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The Montana--arrival Of A Marine Novelty

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L rom tno p,ow Yorlt HcraJd.] Tho new screw stoamcr Montana, of the Williams &, Ouiou lino, whieh ar rived at tiró part yontr-rday afternoon a passage of about eiglït dsysjand a half from Queenrtqwn to Sandy Sook, is, perhaps, the pionoer of -a new style of ocean-going passenger and freight stoamer. She is clipper built, her Rillen being smooth, t offer the least resistance to the vator. Her model, deaigned by Mr. Stephen B. Guion, tho managing director of the line and the superintendent engineor, is peculiar in the formation of her enda and her sides, she having a long, hollow bow, intended to throw the water off instond of allowing it to como aboard tho ship, while the sidea are, as nautical men term it, "tumblehome sides," having a "fallin" of scvon feet on eaeh Hido from tho turn of the bilgo ; this formation is calculated to combine great strength with safety, as tho ship is much oasier in a soawáy than tho usual model. The following are her jirincipal dimensions: Length over all, 495 feet; breadth of beam on main doek, 45 feet; depth of hold, 33 feet. She has four decks, includiug the hurricane deck. She is brigrigged, and can show a large amount of canvas wlien she has her staysails and trysail set. Her entlrasiastic commander says sho can sail liko a witch, and believes ho can beat anything crossing the Atlantic. She came across working hor enginos at three-quartor speed, witli an average of fifty revolutions of hor screw, which gaye a result of foiirteeti knots au hour. With sixty revolutions, it ÍS computcd she would make sixteen knots. Hef cngines are of the direct acting coinpound class, with one high prossuro cylindcr inverted, two low-pressure cylinders i horizontal, with surfaco condensers. Ono cylinder is of 60 inchers diameter, and two aro of 113 inchos, with 42 inches strolse. The engines are of 900-horse power nominal, bat may be worked np to 4,200. Her shaft 'is 26 inches in diameter. The saloon i;i situated forward of tho j funnel, and is sumptuously ñtted. Sho can accommodato 72 saloon passengers, 1D8 in the second cabin, and 1,200 steerago passengers, and all the modern improvoments havo been adoptod for their comfort. Tho Montana on her return trip made the voyago from New Yofk to Quocnstown in eight and one-half days.


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