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LiauoB 'Peoscutions.- During the past week suits have been commenced befóte Justioe Clarke against Geo. F. Lutz, John Clair, Franz Nebel, Albrecht Gwinner and Ludwig Walz, for keeping their saloons open for business without having paid the city tax. None ot the cases have yet been tried, all of which have been adjourned. In the case against Geo. F. Lutz, the defendant was arraigned Aug. 12th, and plead " not guilty." The hearing was adjourned to Tuesday oi this week, at which time the parties appearod, and the defendant by his attorney oblected to the case for the following reasons : First, That the warrant upon which he was arrested was a criminal oue, while the case was a civil one, and that the justice had no jurisdiction to issue such a warrant in such a case. That the apprehension of the defeudant upou such a warrant gave the justice no jurisdiction in the case. Second, By the command in the warrant the officer is commanded to bnug the deieudaut before the defendant to be dealt with according to law ; and for that reason the warrant was and is a nulhty, and gave the justice no juristion in the case. The motious were overruled by the court for the reasons : First, It is too late, the defendaut having plead, and the cause adjourned. Second, The court deerns the warrant legal and good. The case was again adjourned to Aug. 2öth. DoESN't the Detroit Tribune jump at a hasty conclusión, in assuming that the Courier's Washtenaw candidate for Governor is S. M. Cutcheon, of Ypsilanti 't When the Ypsilanti Commercial is heard from it is more thau probable that his name will be Childs. Green'f August Flower. Il i natnral for peoplc suffering with Dyspepela and Livei Complaint, or any derangemeuts of the digestiré organs, such as Suur Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual Costiveness.PalpitatloBOfthe Hrart lli-ari-burn, Water-braah, gaawlag and burnlng pains at the pit of the Storaach, Yellow Skin, f'oated Toague, and disagreeablc taste in the mouth, coming up of food after eating, low spirits, etc., to put ctl frum day to day buying an article that tliey know has cured their nelghbor, friend, or relative, yet they have no faith in it until it is too late. But if you will go to your Druggist, Eberbach & Co., and get a bottle of Gkken's August Flower your immediate cure is as certain as you live. Sample Bottles of this medicine can be obtained for 10 cents to try its superior virtue. Regular sie 75 cents. Try it, two doses will relieve any case. THE ANN ARBOR SAVIMOS BANK Ann Arbor, Mícliijitiu Receives deposita of One Dollar and upwards anO allows Five percent, interest uu all deposita reiniuiiing three iuonths or lunger. Interest Compounded S Anima ií . Also buys and sells U. S. Bonda. Gold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and Chicago Exchange. Also sells Sight Drafts on Great Britain, Irkt-and, Gkrmany, or any otlier part of the Kuropean Continent. Tbis Bank is oiganized under the General Banking Law of this State. The Stockholders are individually Hable to the auiouut of their stock, and the whole capital is security for depositors, while with Banksof issue, the capital isinvested forthe security of bill-holders. This fact makes this Institutiou a very safe depository of monies. Married Women eau dejjosit subject to their own drafU only. illoney to Loan on Approved Securities. DIRECTORS : S. Smitii, C. Mack, W. W. Wines, R. A. Beal, W. D. Harriman. Ü. Hiscock, W. Dkubjcl. OFFICERS: R. S. Smith, Pres't. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't. C. E. IIiscock, Teller. E I , A It K . Justice of the Peace, Notary Pul lic iind Conveyaucur. Will loan nioney for others on real estáte security.


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