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Extraordinary Chess Playing

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Mr. William H. Muncly, oí Séneca Falls, N. Y., recently played at that place tweuty-four games of chess at one time, against twenty-four difieren t playeis, without sight of men or boards. The games weie played at the residence of Judge Josiah T. Miller, tbe player meamvhile sitting on the stoop, cliattiug aud answering questions about the games. This ís eleven more games than were ever attempted pt one time bel'oi-e. A dispute aróse about the positionof ( ic pieces in two of the games, mil Mr. Mundy stood up bofore the guests and called off all the moves that had been made in the games and the position of the pieces on the boards. He had previously played six gamos at once iu Hudson, N. ï-, and agaiu in Geneva, N. Y. When 14 years oíd he beat some of the best players then living, but has played little since.


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