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President Grant paid a (lying visit to Bristol, Rhode Island, last weck, and wan the guost of Gen. Burnside. During his stay lic was treated to a genuine old-fashioned New England olam-bake. A rKi)i:sriíTAN lunatic named Brooks ia engagod in tlio arduotts task of walking 1,000 half miles in 1,000 half houra, at Pittsburfrh, Pa. It will require. twenty day8 and twenty hours to completo the weary tramp. A OijEVEIiAnd dentist committed suicide beeauso he i'ailed in liis offorts to iuvont ii sovereign reracdy ogainst the toothache. His success woiüd have rnined the pro fession, and his colleagues are not wearing mourning foor tho deosasect The report, whicli has besen pretty generally circulated, of a proposed consolidation of tho Western Union and Atlantic and Pacitic Telegraph Companies, has no foundation in fact. They have, however, entered into a mutual agreement for protecting each other in the matter of ratos, etc. Mr. Beecheu is having a jolly old time at the ïwin Mtxnntains. On Simdavs he preaches to audiences of 4,000 or 5,000 people, and tlirough the week plays croinet with handsome ladies and gentlemen, pretty mallets and nickel-plated hoops. His admirers have put up a bifícanvas for him, which will accommodate 25,000 ordinary-sized souls. Two Pbesidents, John and John Quincy Adams, areburied inMassachusetts; one, Pierce, in New Hampshire ; two, Van Buren and Filimore, in New York ; one, Buchanan, in Pennsylvania ; one, Lincoln, in Illinois ; one, Harrison, in Ohio; one, Taylor, in Kentucky ; three, Jackson, Polk and Johnson, in Tennessee ; aim üve, Waslúngton, Jefterson, Madison, Monroe and Tyler, in Virginia. When an editor starts a paper in Texas with tlie aunouncement that he proposes " to diseuss all questions fearlessly, without regard to persons," tlio doctors for miles around flock to that town, and ome of them roost on the roofs of their offices all night, in order to be ready for business in the morning. It usually happens than an editor, under these circurnstonces, gete killed the flrst week. Mits. Witcttbueger, a Chicago woman, discovered a burglar in her house. She provecí her claim to be a " strong-minded " as well as a strong-wristed femalo by grabbing the maraudcr and inrprisoiiing him in a vise-like clutch. The burglar pointed a revolver at her head, but Mrs. Whittburger knew no stich word as quaiL and nevor released her hold until an officer appeared and took charge of the offender. An Englisliman has lately patented a printing machin( which is said to work without liumau help, takes up the sheet of paper at one end, and turns out at the other the book - stitched, eut and Ijound. This reminds us of the story of a machine in w-hich a live sheep was put in on top and it came out at the bottom a roast leg of mutton, shoulders of lamb stuffed, mutton frieasseo, and a dfesscoat ready made. By a singular coiiuidenco, both Mr. Sonccrbox, Democrat, and Mr. Gilman, Republiean, candidates for the office oi llailroad Commissioner in Minnesota, are ineligible under a constitutional provisión, as they wer(! members of the Legislature which passed the act creating the office. Mr. Gilman has withdrawn, but it is understood that Mr. Sencerbox iutends to pan in spite of his alleged ineligibilitj-. Miss Egbeuts, of Kouseville, Pa., is the pluckiest womim of whom we have read for some timo. Going homo the other evcning, slie found a burglar iu the house, concealed in a closet. Ho sprang out and knocked her down. fiha jumped up, and, scizing a revolver, fired at him. He threw a hatchet at her, but she followed liim up, fíriiig away. The rascal escaped. and it is not known whcther any of the shots struok him. Once a letter is comudtted to the mails the sender loses all control over it. So the Postmaster-Gencral has decided in the case of an application from the postal authorities of Switzerlund for the return of two registered l!tters addressed to Duncan, Shermau & Co. The letters contained remittances and were mailod bef ore it was known in Switzorland that the firm had failed. The dccisiou of the Fostmaster-General was based npon the advicc of the AttorneyGeneral. A FüENon physician announccs tliat cows' nülk, taken fresh every moruing, is an infallible rcmedy for gout ; wliile an English doctor has proved that asparagus is also a suro remedy for rheumatism. Now, let all the disagreeable 'pothecary stuffs bo l)anished. Whfin we eau cure a gouty leg with a few glasses of niilk punch, and get rid of rheumatie pains by feeding on asparagus, it wül l)e time for doctors to prescribe ico creamfor toothache and clam chowder for neuralgia. The storics made public that tho late Andrew Johnson was an infidel in religious belief have been flatly èoatradicted by his relatives. In support of their contradiction they publiek a lettör -vi-itten by Mr. Johnson during the cholera season of 1873. In tliis letter he spcaks of death as "the mere shadow of God's proteeting v,iug." Another story in regard to an unrequited love affair has bivn di'iiicd rnid expkined by liis son, who shows that it did not cause the "sevcre disappoiutment " mentioned. Mr. Tübneb owns a farm nest Byron, Mich. There is nothing aneommon ia that, but tliis farin posseases Uu; rarity of a vcritable liaunted liouse. The eccentric spirit of the place has amused itself for a long time past by ttao'wing stones in dangerouR proximity to meinbers of tho l'amily, for the evident purpose of watching them dodge and juuip to avoid being struck by the missiles. Men at work tliggiug potatoes on tho farm wero aiiuoyed all day long in this singular marmer, and the invisible joker eeems very oaroful not to steike any one, Ltely (stones have entered the house and oaremed round the rooms in an ilurming monner. Mre. Tnrner stater! that they seem to move swiftly in au invisibte hand rather than appearing to bc thrown. Sho lately informed lier hasband that she eould livo in the house no louger, when the spiiit discoiitiuucil the stonetlirowing, aud attempted to recoueile Mrs. Turner by j)l:iciiig imlelible pictures of laindscapes and ghostly forms upon tlie window-glass, whieh no acid will remove. The Detroit Free Press is responsible for this ghostly narativc.


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