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A Bold Leap By A Girl

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A riwli leap wus made ly i young giri lust iiight, as the excursión titas eomevnig the Iiihle Christian oongregation from Port Stanley lo Laudon was daslimgpaettke Bom farm, ibout '2 miles Trom írom tlie city. Ifc ttppe&tH that whüe at th spot mentioneil a girl named Millic Oeorge, about 12 yMirs of ago, daiighter of Mr. William George, ncr of Clarenoe and Nolson strocts, was standing on tho platform of the scconcl last oarriagc, several of tlie other scholars bcing with lier. A gust of wind blow off her bat. Apparently thinkiug it too good to lose, slio jurnped off tho oarriage unobscrved, strange to relate, by any of her companions. She was seen to fall on her hands and knees, and to rise up, hat in hand, and run after tho train. Thoso in the last carriago pulled the bell-rope, bnt it was appart ntly unworkable, or at least was unobserved by tho conductora, as tho traiu arrivod in the oity beforc tlipy werj fully apprised of the affair. No timo waa lost in dispatching an engiiio dong tho lino to look for the courageous little girl. Fortunately, to tho great relief of the giiTs mothor and her friends, who wero in a sad plight at the station, sh(! euddeuly put in appoaranco at hamo, with but a few scratches as a


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