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Ti1 ?iuh man 's son inbYís landp, 'nd piles of brick, aAd stone, and gold; And hc inherits sofï, Vhito band And tender floofc'that fears the cold, Nor doree t rve.'tr a gaini :'ut oíd ; A hertUíra , Berma to met One m; woüd wish to hold in foe. ílio ïich man'w son inherits cares : The bank inay brtak, tho faetón; buva, A hrtath may bnrst lii bubblc siiafets And eoft white hands could ncarcely earft A living that wonld serve !iis turu: A heritiige, it eeems to me, One vould uot wwh to hoïtt ia Vce- Wbt doth tbc poor ïnaia' soïi inlurit ? Stout Dámeles and a stn&wj henrt, A hearty íraino, a hardier ppirit; King of two kïi, be does lus part In every uscful toil n.t art ; A heritage, it seems to me, A king might wish to hold in fee. ■Vbat doth the poor man's son iuhrrit? Wishes o'erjoycd with liumble t)iings, A ra lik adjudged by feoil-worn merit, Content that from employment springs, A hoarl tliat in his labor eings; A herítage, if eeemi to me, A king niitfht wfeb to hold in fef. ■VIiat dotb a poor ttmn'B srrti ihherit? A pationce learned by belng poor; Courage, if soitow come, to bf ar it ; A fellow foelJKg that is sure To makc tbe outcast Mess his door, A heritage, it bcpiiïs to me, A king might wfch to hold in fee, O, rk-h nian's on I lbtq ÍS a toil That witb all Dtbc ïtvel Btande; Iargo cliiirity doUi liever soil. But onïy vriutMia soft, white bands- ïhla is the bost erop froiu thy lands ; A netttpL it seeius to me, "VVorth being fich to Smíd iü fee. O, "póor Wk&'s son seorn not thy fitate ; ïKtiïe is worsc v.xarinesR f han thine, ïu hierely being rich and Rreat ; Toil only gives the soul to nhine, And makes rest fragraut and bcniau A heritage, it eems to mc Worth being poor to Inld Qk Ico. Both hciFfl to some six fet of sodt Ae cqual in the earth ut last ; Both, chilclren of the same dcar God, Piove title to your heirship "vafit By record of a well filkd papt, A heritage, it secms to me, Wcll worth a life to hold in fee.


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