus, or $1 por bottle. bold by druggists. RADWAY'S READY RELIEF WILL APPORD INSTAAT KASE. INFLAMMATION OF TltH KIDNiCYS, inflammation )k thk iu,m)nkk. inflammation of the bov 0onorst1on of thb r.ungs, sorf. throat. diffioült brkathino, pammtatíon of tuk hbart, IIYSTKRIUS, CROtH'. DtrilTIIEEIA, CATAlthlI. INFI.IIKNZA, UEADAOHF,. TOOTHACJHK. MUMPS, KEURALGIA. RUFII.MATISM. COLD 0H1LLS. AUUK (JHILLS. Tlip nppllcntion of the READY 1ÍKMKK tott) pnrt or part where the pain or diflicuJty ensla mll atfunl fnm nnd comfort. . ■IVi.ntv drops n half il tumlilor of water jriU, Ij momcnli. curo ORA MI'S, SI'AS.MS M U BTOM Rft KA. DYSBNTF.SV. OOM''. WIND IS Tlih BOWias. im.lallINTKRNAI, l'AINS, TrnvelcTS shoiild alwfiys carry a Imttlo ol It 1 1'WAY'S ReKÏEF wfth them. A few drops hl ml ñll prevent Bickn6s or pains from chanco 01 mt. IT IS I5F.TTKR THAN FBF.Roll URANDT OE BITTERS AS A STIMULANT. Plicc 50 Cents. Solll ly Drilggit (. DR. RADWAY'S REBÜLATIN6PILLS Porfoctly taetoloss, elegantly coatod wlth su-oot Kum. piit-RO, recúlate, purify, oleansè and strcnylht n. H fWAV'S PÍ.LS,foi the euro of allffibordmof "' Ki di. I.iiiT, Bowels, Kldneys. Bladdor, Norrom Disoases, Headachc, Oonatipution, Oostivnnss. liidlffM ticm, Dyspcnsia, liillonsnew, lüllons Fever, Inllaimn.v tionof the liowels, Piles and all DerHtgeraentS of tne Intemal Viscera. Warranted to effect a positiva fore. Purely Vegetable, containíng no niercurj-, mineral-, nr _ deleterioue drugs. fgfObserve the following symptoms rosultinfï froni Disorders of the Digestivo Orcans : Oonstlpation. Inward Pil", Fullness nf t]ic Wi '" thoHead, Acidityof the Stomach. Nausea, Ilonnbiini, DisRust of Food, Fullness or Welgtat in the BlonMon. Suur, Sinkinc or FluttadaK at t Ih PM ■' 'J" Stnmacb, Swlmmtng of tho Head, Harrled an.l Ditflcnlt BrmthlnK, Fluttoring at tbo llnart, Chiiknw"' Saffooatinc SensationB wben in a Lying Postan iiess of Vision, Dots or WehR lefore tho Sitrli' and Dull Pam in tho Head, Deficiencyof Poriplnu. ylovmess of tho Skin aml Bros, Pain in the 81, Ohmts, I.imbs, and Sudden Flushes of Heat, BurmriK in 'hAf,!w doses of RADAVAY'S PIL.I.S will ■';■.■ system f rom all tho above named disorders, l'ril'i'' Cents per Box. SOLD BY DRÜÜGISTS. Rcail "FAL.SE AND TRITE." Scnd ono lettor-stamp to RADWAÏ & CO., Vo. 3'4 Warnn Srct, New York. InfonniUon worth thousands will be sent you. íllll I pgniai To Pc ople who Reason. It is bMl Tarrant's Kilervescent Seltzt'r Apcii''11' reduces thn heat of the blood lv ■■realiriK l'':"llirj", ns well as tlinmali its pnrgativ onemtion, tilill pi h" ' such roarvelims offect ni febrllo dlsoases. SllI.D ]V AI.L D1:!'1..IST ... SÍÍlTln cAnit (.y Dnmislft. aTcTíiíTiüTlti i ■ v ': H' 'DSTCIIOIKTAIVCT, or Soul fl""1"1;' i Un elthfp h. x rwrliutc 1J Bi" ':!'';'.n , ,.t .(r.-ctlaiiofanypem.nthfycliooíe.iiu.uiilly. l:l"'1-..m,i t .,frw, liyroall.JSrmt; locptlic. wlHi "bír. whittibb, Ko. G17 St. Charles Street, St. Lmdi. comlnuoa to trfat n alo! f obstaolea to mirrU. ti" i[.urlllBi, Ttirj llm.-nt or ■lkaesa whteh resul: n"w In4lflrllpn or Jmpru.lrr.-, with nparüllel lüf"? I)r. W.' tíl.büibnifDi li chrlred 1)J tt B"" "' , nrl, . fgunded od bu bogo elMi"ll w '"', f, Mrtilu &nd rellíblo relief, ríniajt írdawi íTrl mcdlol colinra, aod hvlnn me "r"l""'Li oot nd ■owrul Ufe Id hll pecl!ll be h I"!!;,, reiuidlfta tíit iro elfretual la !1 th-i.r casen. H( !'" w. ia b-lo ucteíl by mll or ei-preaa ererjwhare. .Hr irho Wlod, o.ll or rll. Yrom lia fre' er of pplk.tlooa be la ea.bled to ierp bli '""'Y K. 36 pane, Hl'lns fnll aymptoma. 'or iw a' MARRIACE CUIDE, MO ufoi, a popnUr book wliich fatnld be ■! W f' Jr bodT. K mr.rrted pir, or persoDi contímplUW rUjn, san aiTord to do wlthoot lt. It conulnn "FD _ ,# m.llol iteratart a iabjoot, the r"nUi' worki ta lur ud Amrl-. fent .lea, portal frr w ,,N.U. " 3ÜVVHKI WK1TISB TO ASLÏÏ2K$ IT líense ny"U evWtho Blit:" I ■ tula paper.


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