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The Lost Aeronauts

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rFroni the Chicago Timos, Aug. 20.] Five weeits ago yesterday afteraoon !i. S. Grimwood, of the Chicego Evening Journal, went away in a balloon with Doualdson, the aeronaut of Barïum's Hippodrome. It was a fancy of lis to take a voyage to the clouds, and he ïas paid for it with a life that was said Dy those who knew him to be pregnant with promises of suceeRS. Whon a stormy night had passod, pnd no return was made of the toiirista, there carne a multitude of eonjoctures which wcre repeated, added to, and curtailed day after day, until the sum of days were ealendared away into weeks. The pineries on fche other side gave no token of two lost men, and the waters of the lake rofiinod to give tip what.rnost people said they possessed. At last the delay nushecl up all conjectures, and men conchided that even to hopo was an idleness not to be mdtdgéd in. Last Tuesday the wires oponed the mystery, and before the sun went down it was known throughout the city, and all around the lake, that the remains of one of the adventnrers, Newton 3. Grimwood, had been found on the beaeh below a lumber settlernent in Michigan known as Benona. A carrier by the name of Beckwith, who had charge of the mail route between Benona and Montague, discovcred the body. Ho turned it over, antT he saw it had been adrift and washed ashore. He gave it tip, hatless and bootless, decomposed and wasted, to J. J. Taplcy, a Justice of tlie Peace. An inquest was held. There wero fraginents and lettere and paper? and tokens whicli fully conflrmed the report that the body was none otlier thau that of Grimwood. There was the field glass which had been loaned on the day of the ascensión ; a silver fruit-knife in the pocket, witli the initials of the de&d boy's name npon it ; a conimencement of what was to have been an account of his trip - an unfiuishod chapter - one that was commenoed between hcaven and earth, and then left to be completed by as sad a fato as ever camo over ayonng heart ; scraps of poetry that pointed to a fair yottng face s'omewhero in the land which he had left ; a letter and a postal card written by Mr. Sullivan, the city editor of the Journal ; a lady's gold watch with one hand still at the figure XT, and the other, aa motionless as the heart of the drowned boy, at the figure IV. ïwenty minutes af ter 11 o'clock. The body was buried in Olaybank cemetery. A part of an cvent that was full of suspense had been cleared away. The next day a reporter of the Journal, acoompiimed by the father of Grimwood, left ft the spot where the body was, disiuterred it and brought it back in one of the Goodrich steamers. It arrived here early yesterday morning, and was conveyed to Bristol, where it was laid away at rest in the presence of a large concourse yosterday afternoon. The body was in a wasted condition, but not so mucli so as to be beyond recognition. All of the papers and books and relies which were found upon the body wero displayed in the office window of the Journal yesterday, and throughout the day thousands of persons visited the place and looked with niournful interest upon what was exhibited. Grimwood's fate is known, but under what peculiar circumstanoes it -was terminated is still a ïnystery, and he is at rest in the little village whoro ho had lived so long. Nor is thcre nny furthcr doubt as to the f ate of Donaldson, for relies of the air ship have been fouml about eight miles from the spot where Grimwood was found. But the body of tho aeronaut ia still missing, although every elïbrt is being made to find it. Tho cruel and cowardly intimation that Donaldson may have thrown Grimwood over the basket to save his own life, will not be accepted by those who know Donaldson. If he was a fearleso adventurer aud a man with the resolution of iron in his make-up, lie had the lieart of a woman, and when the eloments surrounded him in the rigging, and death came in upon his companiou with the glaro of lightning, those who know Donaldson can very readily understand that he came down from his perch and went out to meet the mvitterings of au inexorable fate with the hand of his boy voyager clasped in that of his own. That was Donaldson,


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