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The Prayer Cure

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A yomïg lady of Harrisbnrg, Pa., MisMiui'iio II. Walters, spuko in il pruyi r; iiicctinii a f(!v d-ays mace, relating a remarkable cure, which she attóbutes dircc-tly to tho iiitpi-puaition of Clirist. Tne occurrènoe, related by tho lady ín detail i" privuti! coiiversatiou, is to the effect that over two years ago sho was afflicted witjh a spmal tliscase so sorious that Bhfl could soiii-coly move a fliiger, and slu! was confined to a oouch purposely suited for the disease. Nearly two years ago sho beoame convinced Unit slie needed dpser conseoration to Christ; in othcr worde, she deslreá the ble'ssings of HHiitil'ieatiou, 30 proruiiient in the Methodist belief. Sho prayed earnestly without avail. Bometliing soemed to teil her that oonsecration of body a3 well as soul was required, and it was rcvealod to her tliat she would be healed. Thirteen montlis passed and 110 result. On the 26tU of January last sho ouco moro resolved to pray moro earnestly for tbc fulflllmont of the rovelation. Wliilo pruying the promise cajlie to her, " Whatsoevcr thou wilt, aak and it shall be given." She praycd first for her heart purity, and next for bodily healtli. The word came, " Kiso up and walk," and to her great relief she found herself in apparent hesilth. The doctor next morning found her restored to hcalth withoiit need of medical attendance. Her statement was yesterday corroborated by four othcr persons acquainted with the circumstances, who rejoice -with her over her restoration to heáfth, which she unwaveringly beheves to havo resultad f rom tho stretching forth of Christ's hand in reward for her great faith.


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