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The Williamson County Vendetta

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Anotber victim lins been addéd tó tlie alieady long list of those who have fallen ! in what is noiv widely knowu as the " Williiimsou Coimty Vendetta. " Capt. i George W. Sisney is, we bolieve, tlie eighth who lias perMied in conssquenee I of the prottaoted quurrel of the Kussells and the Bulffiiers, wliicli has kept WillianiBon eonrity in a ferment for years. By referenöe to an extended account of these troubles, published in tlie Journal of Fob. 9, 1875, it nppears an attempt was made to assassirate Mr. Sisney as carly as 1869, when he was set upon by the family of Bulliiiers and severely woimided, b'ut recovered. He had no direct connection with the BusseilBulliner quarrel, bnt had incniTed ihe displeasure of the Bulüuers in consequenoe cf a Iswsmt in whioh they were lef eated. Soiae time last year a secoud altempt was made to assassinate him by shootrög from ambush, but the gnns in the hands of the would-be assasBigs failecl to go oi'f, and he escapcd, but recogirizeu one of the assailants as he ran away. This individual, whoso name was Oaglü, was itidicted for the crime, but wg do not know that the case w:is ever tried- the enforcement of thü law in Williarnson couuty being very lax. Some months after (that is to say, last fall) anotlnr and moré súcoessful was made on Sisney, ho being shot by some ono from the outside as he sat in liis house near a wdrw in the evening. At this time ho was severely wounded, and, alter recoveriug, he reniedhisfart and removed to Carbondale for the sake of groater security. The result shows that he lias at last falleu r victim to the bloodthirety veagaatïce of his enemies mider circumstanoes nlmost precisery similar to thoso whioh came near proviug fatal last fall. Mr. Sisncy was a nativa of Wiliiamson couuty, and waa a Captain in an Illinois regiment during Ilie w:ir, and last ycar was tbc B '.publican candidato for Khorill' in Williamson cuunty. ]otli hc and Dr. Hiucheliiie - the latter being the last victim before Mr. Sisney - were universally rospected, and were probably tlie most reputablo and worthy oitizens wlio havo fallen sacrifloas to this wretohed


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