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lVinr.vvn! y t'.io accident to Edwin P.ooth lio tragcdian, which was at first thouglit to bo iitni, turns out to bo butsligut. He Riwtuined a fracturo of one rib and the left elbow bono, and in a few weeks wül probably bc able to resume Iiíh placo upon tho stage. Henhï Waiuj }íi:''chi:h's paper, the Chri.tlinn Union, han passed from the hands of J. ]!. Ford & Co., publishora. Henry M. Cleveland bas become tho manager. Mr. lieeehcr will retain the editorship. The Albion Mills, at Coimhohocken, Pa., havo been destroyod by flre. Loss, $250, 000. The American rifle team arrived in New York last week, and were received with distinguished honora A New York"dispatoh states that the entire family of Thurlow Weed havo been prostrated by the use of a tea-kettle which had been ckaucd wit'i oxalic acid. Tho family had n narrow oscape, iucluding Mr. Weed himaelf. Abiuluam Symonds, of Pino Ilill, N. Y., recently killed his daughter, and thon committed suicide. THE WEST. The painful mystery mvrroundiug tho fate of Prof. DoualdBon, the aeronaut, and Newton S. Grirnood, a Journal reporter, who ascended from Chicago in a balloon on tho 15th of July, and sailed away over Lake Michigan, has a,t last been paitially solved by findiDg the body of the unfortunate reporter on the cast shore of the lake, between Whitehall and Pentwater, Mich. It was discovered by a stage driver whilo driving along the beach, was turned over to a Juatico of the Peace, who, after tho eiiHtomary inquest, consigned the remains to mother eai-th in tho regular bnrying-ground in Claybauks townsbip, Oceana county. When found, the body was flat on its face on a small pile of old lood-wood. The liair was nearly all gone, and tho face badly disflgured. The noso was entiroly goiie, and the hat and boots were miesing. An India rubber life-preeerver was found on the body. The preserver had a hole in it about two iuches long. That the aeronauta were lost in Lake Michigan during tho gale that swept over it 011 the eveuing of their departure doea not now admit of a doubt A passenger train on the St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern railroad went through a rotten bridge uear Hattsburg, Mo., á few days since. Thrce passengere were killed, eight or ten had either their anus or legs broken, and ome tweuty otbers were more or lessinjured The accounts of Shaffenburg, late United States Marshal of Colorado Territory, show a deficit of itbout $100,000. Shaffenburg has sloped, but the officers are after him A terrible affray oecuvred at Eberhardt City, Nev., recently, between two men named Jackson and Beek. The former plunged a bowie knife to the bilt five times into tho body of Beek, when a bystander struck Jackson down. Then Beek, though dying of his wounds, crawled to the prostrate form of Jackson, took the knife which had been used with fatal effect upon hámself, and buricd it in tho heart of Jackson. The war between tho competing railroads running from St. Louis and Clüeago to the Missouri river has ended, and the reduced f ares have jumped back to the old figures We have some more glittering stories from the Black Hills. Some minera are said to have taken out from $30 to .50 a day, and miggets have been found weighing from $15 to f35 William Braden, an Iudianapolis stationer, has fiúled for $115,000. Speculation in gran swaniped him. The law-and-order people of Williamson county, 111., are evincing a determination to put a stop to the lawleseness that has long prevailed there. A militia company has been organized with this view, and Gov. Beveridge has shipped 100 guus and 5,000 cartridges with which to arm tho bold soldiere A battlo recently occurred in Franklin county, HL, between a Sheriff 's party of twenty-threemen and a body of fourteen Ku-Klux. Infonnation had been received that the night-raiders would visit the place of County Commissioner J. B. Maddox, during a certaiu night, and preparations were made for their reception. At 2 o'clock in tho morning they made their appearance. and the Sheriff ordcred them to halt. Their reply was: "Wc wili not do it, sir," and they fired into the Sheriffs party. At least six gnus answered them, when a general engagement ensued, resulting in the complete rout of the Ku-Klux. A number of them wero wounded, as the garbs picked up were covered with blood A most brutal and unnatural murder is reported from Cincinnati, the victim being William Moran, and the perpetrators being his own brothers, Thomas and Nicholas Moran, who actually kicked him to death with their feet. It is ascertained that at least seven of the Ku-Klux band who were a'.tacked by the Sheriff of Franklin county, Dl., and his posae, were either killed or wounded, and the wounded ones are in custody. The Governor has applied to the United States Attorney for Southern Hlinoia to prosecute the lawloss rascáis wUo are committing depredations in ' 'Egypt, " under the law of the United States, and he lias vigoroualy entered upon the duty of helping to brüig them to justiee. Tue Chicago Tribune states that Mrs. Abraham Lincoln is in a fair way of recovering from the unfortunate mental malady which compelled her friends, for her own good, to conüdo her to the restorative care of a private asylum .... A severo and in many places killing front viMitod WiacQimin and Northern Illinois, on the 22d of August, killing the vinos pretty generally, and in sotno rcctioiüt the corn. It appears to have been hcaviest in the Trempoleau Valley, in Northwestern Wisconsin, and probably extended some diötance into Minnesota. TnEiu: ia a movement on foot among the Demócrata of Chicago to buy out the Timee and make it a Democratie organ . . . . Tho Kansas Central and Black Ililla Narrow-Gauge Ilaihoad Company has been organized at Omaha. The road is to bo built at once through tho agricultura] country sonth of the Platte river, and will be pushed forward to the Black IIüIh as soon as tbc developincnt of that región warraota . . . Another frost visitetl the Northweat on tho morning of the 23(1 of August, but fortúnate!}' it mis not Huftieiently severo to blight, the corn, except in oxposed localities. . . . An extensivo qnarry of a very fine quality of red granite bas been discovered near St. Gloud, Minn. Itissaidto be equal to the Aberdeen granito ltev. Cyrus Nutx, President of Indiana State University at Bloomington, died in that place August 23 Dr. A. J. Thomas, editor of the Vinconnoa (Ind.) Sita, has sued the Cincinnati Bnqvirer lor libel, laying damages at $100,000. WASHINGTON. Cokik V. Fiscjheh, a colored school teacher of Misrissippi, bas brought BUiklntheSuprerae Oourt of the District of Columbia against tho Pullman Palace Car Company. cluiming Hjil0,000 dawagee for refusal to illow her to travel in a palaeo car from Cincinnati to Washington. A ■orRT-MAUTiAï, is to lie called toinvestigate the allecd wteul in tbc marine corps. ..The President and Secrctary of tho Treasury havo dèoxaed to appoint a new commission to examino the Chteaga C. e building. It wil! consiet of Heven aroiiitèctB, appointcd i upon their morit, from various parts of tho country. The Treasury Department (cayo a Wtshiugton diapatoh to a Chicago paptr) hs conclusiva evidenea to prove that aasaneiuaUou is to be reDorted to to protect the whisky ring from ecution. Au attempt wa? mado rocontly to murder an important witness in Chicago. Ilis namo is J. E. Miller, an ex-gaugcr, and Uis tcstimony iu tho coming revenue BUits is considerad to bo very damagiug to cortain partios. In the altompt to put him out o( tlie wíy, a bullct intendod for his hoart lodgod in bis left arm. Ho has beon removed to a place of safety. THE SOUTH. L. T. Copelanp, who a hort timo inco published bome statemonta in the Chicago rimes, dcfamatory of ex-President JohnBon's good name and rcligions belief, wan taiiod and feathered at Knoxvillo by indignant frionds of tho decoasod. Thxbis has reoantly boon great excitoment in Burke, Jefferaon and Washington counties, Ga., ovor an apprehended negro outbreak. A letter pnrporüng to be from the Seorelary of somo unknown negro organizatiou was found in Washington county, ordering a maesacre of tljo white on the 20tb of Anglist. Tho order statad tliat ltivers, a colored militia Oeneral of South Carolina, would be present and direct the movement The order said : " Kill overy white man, and take every gun you eau pot. Havo all your companies ready. Kill with axes, hoe and pitehforkH, and get gunpowder and shot as you kill." Another letter giving BubeianÖally the samo instructious was found m Jeifersou county. Tho whites, apprehenduig dangor, tolegraphod to Macou for ammunion, which was furnished, and evcry preparation made for the apprehended attack, Alarge number of negroos charged with boing implicated in tho movemeut wero arrested and lodgod ni jail. For a time the groatest oxciternenó provailed, and it was feared the whites would tako the imprisonod blacks from jail and lynch them. At last accounts affairs wero qnieting down, and no serious trouble was approhended. It is chargod by the whites that tho v;:iole trouble was cauBed by a fow worthless, turbulent, designhig negroos, who live upon tho credulity of the colored people. A njBPATCH from Augusta, Oa., dated Aug. 20, says: "All ifi quiet, but arresta still continue. It is bélieved there will be no further trouble. The negroes have dispersed and rotnrnad to theh1 homes. A dispatch from Sandersvillo, Washington county, roports the arrest of Caadia Hams, one of the leaders in the plot. Ho bas made a confession, implicating Prinee Eivers, a Major-General of the South Carolina militia. Eivers emphatically deuies tho charge. The State press seems dumbfoiui-lea at the disturbance, and diffors widely in opinión as to whether an inaurrectiou was intendod, but agree that tho wholo affair is a myatery." Tiie new census of Louiaiana, juet taken, shows tho popnlation of the Stato tobe 854,390, of whom 404,301 are white and 450,029 colored. This is an incroaso of 128,115 over the census of lb70. The city of New Orleans has a . lation of of 303,368, of whom 145,721 are white, and 157, 647 colored The investigation into the cause oí the death of the three patiënt by pcieoning, in the St. Louis Insane Aaylum, has resnlted in exoneratingtheattendantphysician from a]l blame in tho matter. An Associated Press telegram from Augusta, Ga., says : "Several prominent negroes connectsd with tho troubles in the counties below hero have made confessions. Jako Moorman, firat lier ienant of the negro company. testifica on oath that nineteen counties wero to be embraced in the insurrection. Last Friday was the day appointed for the upriaing. AU white meu and ugly white women were to be killed. Pretty white women wero to be spared, and the luid and poils to be divided amoug tho negroes." POI.ITICAL. CojII'Lete returns of tho election for governor i:i Kontucky give McCreery, Democrat, a majority of 36,139 over Harían, Iïepublican. 'Che vote for McCreery is about 1,000 less tlian the majority of Lealie in 1871. The House will istand 90 Democrats to 10 Republicaus. Senatoh Moeton has gone to Maine io take an active part in the campaign in that State. His health, it is said, is completely reatored The Governor of Teunessee has appointed D. M. Key, a lawyer of Chattanooga, to flll Andrew Johnson's unexpired term in tho United States Senato. The new secret party in Maryland is said to be growing quite rapidly. lts meetings are hckï m close-Iocked rooms, with guarda at tho doors to soe that nobody goes in without giving the countersign and passing a satisfactory inapection . . . . The new "National Union pariy," with a slate containing Gen. N. P. Banks for President and L. Q. C. Lamar, of Mississippi, for Vice-Preaident, waa organized at Boston last woek, by appoiutiug a State Central Committee, and adopting a platform and resolutiona. No prominent men of either party are identifled with tho movement. Gen. Banks declined his nommation by letter. GENERAL. T :j: experiment of shipping peaehes from the East to the West has resultod disaatrously to the forwardera, on account of tho high fre.ght rates. The only parties who made mor.ey by the operation were the railroad companies. Eailroad fares between the East and West havo been advaneed, and are nearly as high as they wero previous to tho lato war between tho tronk lines. Eeab Admiral Napoleon Collins, commanding iho South Pacific fleet, died recently at Callao, South America Immigration into tho United States shows a decreaso of 86,000 for the ysar ending June 30, 1875, as compared with the year ending June 30, 1874. FUKE1GN. A body of 6,000 Carlists attempted unsuccessfully to raiae the siege of Beo do Urgel. The beslagere are expecting reinforcements. The flre upon the city is continued, and the citadel has suiïered aerioun damage The aum of $350,000 has been raised by subacription in Germany to iudemnify Prussian priests for the withdiV.wal of the state grant. This is less than half the amount withdrawn. Late advicos from South America bring intolligence of the assassination of the President of the Eepublic of Ecuador .... A Kpanish vessel, shipping materials of war at Barcelona, oxploded recoutly, killing fifty persons.... A steam yacht oariying Qaeen Victoria and the royal family, whilo on a pleaaure trip, the otlior day, ran into and aunk another yaclit containing a party of ladies and gentlemen, threo of whoxn were drowned and one killed. None of the royal party were injured .... Nutnerous destructivo fires aro roported in Russia TJM war in Spain goos bra.o.y cu, willi varyiug resulte.... The ji'.oi ihickene, iu Eastern Europe, and every day brings news of a freah upriaing. TIn h far tho Tiukish authoritiea havo ahown but UtUe activity in nondiug troops to the (Uhtnrbed districts, and it iü reportotl that thone sent forward for service in Bosnia have refuned to procecd, fearing to encounter the ProvinciaÏH i.i tlie mountain passos. The newn alab comoa that 16,000 Dalmatians are ready to join in tlio fray, añil that an ai'my of Servían are on the way to reinforee tho HerzogoviniaDa, whc have thus ín more than held tlieir Bwa agaiufit the Turkish troops, and aro visiting the despotio mlere with tire and sword. ï,-.„ Ameriottu Consul at Port-au-Prince ia ]i;iY:jt ; ti'oublc with the IJaytieu natives, and baa .-nel tho government to aeud a ofwar thero for his protectiou. . . .It is aaid tlmt Austria has offered, under a guaranteo of the Northern Eoropean empírea, to intervono for the i uoiiicatioii of tlio llorzogoviniaun, upon Mñ ol reform in the adminmtnition of tlie Chrlstiau provínoos of Turkey. but that the porto hun refused the offer. Later intelligence frum tho soeuo of the insurrecticn in Herzegovina ia aatisf actoi y. The govornmont of that provinco announces that theie .s less excitement among the people, and anticipatoa a prompt pacilicatiou .... Under the military law of Turkoy, which ia to be carriod out by tha year 1878, tho array will number a f orco of 780,000 men in all A banquot waa recently given in Southampton, Eugland, to the orneara of the American naval aquadron. It waa lorgely attended by distinguiahed olïicers of her Majesty'a service, and wae a brilliant affair. Xas late Emperor Fcrdlnund oí Austria bequrathsd 6,000,000 to Pope Flus,.., The ■Yench Ministers deny that Uto circnlation of TOadstone's pamphleta on Popery bas eter been nterdieted in Franco Turkey íh making vigorous efforta for tbe auppressiou o" the inburrection in norzogovina . . . . Tho editora of Tcrmany have been holding a convention at iremen. They paasod reaolutions asking imjcrial legislation in behalf of the liborty of tho ireas to publish tnitliful reportu of public proceedini e, the law conrts, and of granting imnunitv f rom diaclosuro of the namos of eon;ributors. The Mark Lane Express (London), of Aug. 24, in its weekly review of the grain markets, says tbe wheat croj) iu Great liritain bas been gathered in much botter order than was expected. IMcea havo fallen ono to tbree Hbiliings. In Pari tho prico bas doclinod two sbiliinga per sack. Piicos are but littlo changed on lbo continent generally. In Germany the markets are firm The Herzegovinian insurgonts massacred 95 Turkish prisoners capturod at Maraie .... Official reporta show that tho wbeat erop iri Austria and Hungary baa fallen off iu quaiitity and qnality, aud will not yield more tban 5,500,000 quíntala.


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