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A Clever Piece Of Jugglery

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A " matcrialized spirit" was shot in St. Louis, the other evening; a skeptic offering 50 for the privilege. This is the test to which the mediums have been ehallénged to submit their apparitions, but the result will not be a whit more satisfying of their spiritual diameter. The preparations made for the experiment wen elabórate, And took place in the preseuce of a small audience, consisting of a few believers aud reporters of ill the St. Louis papers. The medium, W. O. Clark, stripped naked before several reporters ai'd the skeptic, Henry 'l'imkens then dressed liimself iu a white sliirt, white linen trousers, and white hose, provided by Timkens. The oabinet, which luid been put together expressly for the occasion, and was a simple shell of plaiu boards, was examiued at the last moment before Clark's entrance. Timkens had brought a brace aiul bit, mul bored holes in the floor of the cabinet, thi'ough which ho passed stout eords. The medium took his seat on the iloor, with his back against the wall fnrthest from the materialization ture, and Timkeus procoeded tü cord liim down; binding each log aliove and below tlio knee; tying his hands together, drawing thom down to tlie bottom of tlie box, passing the rope through and fastening it, as in all tliese bindings, on tlie ontside; the body aud neck were likewise ticd agaiust the end of the box. Timkeus was sure after this he shouldn't shoot the medium, at all evejits, and Lhe door was shnt. In a few minutos th'erë was rapping all around Uu; box, tiim a period of silcnce, then auspicious nvaking, ivs of cordn, and iu j half au hour, while tho company woro making horrid muaic, tho curtaiu moviul asido and an untiavthly oountenanoe appeaxeil It seemed, says a reporter, like that of a Greek statue, its features olear, distinct, and movelcss as mar ble; it was illumined by i soft light; the eyes were wide open, 'but there was "no speeulation" in thenj. Tho whole compuny nul gazéd :fc the ghostly face for sonie timo Wjl6n l Jlieini (a liintim iiiun uta riñe. Not the least invjuvssion was produced upon the niysterious face, whioli . rérhained ó few sccoruïa befóre tho 1 l.un :úid across :md hid it. ÍVh ttie door was opéried, seVerál minutes ul'ter, Clark was fbuñd Jlist aa Timkens tíod liirn, tliough the corda had eviclently been straiiied i litóle'. He was vexy much exhans'ed. The reportera say that they don't see liow thero conld náe been any imposition abotrt this. Tne rifle-bal! cèrfainiV wínt through the face, batever it, njay have beeu, for it waR found in a board on the wall behind the oabinet through which it had páaséd in range with the apeHlöte at wJiicli the face appeai-ed. HoTEt KBBPims aro jieopld w huvo to "put up wth."


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