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me toliowing transactions m real estáte have beeu recorded in the oflice of tlie Register of Deeds for Washtenaw county duriiig the past two weeks : Joe T. Jacobs to Pliilip Bach, lot 9 block 5 south ia range 2 west, also lot 18 Simth's addition, Ann Arhor. $1,050. Geo. S. Wood to Arthur A. Wood, 80 acres off section 27, Lodi. $9,600. Abraham Filkins to Marión Filkius, 20 acres off section 36, Superior. $1,000. Caroline E. Sheoard to Frederick W. Cleveland, 96 acres off section 2, Pittsfield $5,000. Chas. T. Wilmot to W. D. Harriman, part of a lot on Cenietery street, Ann Arbor. f 250. Eli O. Smith to D. E. Smith, lot 4 block 8, village of Salem. $160. Albert Congdon to Fred Girbach, lot 3 block 4, J. M. Congdon's secnud additiou to Chelsea. $85. J. W. Cowan to Sarah A. Wales, lot 3 block 4, Cowan's addition to Manchester. $100. Martin E. Munger to Justin Cook, Jr., lots 7 and 8 block 1 , Cowau's additiou to Manchester $4,000. Stephen B. Morse to Clara Carr, lots 23, 25, 27, 28 and 29, Morse's addition to Ypsilanti. $750. Stephen B. Morse to Elizabeth Lang, lot 1, Morse's addision to Ypsilanti. $75. Thos. F. Leonard to Michael Nolan, lots 500 and S01, Norri' addition to Ypsiianti. $500. Kebecca H. Kelly to Aarou Derbyshire, part of section 10, Augusta. $2,360. Jarvis E. Goodwin to W. A. Butler, 146 acres off section 9, Lyndon. $4,500. Peter Weiuett to Almon R. Stevens, lot 5 and part of lot 6, Davis' addition to Ypsilanti. 2,000. Jacob Hummel to John G. Schniidt, land on section 35, Lyndon. $325. Madison M. Miller to John T. Hov'er, 80 acres off section 7, Augiuta. $4,000. Geo. P. Roso to Alonzo Pelton, lot and store on Huron street, Ann Arbor, known as Haven Block. 8,000. Jas. Allen to Joseph Murray, 10 acres off section 22, Augusta. 200. Abagail A. Hotchkius to Jas. Sage, land on sectiou 20, Lodi. $70. John W. Cafferty to Isaac N. Conklin, 3-8 of an acre of land on Huron etreet, Ypsilanti. $300. Amanda Wilcox to Jas. Sage, land on section 20, Lodi. $65. John M. Kuhnle to Elizabeth Kuhnle, lot in Maynard's addition, Second ward, Aun Albor. $800. Andrew J. Robisou to Lewis L. James, lot 5 block 22, village of Dexter. $400. Alex. Soulier to Ebeuezer Brooks, lot 4 block 2, village of Dexter. $2,500. Uriah G. Beach to Hanuou Clark, lots 3, 4 and 5 block 48, Manchester. $3,000. Aarou R. Wheeier to Beuj. Lamkin, 14 3-4 acres off section 13, York. $500. Henry Clark to Ann Clark, land on sectiou 13, Duxter. $500. John W. Cowau to Wm. Kent, lots in Cowau's socoud additiou to Manchester. $800 Charlotte Garlaud to A. B. Prescott, lot 42, Sinith's additiou to Ann Arbor. $500. Ernest J. Knowlton to Peter Cook, 8 1-2 acres off Sectiou 5, Pittsfield. $3,400. Thomas Clancy to Bridget Claucy, lot near übservatoiy, 4th ward, Anu Arbor. $100. Nelson Holmes to Edgar D. Holmes, 33 acres ott SBCtiou 3, Ypsilanti. $2,600. Mary A. Waite to Mrs. Naomi Dalton, house and lot coruer Spring and Felch streets, Ann Arbor. $1,100. George H. VanTuyle to John A. VanTuyle, the undivided halt of 200 acres on the north half of sectiou 36, Manchester. $8,000. John A. VanTuyle to George H. VanTuyle, the undivided half of 200 acres off the south half of section 36, Manchestor. $8,000. Patrick Wallace to John A. and Ueorge H. Van Tuyle, 20 acres off sectiou 36, Mauchester. $5,350. Helen Lane to Edward Powers, 20 acres off section 13, Anu Arbor. $800 Nelson Holmes to Augustus Gardner, 14 1-2 acres off section 3, Ypsilanti. $1,080.75. J. E. Saxton to N. Holmes, ü acres off section 3, Ypsilanti. $700. Allen McCarter to Roswell B. Gates, a piece of land oft section 22, Sylvan. $50. Joel W. French to Dorcas Sprague, 50 acres on section IL, Augusta. $2,000. Mary E. Kuckman to Christian Ernst, a strip of land off section 7, Bridgewater. $100. Abraham Filkina to Manon Filkins, 20 acres oft section 'il, Superior. $1,000. Julius ütto to Valentiue Allgeryer, house and lot on Wall strest, 6th ward, Ann Arbor. fu'00. George W. Andrus to Delevan E. Doane, 40 acres off section 8, York. $2,500. Delevan E. Doaue to George W. Andrus, house and lot on Mosely street, 2d ward, Anu Arbor. $2,500. W. W. Whedon to Theodore Taylor, three lots on corner of State and South Uuiversity streets, ücu ward, Aun Arbor. $4,000. Jacob H. Stull to to A. J. Shively, two lots coruer Aun and Xngalls streets, 4th ward, Ann Arbor. 1,500.


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