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A Devoted Wife's Long Search For Her Husband

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The Denver News tells the following the wife of Jolm Comstock, the discover of the greiit Comstock mine at Virginia City, has been making a tour of the Territories in qncst of information uoncerniug her hasband, who left her over twenty years ago. Twice or thrice hé was ropor'tod deatl, and each time the report was eontradicted, nntil his wife was wnjprepared to believo hinu either daad or a'.ivo. About a mouth ago she started on a trip of inquiry and discovejry. At Cheyenne she was told by a man who pretended to know Gomstock that he was living in sonthern Ut.ih, and was very poor. The wife, ready to seize upon any hope, hastened oif n the hunt for hor busbond, visiting nearly every town in the Territory. Thc.n k]io went over to Nevada, where he was once known to everyliody a the disoovei'er of the Oomstook, and there slic heard tliat he had di-'d in Montana, in destitnte eircuinstaiices, some yoars ago. She returaed to Solt Late, and from fcherc went up into Montana, where she fonnd the proots ot lus iiraui. xie naa uniieu, iu soems, into tlie Swöetwater, Wyoming, minos, and loft there with the Big Horn oxpeditioi), iu 1871. The oxpedition, failingof its o!)ji'fc, was disbaaaeë, some rettuming to the raüioad and the remaio (icr goánf oh tlmmgh tlie YollowMtoiic iregion into Montana. Comstook reachefl Bozeman sick, discouraged and penniHe oi'ten pdüitcd to lus discovery, tho Öomstbck, theu producing its $20,000,000 miimally, andtliethouglitseoirn'd to bring ilcs])oi)dciK-y. Ono day, in the spring of 1871, he borrowed a pistol trom a Mr. Dillabur. ft shoemíer, and stopping ontsido tluishop lodgd a bullot I in bis brain. He left uo property of auy kind, and Öie oxponso of hia bnrial, whicli was quietly oonduoted, was shared amojig a few frieuds. Mrs. Comstoek has found his grave, and bëing pössi of meaus left by her father, proposea to remove the remaÜM to her present home, somewheie v.i Éne States.


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