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Donaldson's Sweetheart

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By this time we liad strayed around to where tlio ladies were mounting their glossy tliorouglibreds for a race in the j ring. Thomas iutroduced me to several of these bespangled damsels, with one of whom, a Miss Taylor, I was conversiug, when I board the yoice of Dan. Castello roaring iu tho big tent. Steppiug to the en trance I caught the ' iiouiieenient thnt a dispatch had been ', roeeived tbat Grimwood's body had been ! found in Lako Michigan. "Don't teil Miss Taylor," said Thomas to the surrounding athletes and houris. "She thinks of Donaldson. " Bat already she had pressed forward on her handsome gray, and was demanding to know what the :i i inotmeement was. When the qnestion was evaded her eagemess increased, for her suspicions were aroused. She was to liave married Donaldson a month ago. At last they had to teil her, and the poor girl leaned npon the mare's mane and deluged it with tears. She writhed with ngony in her beaittiful jacket of scarkt silk, and preHcntly she jnmped down and ran into a covered wagon, where she could have a cry all to herself. Ai'ter a little respectful delay, during which the andience waited and wondered what was tho matter, tho ladies' hurdlc race was called. Miss Taylor eame forUi, mouuted the gray and won the race. All of the live, in their colored bodices and gay streamers, seemed to be doing their utmost, but I wondered if uny of the competitors let their horses lag a little in order to give victory to the sadfaced rider wliost) eyes were fixed npotl her lover's body drifting alone tipon the lake of storms. - St. Paul Correspondence New York Qraphic. The heat on the Southern Pacific railroad grade, near the Colorada desert, is so intense tlmt the thermometer aften iiKiii-.ii 120 degreee in the sliade, when abade can be fouud. A considerable nuiuber it' the laborera on the rdad have diiil of the heat. There is probably no ■ -■tin ■!■ spot iu (): United Staten tiltil CKD equol this.


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