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Taking A Vote

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As a train on the Lake Shore road was coming into Detroit tho other day a longgearod inan, who had boen sloeping for two or three honra, suddenly awoke, rose Tip, and nfter a yawn and a stretch ho took his plug hut in his hand, beid it out to one of tho passongers, and remarked : "Loss vote on Beccher." "Oh, go to tlmnder!" growled tho man. Tho tiül man torc five or six leaves j from his memorandum bobfc, wrote "inInoeent" on some and "guilty" on the j othcr, and startod down the aisle. " Madam," ho Raid, as he approached the nearest lady, " I'd liko to have you voto ono of these tickets. Voto just as your conscicmco dietates, madam." Shs refused to vote, and he dropped a ballot marked " innocent" into the hat, and jjassed to a man who, overcomo by the heat, had tallen asleop. " Here ! you - what do yon think of Beecher?" ho asked, shaking the sleeper. " 1) urn you, sir - durn you?" roarod the man, as he sat up. '■ Whiöh way do you vote?" "G'way from mo or I'll mash tho top of yonr head down on to your oollarbone!" yelled the aroused sleeper, lifting his big red list. "Tho ballot-box man passed to a boy about ten years old and inquired: "Bub, what do you think about Boeeher?" "Idunno," replied the boy; "fathcr said he'tl lick me if I said anything about it!" A ballot of "guilty " waa dropped into the hat, and the man passed down to a dreary-looking old chap who was rolling a bit of plug tobáceo under his tongue. " Well, old friend, what do you think of Beecher?" was the inquiry. The dreamy chap got up, tossed his quid out of the window, and ealmly took tho canvaseer by the ihroat and jammed him over a seat and hit liim twice on the chin. It was all over before anybody could iutovfere, and :is 1k i-csiimcil liis seat he looked back at the canvasser, who, half-stmmed, was gazing around in tho greatest astonishment, and remarked : "Ipromiscd my dyiug wife I'd lick the next man who said Beeoher to me, and now you keep away !" The canvasser pushed tho dente out of his plug hat, borrowed a pin to mond his coat collar, tied a wet handkerchief around his throat, and sat down and feil into such a train of reflection that tho pe.anut boy. had to speak to him four


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