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The money market waa without auy changc. Money plenty. Interest ratea uuchanged. Government bonds steady. BREADSTTJFFS. Tho gram markets have again attracted considerable attention from speculators and operators generally, and quito aii active business was transacted. At the same time a rathör unsettled feeliug provailod. Early in the week speculators were bnying to a moderato extont at the decline, bilt the increasod demand caused an improvomeut all round in values. The fluo weather and favorable erop reporte caused a decline during tho closing dayn of tho week. Tho closing quotations, however, wcre about the same as at the opening. Movement mainly on speculative account, shippera doing but littlo in the way of buying. Tho following table shows tho prices eurrent at the opening and close of the past week: Opening. Closing. t)o. 2 sp'g wheat, casb $1.16 @1.16M 51.1CX bid. No. 2, seller Augut . . @M' My, No.2,8eller September @1.18 @1.15i No.2corn, cash (d, .05 M% .67 No. 2 corn, b. August. @ .rr @ .66X No. 2 corn, seller Sept. @ .(,1% Xñ bid. "No. 2 oata, cash as.ii .38 @ .39JÍ No. 2 oats, s. August. . % .40 .39 bid. No. 2oatB, b. Scpt... .34X@ -S5 8SS bid. No. 2 rye, cash 80 @ 82 .80 bid. No. 2 rye, s. Aug 80 (3. .82 .81 bid. No. 2 ryc, s. Bspt @ .78 .77 .78 No. 2barley. cash.... @1.15 1.03 @1.04 No. 2barley, s. Scpt.. (81,06 @1.03i So. ibariéy, .Oct... @1.02)i .102 tsl.03 PKODÜOE. Tliore has been loss activityin thomarkct for butter eince last review, and an easier feeling was developod. The advices received from tlie East were rather unfavorable in tono, which had a tendencj to check the demand on shlpping account. There was eome demand fiom parties wlio desired lots for tlie purpose of repaeking, bnt they were only willing to make pvirchases when lots could be obtained at a shade easier priceH. The receipts, however, were only moderato, and the stock on hand being light, holders wer6 slow to grant eoneessiona, and a very light movement wasthe result. For the better qualities of butter there was a fair demanil on local account, and the snpply of really choico gradee waa light. They wero held with considerable tenacity and former prices were obtained. There was a good demand for broom corn, and dealers having received informatiou tlmt the erop had been injured by the recent üoods, were holding thoir stocks with considerable .firmness. We quote No. 1 to extra hurl at ll@14c, good to choioe talk braid ll@13c, and crooked at G@8Kc Beans were dnll aud exceedingly quiet, quotablo at $1.80 for prime Eastern modiums in lots, and $1.85 per brl was obtained in a fmmll way. Western were nominal at fcJ.00igl.70 for poor to good. There was nothing of consequence doing in beeswax ; quotablo at 2C@2Öe per lb in a small way. Berries were in good supply. bilt the demand was only moderate and sales wero rathcr slow. The mnrket closed at about $3.00@3.50 per bu for blueberries, $4.00@4.25 for lè-qnart cases of Lawton blackberries, and $1.50@2.00 for cases of wild do. Trade in cheese wae principally on local account during the week jast pasaed, but the offerings were only moderate, and prices romain steady and firm ; quotable at 5@8c for poor to common, 8@llc for fair to good, lOXe for prime in lots, and lic in a retail way. There was a brisk demand for Eastern dried apples, aud a fair trado was reported at 9c. There was nothing doing in Southern. Feaches uuder light offerings ruled very quiet. Tlio demand was urgent for blackberries, but there were only a few sellers on the market ; quotab]e at 10c per h and firm. Dried peas were dull at $2.00(iï2.10 for choice green, and about ■f l.G0@1.70 for marrowfat. Eggs remain very dull ; the quality of the anivals being so poor that but few lots prove satisfactory to the purehasers. Sales rauged at 10@14c, the outside being for lots that are known to be good, and even then sellors had to warrant tliem. Feathers sold slowly at 48@52e for primo live goese, 20@25c for turkey tail, and 3@5c for chicken. Green fruits were again activo, but ])rices, owing to the large supply and poor condition of some of tho oonsignments received, were weak and low. Apples m barrels rangod at (1,00(93.20 for common to ehoice cooking, and $3.5Ö((M.5O waa paid for eating; boxes and baskets were almost unsalablo. Peaches at 10(n)60c per box for poor to contmon Southern, and 75e@i5il.25 for good to choice. Plums were dull at tl. 00 for one-peck baskets of damsons. The offerings of pears wero in excess of the demand, and prices ruled weak; quotable at G0c@$1.00 for one-third bnshel boxes of good Southern. ■ aud $1.50@2.50 for one bushei boxes of Delaware. Tliere were but few sales of hops reported, quotable at 10@ 18c per lb for good to choice. There was a f air trade in hides, and prices wore steady at 8(3) 834"c for good green sa'ted all round, and 12@ 13e for calf. There was no change in particular noticeablo in potatoes ; sales were slow at 75c@$1.25 per brl, according to quality. Meions were in large supply, and a good many of the offerings were poor. Watermelons aold at $10.00(315.00 for Ulinois and Indiana, and Sil2.00@20.00 per 100 for North Carolina. Salt was steady and iïrm ; Onondaga and Saginaw flne $1.50, and ordinary coarse $1.70. Wool, under a continued light demaud, ruled very dull. Quotatious range at 38@43c for heavy fine to choice light coarse and medium waahed ; 28@33c for unwasheddo, and 40@53c for tub washed. PROVISIONS. At the opening of the week thero waa but littlo demand for articles under this head on shipping account, and local spoculators showing but little disposition to trade, tho market ruled dull and e&fiy. Toward the middle of the week, however, there was more desire ahown to trade on speoulative account, and the movement was considorably increased and prices simultancouf iy ruled a triile timer. The advicea from the East were more favorable, but Eumpoan markets were quoted rather weak. The receipts of hogs were liberal, but prices for those were generally maintained. The market closed at $20.90 for cash menu pork, seller A'jgust cluBod at f 20.65, and seller September at $20.70. Cash lard closed quiet at $13.17,V, seller September at $13.17i(al3.üO, and seller October at $13.35. KKKJJS AXI) IH'ilIWIIiES. Thero was more doing in the seod market during the pat t week, but Bales were coufined almost entireiy to timothy. There wero a good many lotn of timothy roceived which had rathoi a depressing influence on tho market. The quality of the new seed arriving was vory good ; it was rather dark in color, and for this a difference of about 5c waa made betwocn ecpial ijualitieri of old and new. The market closed at about $2.iX)(rï;2.05 for prime new, and $2.70 for old. Clover sold in a small way ut f&,00@8.10 for prime medium, l'or tlax, él.GO waa ireely bid. COOrEllAOli, LUMJSiai AM) WOOD. Thjsna was but little of importance done in the variouö kinds of cooperage, and the market for tho greater portion of the week rulcd du!l. The lornur BteuHliMS, however, again eximcd. this being maintainod by continued limite i of ferings. Quotatioim were as follows : Í1.12í (2.15 for pork barrels, $1.35@1.45 l'or lard tierces, $1.90@2.00 for whisky barrel, and 45(LÖ55c for flour barreld. The offcrings of lumDer were considerably increased, and the demand being light the market rulcd dull. There was no change of ioiportance in pricea, but a wxak CeeUng jirevailed. Tho market closed t $8.25(ii8.50 for joist and scantliug, $9.00@15.00 for c-oninion to choice trips nnd boards, $2.10@$2.6B forshingles, and$1.50 for latli. The market continúes very dull for wood, but prieoH remain unchanged. Quotable at, $8.00 per oord for hickory, $7.00 for maple, $6.00 for beeeh, aud $-1,00 for slabs at the yardn. Telegrapliic Market KoportB. NEW YO11K Bkf.ves $7 50 @13 00 Hoos - Dressecl lOJjXg 10 Js Ooïton lJi@ HU I Fr.oun - Superfino WMtevn 4 70 5 25 Wueat- No. 2 CliicaKO @ 1 32 No. 1 Spring @ 1 43 C011N SO @ 80 Oats 50 @ 64 Rye 97 (S( 1 03 Pork- New Mess 2100 W21'.15 Laiui - Stcam 137@ 14 8T. LOÜIB. Wheai- No. 2 Red 1 4lJX@ 1 '0 OOBN- No. 2 87 3 68 OAXS- No. 2 il 42 EïE- No. 2 @ 78 Ïobk- Mess (32179 Labs.. 13 U Iloom 7 5 a 8 00 CattUB 460 @6 37; MlLWAUKEE. WnKAT- No. 1 @ 1 2H No. 2 @ 1 20 OonN- No. 2 @ C8JÍ fU-.B- No.2 38 @ 89 T.ïK . . .. @ KI Uaiimï- No. 1 1 02 @ 1 03 CINC1NNATL. Wiikat- Red 90 @ 1 40 OoilN 73 ($ 74 Oats 60 H 70 Uve 85 @ 90 TOKK- Mess 21 00 @21 25 Lakd 13.f@ 14 TOLEDO. Wheat- Extra @ 1 HO Amber 1 :i7 $ 1 42X Corn 7-rX@ T Oats 43 @ 45 DETROIT. Wiieat- Kxtra 1 4rX 1 -r0 Amber .. a, 1 33á Oobn (i 75 Oats 41 @ 41X CLEVELAND. Wheat- No. 1 HocI 0. 1 M No.2Bed @ 1 4!) Oobn 7S (, 19 Oats 43 @ 50


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