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The Herzegovinian Revolt

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Accordingto tlielatest cable dispatches, the insurrection in Herzegovina, a remóte ïurkisb proviuce, a northwest angle of tlio empire, and bordering on Paímatia and tlio Adriatic, appearsto bc assuming serious proportions. The proviuce has always been remarkable for the disquietude of its inhabitants and a diaposition to revolt against Moalem rule. Th is is not the flrst time that they have resorted to arms, not so rrmch to establish their independence as to place themselves luider the dominion of either Bussia or Austria, with, however, a decide d pi'eference to be incorporated in the latter kingdom, which constitutea the boundary of the provinee to the north nnd west. The insurrection has now continuad six 'weeks, and notwithstanding all the efforts of the Tnrkish forces it continúes to gain gromid, and is recciving material aid in the shape of men, money, and amtnunition from Montenegi'O, a quasi-independent and aggressivo State governed by Prince Nikita, which touches close to Herzegovina on the south, and id also from the adjoining Anstrian provinee of Dalmatia. The ever-recunïng Easteni question rises up once again in eonnection with the dilïiculty. Smoldering jealousies betwecn Austria and Bussia are arowsed, and il seems hard to say what the result wil] be ; but when, as is reported, the governments of the three imperial allies have been in consultatioii on the subject, the situation may be considered grave.


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