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Intra, Mintra, Cutra, Corn

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Ten mail bands upon the spread ; Five fornis kueeling besirte tin: bod - lilue-oycH, Black-eyea, CUuiy-hcad. . Blonde, Brunette- lii a glee and glow, Walling the magie word. Such a row- Ëoven yeari?, Bis years, iivo, four, two ! Fifty fingere, all in a line - Yffóre are tïutty, and twenty are mine ; Ten Bwcet eyes (hat Êrparkle and Bhine ! ]tothcrly Mary, age of ten - Even the flngpr-tipe agaia- (í1;iih:ís along the line, and tben : " fntra, min tra, entra, corn, ápplc Beed and brier lliorn ; Wiro, brier, liinber lock, Tbroe gceee in a floch ; Rutile, roble, rabble, and rout, Y, O. U, lt- Out I" Bentence fnlls on Curly-liead- One vee digit is "gone and dcad ;" Nine-and-foriy left on Ilie epread. " Intra, mintra," Ilie fiat goes - Whóïï bc taken, uobody knows ; Only God may the lot dispose If it more than a ehildinh play? Htiil yini sïgh and turn away, Why ? Wlïat pain in the sight, I pray ? Ah ! too trae : ' As the flaters f all (no by one at the magie cali, Till, at the last, chance reaches all, So, in tbe fatefnl days to come, Tbc lot fchall fall in many a home lliat breaks a hcart ani flUs a, tomb- Shnll fallT and fall, and fall again, Like a law tliat counts onr lovo luit vain - Liko a fatc unheeding owv woe and pain - One by one. And whb Bhall say Whether the lot may fall üuh day Tbut callcth ono o'f these dear baboB away?" " True ! too truc! y et hold, dear friend, Jilvcrmorü doth the lot depend Ou llim lio lovod, nnd loved to the end. lilind, to our eypp, the nnt gfOEH - Wbo'll tffl tiilu-n m mcríal Iíiiowh ; But nnly Ijovo wtH tlio lot dicpoge - fnly Love, Avith TTia witfer BÍgíit ; LöVft alone, in Ilie infinito rnighi ; Love, vfho dwells in fttrnal light."


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