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Mountain Meadows

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[SaltLako Cor. Cincinnati Oomniprcia1.] Whether the heads of the Clmrch are more pleased 01 chagriued at the result of the trial of John I). Lee is doubtful, but thoy are evidently in great troable over the effect it has had on the nation. It is such a barefaced fraud on justice thattho most invetérate Jack-Mormon does not venture to apologize for it. The defense, in the in+ereats of Brigham, doubtless, are now seeklug to have Dame and Lee fcried .together in September, and the vonue removed to ihis city. But I am inclinod to tbink that woulil be for the interests of justice and the liberal cause. As to tiie men theccselves, it would be a pure waste of time to try tnem over ngain with onr present jury laws. The facts for the prosecution are as clearly froven as the fact of there haviug been a war in the United States, bilt a new jury would give a verdict just as Brigham dictated. It is now SHg gested that Oongress appoint a committee to select jurymen here; that a list of a thousand ñames be made out, and the jury drawn therefrom. It would be imposible to ' ' pack " a jury out of tlittt ni imbuí; and vet more thau that could bfe found who would not to any dictation from Brigham. At present one half of the list is selected by tho Probate Jtulgo, geuerally a Bishop. The idea of a Mormon Bishop selesting a juvy to try Brigham Young, or any of his agent , is too huge and painful a joke to write about. Meanwhilc new evidence is coming out all the time - some of it cnrious, most of it horrible. Jacob Hamlin, a life-long Mormon, then lived in the north ënd of the Meadows; he was absent from home, but left an Indian boy named Albert, f hom he had brought up, in charge; of his ilock. This boy speaks good Kuglish, but could not'legally be a Witn The lioy says that when he learneS what was going on, iie drove the sheep slowly in that tlii-ecti(jii till he nv the emigi coming out of their corral, wheu he took position near a thicket to watch the result. There were two :igons in front filled with chililren, and mon who had been wounded in the siege; botli wflgona drivon by MormoiiH. Behi&d tlicin . the women in a mam, leadiug larger ohildren, and béhind thém the men; beside the men marched the Morrn u ; tia, single lile. At the words, '-Halt! Tire I" some íifty rifles weve disolia upon tho men, and nearly all of (hem feil deod. Then the Iudians ro3o from their ambush and ïushod upon the womeu, who turned and fled baok tovraxd the men. Most of them were wained inafewmoinenls; buitwoyoung girls, about 18 years olil, Albert thinks, prfttig into a gnUy, nta down it And across tho bottom to where lie rns standing. They begged him to save them, ind bo directcd them where to hide in :i Lldcket. In another instant Jolm D. Leo and .Bill Stewart oame galloping across tho hollow, and, with Bavage curses, ordered him to point out the runaways. He dared not diaobey, and aoon tho girls were dragged out. KneeliDg to Lee, they poured out tho most paasionato prayera for mercy - they would Vx; his slaves, would never botray him, would work for him forever. Whilo one ohmg to his knees ho jerked hor suddenly upon her back, and, placiug his knee upon h!r breast, ent her throat f rom ear to ear ! The othor had, meanwhilo, run away. lic, overtoo'ïher, andby a savage blow on the back oi' the hcad with a ragged stono, crashed in her skull. Both theso bodies wore missed by the burying party, and, strange to say, lay there ten days untouched by the wolvos. When Haailin returued from Salt Lake City Albert pointed them out, and they wero buried. Hamlin adds that tliere was not the mark of a tooth on eithor body, and no mgn of deony, so puro was tiio air. Their fair countenances wero like those of pcrf3ons jnst doad, and their handsome foïms untouched by the beasts and birds of prey. Nature and the wild beasts of the mounains were kindor to them than men of ;heir own race and olor. Equally strange is the story told by Mxs, Hiimlin - sinco deoeased - whicli was only hoarsay, but is confirmed by collateral ovidence. A Mormon womau :ar advancod in prcgnancy was at Hamiu's ; her husband was driving one of ;ho wagons containing the wouudod, javing been orderéd on that duty by Bishop Kliiigonsmith. When the niassaoro began tuis man took a fit, and soon died of excitement or iright. Whon the bloody wagon, oontainiug tho children aud the dead body of her husband, was brought to Hamlin's, this woman weüt into a spasm, prematurely gavo birth to a child, then became insano, and liugered twolve years a raving maniae.


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