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A Strange Tragedy

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"eauiiig was on Tuesday the scène of o ie of the most terrible tragedies that bas occurred in this State for a number of years. At p.bout fi:3Q o '1 Sok on the eveuinp Ifl ttüsêfcibL ii Woman oí medium height and full iignre was observed passing over the Horrisburg bridge, a short distance from the city proper. She was accompanied by three children, two of thcm gMs, aged 9 and 9 years, and the ottff a. hay of S, Kpnn ttSKihliiU t!ie far side of tite Hvcr the iittlé party descended te .the towpaih of the Union panaL ahïj pi-obeeSefl in Ufe Hihílíttótl bf the TülpbiioÖkefc (Jreek. The children skipped along merrilv, delighted with their ranible in the country, whilst the mother walked moodily with theni. At apoint about two and a half miles from the city of Beicling slie i'p,s, seei by J;í"ti Jitdy to sto) ilnd fill rtlilrge basket she had with her with stones. This done, she strapped it tightly to her waist, and picking up the littto boy she threw him on her breast, and then taking one of the girls under each of her arms, ilehberately threw herself into the oanol. But a lew moment3 intervened betwöen tilo ñlliug of the tiasket ánd the fntiil act, aud before the lid, whichcame in the porSon of Mr. Forney and several fiirm hitiuW. r,h) rHshcd t'ö tjiö, wS.tei-'3 edge upon hearing the cries of the children, could effect a reseñe, the mother and children had disappeared. There was a moment of struggling and battling with the waters, and then the woman, borne down by the weight of the basket of stones and 'tlio children, pttnk to tlie bottom. The rescuing party began grappüng for the bodies, and in a short time recovered two of the children; presently the third was obtained, and tinally the body of the mother was found. The mother and chüdren were tt'ell dressed, The bodies of the fouv ivere ltiid upon the bank Of the stream. Notice was at once sent to the Corönerj ind a jury was iaipaneled, none of whose j members were able to recognize the dead Woman or her children. Their verdict svas that the woman came to her death jy suicidal drowning, whilst the children ; jame to theirs by the willful act of the person (supposed to be the mother) who waa with them. The dead bodies were : taken to tho city, and were about to be tatiried, when a Mis. Bockrmiehl, who had viewed theni at the undertaker's j fico, recognized the woman as the wife and llie children as the offspring of Philip Bessinger, a Germán saloon-keeper. He was at once siimmoned, and made acqnainted with the ead event which had deprived him of a wife and a familyof children. - Pitteburg Chronicle. A SEQUEL TO THE ABOVE. A dispatch fromBeadingSftys: "There was grtat cxcitement here at the funeral of Mrs. Bessinger and her three ehildren, drowned Tuesday last. It seems from the stories oí people that the woman had j lived unhappily with her husband, owing to the introdnction by him of another ! woman into the house, and that this mihappiness resulted in a quarrel Monday, [ yvhen the husband ordered his wife to leave tne nouse anu tase me two gms with her, while he would retain the boy. Next day she went to leave with the chüdren, and after nlling a basket with I stone?, in wliich operation the children assisted, she bound the basket seourely to her body, and taking tfhe three children in her arms leaped into the canal and all were drowned. As soon as the bodies were recovered and taken to their fornier home, the pólice had to gnard the house to save the lmnbaud from aasanlt, and at the funeral procession today, which included abont one thousand ! people on foot, suriwmded his carriage. When the bodies were lowered into the j graves the people hooted Bessinger and made a rush for hun. In the confusión one was üred, when the pólice hurriedly placed liim in a carriage and drove ! off, receiving on passing tlio cemetery gak's auother shot, which it is thought wouuded him, as hie was carried into the house. The pólice are still on guard, and the people, including many women, continue thcir threats.


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