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The Old Schoolmaster

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Tle masti-rV face is wriokled now, tliin. dart hair is turninR gray; Doe f urrows of the museen plow Afo on hiR forehcad. Whö oan stay The clock of time auil malte it slow, And lciigtlien out his holiday? Ilix para aro dnll, hls eyes are dim, He bemin bcneath a load of years ; With ieeble step and faltering litnb, He Rropes along a vale of tears, Aiul soou the be'.l will rin(! for liim A suiuuions from the heaveuly spherce. He b a good old faithful man, Worn with hard stndy, toil and care; Hip head was evor sound to plan, 1IÍ6 heart anothtr's griui cclild share. 11 Eiiiïi on.' Bhould do the best ho oan," He "wrote in copy round and fair. The old Bohool-house is standing non', O'ergrown with hiosb ujxmthc green, And the inhospitable bough ■l'hat furnishi il rode, looks bare and mean- It shivi is in the wind that blow, And whispers of thiugs that have been. A fov.ntain pparkles frora the hill, Adown the rocks the waters race, And fancy deerns the triekling rill A tt ar strrain on dame nature'p face, For school is out, and some are still, Aiid this ia a deeerted place. Wc who survive are pupils yet. How ir.any tcachi rs we have had ; Froaperity and scathing Debt - ■ Mast'Ts that made na poor and Bad; Aftiiction. that inale laces wet, And Hope and Joy, that made us glad.


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