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A Rare Piece Of Surgery

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Christian Best, of Louisville, K.y., m un unsuccessfnl attempt to take his iife )n account of a love alïair, lodged a bullet in his brain in February of 1874, and the lead lias rcmaiued tfcèïe ever noe, untü last Weëfc, eartsing him pfn most of the time. An áutítm fW & on hi3 head, whioh was laueed, and the doctors removed a portion of his skull. la iheë attempts to do tbw, tb, Pícame in contact with a hard substanee, ju wis thousht to be the bono L thö surgeons wcre in soarch. Ihis W, after careful manipnlaHon, broug ht to light, and, to the gmit sm-prise of the physicians and doubtloss tite boundless pleasui-e of poor Bost, it proved to bo the voritable bnllet which had been giviiig him so muoh to mble. This is a raro niece of KurRcry- ono indeed which Uas „ovrr béföi bee pcriormodjn Amonca. A Uscíul liiKMitidii. A Cinciimati genius ,-laimH to luwe discovned a plan by M'hich the moko and eind. vs from .1 Joom.otive can bo carried tó tÜe rer önd 01 to train ia 1 there set frtè annoymg pas. - ,rors Tho ..iipavatus comuKts of a himul, tul' S f.'ot or o m diameter, nm} „Í rum smoke-sW-k ever tops t.l„ rar to the ivar, tJio tluxu-y b.mK 1h.lttl„. spredcf the train AVill emito a draught of ttifiódsat power to uck in ■ülthe and eindere and Hcatter them to brknid tlie tnun. A patead hm 1''m seoui Oajíipobsu Indica hav truck agirinst wearhig i vr rins.


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