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NEW ADVERTÍDMEOS DISSlOLüTION. TIIEcopartnersbipof M. and A. Wcil has been dlssolved this day by mutual consent, and the business will be no longiT carrieil on under theii "240! AugUStl9ll8WMICHAELWEIL, A A KON WETL. FÓRJALE. All slltAIII I COTTAGE nith very Buelyahaded groundi, near the Univerrity, Dow i aeanl :ind will bc sold rery low. Enquiíei of A. ti. I Ki'.oV UI 1. Wool Time Aiin. Now. as wool timo is around again on her annual tour and that time has promised m8 money, I want every man that owes me to make the quickent time on record topay me the amount due. You have had my goods ; now I am after the pay. Your aBking more time, on account oi poor crops or low prices, will do you no good, and is of no use to me-it don't pay my debts, nor buy my bread and butter. Now I mean business, and just this kind of bueiness too, because there is but very Uttle of any other kind, and this must be attended to without delay. Give this cali your early attention or the next cali will be delivered to you at your door, or ..ny other place where you may be 1536 m'2. BOUKK8. Public Schools. Tuk Public Schools of this city open for the coming year, on - MONDAY, AUG. 30th, 1S7.Í. Examinalions for admission of new papila will be held In the Central Building on Saturday, 28U) insi ., commencing at 9 o'clot-k a. m. TUITION : The rates of tuttlon in the High School, Mtabllshed by the Board, are as follows, per term, payable in advance : Non-resident pupila- Engllsh, - - $6 00 " " - ach lapgnage extra, 2 00 Iíesidcnt pupila - each [anguagé, - - 2 ih) Drawlng, J Painting, ' "" At a meeting of the School Boajd, held June lSth, 1875, the followlng rule, addmonal i" l'arl 111., was adopted : Rule 14. Hazing, rushlng, Dumping, concertcd riotous and disorderly conduct in the streeta, or on the school or public grounds, sball subject pupils to suspension ; and certlflcates of graduatlon muy be withheld l'riiin uny and all pujiilsengaged insucli proetices. By order of the Board, JA.MF.S B. 00TT, Secretary. W.S. Perey, Supt. Aun Albor, Aug. 12, 187".. 1Í48W8 EDWARD DUFFY1 HA8 JUST EECEIVED AN Entire New Stock Of gooís consisting of Teas, Coff ees, SUGARS AND SYRUPS, Bought in NEW YORK from first hands FOR CASH, and is offering them at a VBRT SLIGBT ADVANCE over New York Oost. AIbo a full line of LADIE8 and GENTLEMEN'S WKAK in BOOTS & SHOES, AU of wliicli he is offering VERY LOW FOR CASH. It paye everybody to buy their goods for Cash. Cali and examine goods and pricee, and I WILL INSUKE SATISFACT ON Goods ilelivered to any part of the City fiee of charge. EDWARD DUFFY. Maynavd'8 Block," cor. Main and Aun streets yi Ann Arbor, Mieh. 0 tf i .0 O Vi tJ cc i S J Pi ö t L O ; H Pi CC S Q H S h-I 2 s g . q r p g CC k-H House and Lot for Sule. I OFFER my property No. 09 Huron street, between División und State. The lot ia 4 rods by 12 Ten rooms. House and grounds in good oreer. Pnce Í5,OOO. A. large share may remain on boort and moltgage. QulAc,n For Sale Gheap. The subscribe r offers for sale hts HOT7SE A.1TD liOTS on West Huron street, next west of S. P. Jewi-tt's reaidenee. house 11 one of the beet, and plcasantest, for the size, in the city. Will be sold lor $500 less tliau ent. Tor particulars apply to John N. Gou, or 1530 A. D. BEbJMhK. nENËKAL UW AND BUSINESS ROOT & ÖRANGER, having secured the exclusive use of ROOT'S ABSTRACT RECORD BOOKS for the countï of Waahtenaw, whih they have oarefully revied, posted and perfected, and havIng, with au extenaive ana reliuble oorrespondence, opened a Gkxeral Business Agency at No. 5 WeBt Huron Street, in the city of Ann Arbor, will attend prompt ly to the sale, purchabe and leasing of real estáte, the loaning of money, collectioiiö.negotiiitionB, contracting and conveyancing, Life and Pire Insuraucea, and to the practice of Law in the various Courta of this Htate. Auu Arbor, May l, 1476. TRACY W. KOOT, B. P. GIUNÜKU. j i V i;i,I.I U IIOISIS KIK SALE. Alargeand very well built bnek house, with two or more lot a. Two birge fram-'d housea. Also h good iized brick house and fraine house ; and a omall frame houneou a goodlot, iutended for adding a front. For sale on fairterins and a reaeonable credit. Also other buildings, lots, and property. IttONEV WANTEI)- So mauy wihhing tü bormw money apply to me that I can readily obtainfor Itnders good aatinfactury investmeuts at tenperoent.1ntere.t. E. w. MOROAN. Anu Arbor, Aoril 23, 1873. Uiütl


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