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Scanrtaliaing the Pstofflco Department. The regulation wliicli proliibite postofflcc employés fronireading postal cards ' ' except when tliey contain obsceno matter " does not seem to be rigidly adherec to. A publisliiiig house in Boston recently mailed to its snbscribers a postal canl on whicli the following was priutefl : " The ridioulous postal law, by which we aro compelled to pay treble postage on ■ all magazines sent to subscribers in wlint is known as ' Eurt'a Syudicate,' compels us to ostablish a postal service ourselves. Your magazine vill be left by the tenth of the month ai , where picase cali for it hereafter.' The eards were not dolivered, and on inquiring wherefore, the flrm was told tlur it was " using the mail to scandalize tho department." The question now arises whether postmastcrs have the riglrt to stop mail matter wliich in their judgment " scandnlizes the department. " I: thT have the right and oxercise it they vill probably have to stop a largo number of newspapers as soon as their claim is understood. The cxtent of country flooded in Southwest Missouri by the late storm is estimated by the Neoslia Journal at 20( square miles, and the damage is variously estimated at from .-$500,000 to $1,000,000. Sevoral persons are supposed to havo been drownod in Newton county, and at Granby several families narro wly escaped drowning. The Gbeat Favorite ! - The popular Chili Cure of the age ! ! Composed of pure and simple drugs, Wilhoft's Touic lias long held the hjgheet place in the long line of remedies for Chills and Fever. It is not ouly Anti-Periodie but is Anti-Pauic, for it curtails the heavy expense of doctors' visita, where friendly calis are all itemized in tho account current. A penny saved is a penny gained, and saving it in thirt way adds to bealth aml comfort. Try Willioft's Tonie as a certainty. and j'on wifl . never regret it. Wheelociï, Finlay & Co., Proprietors, New Orleans. FOB SAIJ5 BY ALL DltUGGISTS. When the bodios of several persons, killed in the recent railroad accident on Long Island, were taken to the nearest station, the agent ordered them removed, saving, ' ' he was not paid to watch dead bodies." A good many persons would like to watch his for nothing. A gentleman in the eastern part of the State, who was about haring his leg araputnted on account of itsbeing bent at right anglesand BUfl at the inoe, heard of JohnsMs A nodvne I. 'minuut. After using it a short time his leg bocamo straight, and is now as serviceable as the other. A gkeat many people have asked us of late, ' How do yon keep your horae looking so sleek and glossy ?" We teil them it's tho easieirt thing in the world ; givo Sheridan's Caealry Condiiion Powdcrx two or threo times a week. Kemxngton, Vt., has a female brass band. How to Get a Home. See advertisement. ■Ililli JTTTT" The best tnvegtmpnt- EEËSS3S1 SILVER-TIPPED H Q wVa W k 3 Slioea. Flve cent-B laid out for JBiJSitf3Wg Silver Tips tidds trao dollar to the ErïlvKIJv?9 worth of an.'iir f ehoes. SaUBanaaoid Also, try Wire Qailted Soles. lï.innd to f becausio everybody MKBftySWj3 oTblé'screw wireSI Hn.ita nnil Sliocs. They om uur-rjLWIW'UwJ't"- Jj able, Bftpy iind diy. Mw Vff.B mw -m Also. try Wire QuilUid Solos. uezcuMBaCMBB O!V SAT-A.RY only. Auonts srantcd, Male and F,maU. Addrcss, G. B. Christinn, Marión, Ohio. SVKRY FAMILY IVANTS TT. Monej In lt :'.. .ld by Aftnnts. Addra M. N. T.OVELL, Etio. P. (C4Oo50'rer Ay 8cnd for Phromoatalogu. ÜPiUivAÜJ. H. UuryoitD'8 Sons, Boston, M usa. WWÏBD AGEIVTS. Samplet and Outfit frte. Beun lha,i Gold. A. OOULTER 4 OO., Uhioogo. Jkimji t.'iitalopuo Free. UilHt-"B M "Bt SSL oijH vt to., ww n. v3fccSP !L4. J8- mJSS sth gt. Louis, Mo. ilCEKTS, '40 EJLEGANT OIF, CIIROMOS, monnted, 6ize i)xll forSI: 140 for $.■. Liiricost vfiriety in tho world. Nai ioiiül ('liromo Co., Philadeli'uia. STTflfi "aMONTH anrt KXPENSÜS to all. Articlo! t M 1 new, staple ;is ilnur. Siunnlus free. C I-IN'-I í JU INOTON, NKW ÏO11K or OHIOAGO. {vvzvmw nnd Morphine hahit aDsolutoly and J 3 U 1 I sveedly cured. TuinloiiB ; no pubicity. SÏ f I 3 f 1(1 Send stomp for pnrticulars. i)r. Cariv M ton, 187 Waninston St., Chicago, 111 - gm n A MOUÏTH- Afrenta wAntd verywbere, C' ■! Wil ButineM honorable and örflt olasa. ParJbiÖU %3XSS$J%. AddrMt WORTH '


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