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Poetry: The Old Clock On The Stairs

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Jsomowhat back fronj ilio viüagostrcct JStanda ihc old lashionod country sent. Acroea its antiquc pórtico. Tall poplar trees tlieir shadowe throw; And from its station in the hall Au micicnt time-piecc s;iys to alt, - ' J'orcvor - ncver! Nyor - forever !" Ualfvray xtp the airs it 8tai ds, And pointg aü(i bcckoius wuli its hunds Frotn its casé oí niassive rL, Jike a inoak, whounder hit ctaak Crosses hiniself, and eighs, alual Witli aorrowful voicc to all who]ass, - ' 'Forcvcr - nc veri Nover - forevcrj" JJy day its voice is low and light J!ut in the hilcni iléftd of niylii, Distinct as a [nwing iüotstei's full, II ccIiucü fdong thü vacant hall, Along th ceiling, along tlio iloor, And Bouutia to ay at oacli chanibur duor, ' 'Koro vor - ncver I Kever- fore ver I" In timt mansión used to bo Freo-hoariod iioppitaJity, flis great fires lip tho chimncy romed, But likc the skoleton mi the fe;iat, Tiiut wam ing timc-oiece never qöaao.d, - "I'oiovcr - nevor! Nevcr - ibrever!" Thero groups of merry childreti (tlnycd, Thero youtha and maidons dföaming siiayed. Oh, precioua Iioura! O, golden primo And ulllucncc oí love and timet Êvon as a miscr counis hts gold, 'ÏIïobu hnitrs the ancicut tirnc picce told, - "Korovcr - nevcr! .Nevor - forever!"Frotu that cliambcr, clothcd n white, The bride carne forth on lier wedding niglit. Tliéro in that sriont room beJow, The demJ l;iy iu liis uhroud of enqw ; And i.) (hejush thnt foljówed the pruyer Wbi hcard tiic oíd clöck, on (liosinir, - "Forever - tiever! fffeyex - forcvei!" Al! are scatterctl riow and ilcd, Sonio are marrled, boi'iÏc are dend: And wfiért I aflkj with tliroba ofpiin, "Aii, when .slinll thcy all meet ngain As in ilio dnya, long sincc gong by," ïh aiicicnt tiine-piece niakos reply, - "Fonjver - ncvcrl Ncvcr - forcvorl" Ncver ln-rc, forever tlicrc, Whoro al! pariing, pain, and care. And deaih, and tune shoil disappcarj - Forever tticrc, l)iit never fieití! Tho liürulngo of Ktcrnity Soyeih this inccssamly, - "Korcvcr - ncvcr i Never - forovcr!"