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No Time For Anything

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The great difficulty in this country ir, that wc have no tune for anything. Tho very walk of an American shows that he is in a lmrry. An Englishman but tons his coat and gloves and goes to business as deliberately as he goes to cluu-ch. An American business man flies after the car struggling with his coat sleeves as he runs, plunges in headforemost, and plunges out at the end without regard to his neck. Cmei among our accidents stands those which occur becanse people jnmp npon flying trains or after departing boate. lo walt ten minutes is something not to be thought of. Dinner is not eaten, ït is is swaUowed whole ; and _ wheu one omes to tlio desert be imcis tnat tne ruit was picked before it was ripe. Everythiug hurried through, from the Hiildmg of a honso to the cimng of a ïam The wonien who work on sewmg nachines stop before they come to the nd of tho searn. The dressmaker sends home your dress with bastmg-threads m t, aud do loops to hang it ivp by. Thero is nono of the low, sure completeness of the old world about anyhiiig and even fortnnes are generally made in a hurry, and lost in the same way If any man we know is gettiug ■ich by the slow and patiënt process of saving, be sure that he was not born ipon this continent. Yet people live as long here as they do anywhere else, and the days are tho same length, Why is it we have no ime for auythmg


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