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A btple clnb has beenformed in Mouroe, with a -present memb'ership ofabout twcnty. Pkof. Fowxetí, of Hillsffnlé College, died last -werk at Saco, Me., vhenna ho hnd goiie for the benefit of his healtli. Geoiíge Laíípaeteb eommitted suicide at Grand Bapids last weèfby cúttinghii" throat and theri jumping into the riyèr. Some tramps set iire to the wheat stiicks of a farmer near Niles rooently, and destroyed about 500 bushels fo? liira. Neakly all the milis in Big Bapids are going on full time, BptwitSstanding the general deprefwion iu the lumbcr markot. The hunbormen of Manisteo Lavo a Board of Inspectora to examine Lumbcr Inspectora. They employ no Inspectora wlio Crtnnot produce a certifícalo. The Homer Index says : " Clarendon soil beats the world for beans. H. H. Shenr Blloyed us a specimen last week, the pods of which were two f eet lonp-. " The Street Eailway Company of J3ay City aro going to connect their oifico with the telegraph lines, and put in au instrument to accoinodate their freight business. U. S. A'rroiiNEï buildings on land owned by the government at Graud Ilapids, upon which a Court-House and Postónico are to bc built for $80,000. The valid ity of Gapt. Ward's will is to be contcsted at Detroit, shortly. It is hiuted that the contestants -will make a strong figbt against the legality of Mr. Ward's last marriage. ïhb man who stole the little girl froin the school near Delta lately was al'terward at Grand Ledge. It seoius that h had stolen the mother of the girl last March, and had been living with her since at Grand Kapids. Samuel H. Hukd, a well-known commission lumberman, iell from his window on the third iioor of the Taylor House, in Saginaw City, last Sunday moruing, to the ground, sustaining injuries which caused his death. Dceased was 37 year3 old, and leaves a wife and onc child Auditok-Genebai, Ely the other day notified a large number of clerks in his office that he wuld dispense with their services hereafter. It is asserted that Bome of the clerks removed were of a class who have used the office as a means of evading their creditors, thclawsoithe State being such that their salary could not be taken for debt. There have been erected at Dnndeo tlius far this season seventeen dwelling houses and a large grain depot. Beaide these, there are at present thirteen dwelling houses, a cheese factory, one business block and two large flouring milis in process of erection. The flouring milis will be rcady for business in the fall and the cheesa factory in the spring. A valuable bed of corundum wan recently discovered by a prospecting party near Gaylord, Otsego county. The bed is sitaated one-half mile from the Mackinac división of the Illinois Central road and covers a territory of twenty-five acres, and is from seven to ten feet deep. Experts who have tested samples pronounce it superior as a polisher to the imported article. At Marquette, on Mouday morning last, Mrs. Parsons, a woman who separated from her husband some weeks since, on account of his gross immoralities, in a iit of despondency poisoned her three-year-old child. The child wha put ou 1 to nurse. The mother went to see it, naking the remark, " Ue is too mean a father to support his boy," and administered a dose of morphine. The boy died at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Parsons is in jail. At Edgerton, on tho morning of the lst inst., the lamber piles of Winegftr & Shaw were discovered on fire. There being a light wind the flames spread to adjohiing piles of lumbor and sliingles, and the heat became so intense that for a distance of 250 feet the rails on the railroad were warpeá. The f olio win g dealers in lumber and sliingles are tho principal losers, with no insurance : Winegar Shaw, 350,000 feet lumber ; DftVid Monroe, 14,000 feet ; D. Porter, 10,000 feet and 150,000 sliingles ; and 1!. B. Bnggs, 20,000 shingles. In Jaekson county, last week, the wife of ti well-known citizen died. In the coursc of the usual preparations for the funeral, the widower ordered a cofliii from one Mr. B., who was involved in a bitter quarrel with one Mr. G., a rival undertaker. The latter, howcvir, owned the ouly hearse in the village and he saw his way to a deadly revengo. Wheu application was made to him for lus hearse, he flatly reftised to hire it out for any price whatever, and as it was impossible togetanother or postpone the funeral, he had the acute satisfaction of seeing the coffin drawu to the gravo on a common wagon. A man named Win. Dagle, an attaché of a circus exhibitiug at Jaekson last week, was drowned in the river, he having leaped from a hot-air balloon in which he had been making ascensión. People on shore, seeing him, supposed he could swim, and made no eflort (w assist him for several minutcH, nntil thc.v saw him sinking, and then they put out with boats, but too lato. IHs body was found in six fei't of water, somc tweniy minutes after he Rank. Among the circus people he was known as Prof. Avie), and is s.ud to have a mother living in Grand Eapids. ïh' was aged about 20 years, was subject to fits, and may hfce fallen from thé basket. OijD Dr. A was a quack, and verv ignoKxnt. On one occasion he was called by inistake to atteud a couiu-il of plivsiciaus in a critical case. After bouswereráble diseiission, the opinión was cxpressed by one that the patiënt was couvale , cent. Wh.'ii it to] í- A s turnto Bpeak, he said, "ConvaUscent! Whv, Ihat'fl noüiing serious; T hav eurél co,irar.srcnc( m twenty-tour hours!" . AjACKi-abbit was kiiled in MaeshaJl connty, K.u)., the otlur day, wldch ineasured fourteen inches from eaHip to ear-tip. - Lairn nee Standard. Tf thefe is ajiy Milwnukcc ( iliioi' tüiveling iu KanBa, hia l'amily may i:;w41 put on uiminiing and s.nill for the -oi'pse, for tlm abqve item clcmly show;: thathe luis ölét with an untimcly' fate. "Goöe toiöèét


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