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i r a 3 mg f I lj p? pí H o S I R I B L ö g j H - 3 L I" M 0H Mortgage Sale. Deíault havin# been mude in the eomUtion of a eertain mortgage axéeuted by W'iiliam Kyan ou the eleventh day of April A. D. 1674, to Marliu Ryan, exeeutor of the last wÜl and testament ot Edward Hyau, deeeased, which -aid niurtg-Hge waa given to secure the purchaae money oí the preminen therein dewcribed, and recoided on the saine day at 6:20 o'clock p. m., in the office of the Hegisterof Deeds in the eounty ot Washtenaw Michigan, iu Líber 50 of Mortgaeetí, on page 29 aud wíiieh said murtgage wus on the eecond day o; November A. D 1474, abnig-ued by said Marti' Kyan to Leonhard Gruuer, and on the same dtiy reeordec íq the office oí" the regiBter oí Deeds in the eounty of Washtenaw, in líber 4 oí aspinmenta of mortgages, on page 427, anrt on the 34 tu dny oJ December A. D. 1874, Leonhard Uruaer aasignee as aforeaaid, ussigned the sanie to "W illittm F. Osiaa v, hicii asaiument was recordad on tha aame day n the office of Register of Deeda in ihe eounty oí Wa.shtenaw, in fiber 4, of aesiguments of mortrages, ou pago 458, by which deiault the powei oí sale coutiúned ín said mortgiige luis become operativo, on which uiurtrage ibeie i claimed to be due at the time oi this notice.for iuterest, aixty-two dollars and mixteen cents, und also the f urther sumof thirty dolíart for an attorney V fee as providediu aid inortgage, and no suit orproceeding at law or ïu equity haviog been instituted to recover the amount due ou aaid mortgítee or anj partthereof: Notice ia, therefüre, heruby given that by virtue of the power of sale contained iu aaid mortgage, I shall eell at public tiuction, at the Bouth front door ot the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, fthat beiDg the building ir which the Circuit Court for aaid County of Washtenawis iieldjon thetwenty-seveutliday of November, A. D 1875, :it ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the iollowiug prejnises described in aaid mortifage viz: Allo; villuge lots number tive and six in block number forty-flve in the village of Maücheater, in said cuunty and State, acuurding to the recorded plat thereof , or ao much or auch part or parta thertoí as shall be necessary to satiwfy the amount due upon said mortgañ. Dated8eptember3d, 1875. WILLUM F. ÜBIUS, Khederick Pistorius, Aüüignee. Att'y for AHsignee. 1533 Chancery Notice. rp H E CIECUIT (JOURT for the county of WaaH1 tenaw. ïn ehancery. William Lentz, complainant, va. Caroline Lentz, defeudunt. It satislacLorily appt-aiing to this court by atilda vit and the return of the otÜcer on the subpoana iasued in this cause, that the reaidence of the defendant ia unknown, and that said defendunt is not withïn the juriadïctionof this court. On motiou of IreJerick Pistorius, Bolicitor for complainant, it is ordered that the defendant cause her appearance to be entered in this cause within three months f rom the date of this order, aud that in case of her appearing she c:iuse her nnawer to the complamant's MIJ to be tlled in this cause and a copy thereof to be Herved on the oamplaiiüint or hia solicitor witliiu twenty days alter service on her or her aolicitor of a copy of the bill of complaint tiltd in thia cause and a notice of this order, and in default thereof that the said complainant's bill be taken as coni'essed by the said defendant. And it ir furtnei ordered that within twenty daya, the said complainaut cause a copy of thia order to be pubhshed in the Michigan Argust a public newspaier printd in said county of Washtenaw, and that the publication eentinue at least once in each week for six successive weeks, or hat he ciue a oopy of this order to be personally Berved ou the aaid defendant, aocording to the rules and practice of thia court. Dated July 15th, A, i). Í8M. A. D. GRAKB, Fredeiuck Pistorics, Circuit Judge. tot OoiuD't. 154lw( öberiff's Süle. STATR OF MICHIGAN, county of Wuhtenaw, ss Alired W. Hiinmur vs. James W. Case. By virtue of one writ of execution isstied out of and under the seal of the Circuit Coart for the cuunty of Washtenaw, in the above untitled cause, to me directed and dehvered, I have on this :id dny of Anguat, A. D. 1875. levied upon all the right, title and interest of James W, Caso, in and to the tollowing described real estáte situated in the county of Washtenaw, Stite of Michigan to wit: Thé eaat half of lots number six hundred ;ind nine and six hundred and ten in Follett, Vnught and Holmes' addition to the city oi Vpsilanti, Michigan, which above des'-nbed land 1 will oifer for sale to the higheet bidder, at the sout'i door of the Court Home, in the cityoi1 Aim Arbor, on the 28th day of September. A. P, 1875, at ten o'clock A. M. of said day. Dated Aguat3d, 1875. 1542 M. FLEMING, Sheriff. For Sale Gli&ap. The subscriber oft'ers for salt his HOUSE üLTD LOTS on West Huron street, next west of S. P. Jewett's ifsiiicnce. The house if one of tlie btbt, and pteasaotsat, for tlie size, in the city. Will be sold for tSOC least lian cost. tur uarticidarH apply tu John N. (Joft, or 160 A. T). BKsrMKK. Notice. The Annual Meeting of Uw Whtenaw Mutual Fixe ÏQaarance Couopany will be held ai Court Houm in the city of Ann Arbor, on 8ATDBDAY, OtTOBEK 2d 1875, at 11 o'cloik a. m.. for the piuposeof.tbe eleotiun of offloftra.ftad 10 'o ameod the charter of sitld company. A general attendauee ofmembm is spwially Uesired. Dated, Au. 26, 1875. N. SHELDON, Secretary. fiífí öllPer day at home. Teruis free. Ad pü ' JpiVdresa ö. ■usaos A Co., Fortlaud, Ma oAl-13 Ol THE n Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern RAILEO&D ITSPROPERTY AXD FRAJSCHI8ER In the District Court of the United States tur the Bastero District of Michigan. In Bankiuptcy. In the matter of the Toledo, Aun Arbor and Northern Railroad Company, ;i bftaicittpt. Notk-e is hen-Wy iven tliat on Tuesday, the fourteenthday oí" September next. the andersigned of the 'i'ok-do, Ann Arbor and Nortben Railroad Company, a bankrupt, will otter atpuulic salf at 10 o'cloek in the forenoon of Mld day, anc will iel! to the higfeest bidder at the BOutb front door of tbe CourtHoiwe, in the city of Ann Arbor Ín the county of Wa.shtenaw, in HÜd (Uitliet, all tht right, title and interest in me vetdted, M MHlgtttje ii biinkrujitcy of said bankrupt, and all rigtrt title and iiu'ivst of said bankrupi, in and to the folio wiBg propertj, to wit: Certain prumis.soiy notes giveu In payment O Bubscriptiona to the stock of said compon y in tht sunl of about - Subscriptlens to the capital stock of said companj in the sura of about JS20329. '■! kun iudgnienfes ootal m-ii i ion subscripción as alortsuid in the Bain of about $5,500. Certain areenients to take stock in said rum pany in ihe sum of abmii $6602, Our.siaiiding subBCripUQnf to the capital stock o said corapany in the um of aboufc 1(6,6n2. About thirty-eight miles of the road-bed of said bankrnpt, lying in the city oí' Aun Arbor and be twtuii said V-ity of Ann A'rbor and the-Ohio Stut line, near Toledo, whícb luis been separately con strueted, witb the ïighl of waysecured and Inciden tbereto. About TO.'hio raüroad ties, aituated at difieren polilla ;iln?iLr tbr line of said road-bcd. Aboul -üu oorUs of soft rood. similurly situated. Certain promissor; Dotes, whose paymeut i. -on ditiont-d apon the placingof the iron on the Balt road-bedjin the sum af aboat $40,000. lot in the Thlrd Ward in said city of An Arhor, in said district, knovvn as the Clinton lot raluea at 800, and encumbered in the sum of Í20I The above mentioned property (posaewsing it chief value in belng controlled by'a unity of inter esi in the conatraction of said roadiwillbe offere mil Boid in onc parceJ as aforeaaUL A fnll and speciflc schedule of said pcosonalprop erty and real estáte niay be seen at the law oíhce o tbc undersigned, in the city of mui Arbor. in sait district. This sale wiJl be made pursuant to a order of said eourt made on the thirtoeuth day i August, A. D. L875, Dated, Augtwt -:), 187. ElíWARD D. KLnNK 1")4."-w3. Aasij il''1. Estáte of Rt;yers, Minor. STATE OF MICHIGAN", County of Washtenaw s.s. At a seasion of the Probate Oouit fcr th county of Waehtenaw, holden st the l'robate ottic in the city of Ann Arbor, on Thurrdny, tlie twenty sixth diiy of Angust, in the yearone thousaad eigh liundred and seventy-rlve. Present, Noah W. Oh&ever, Judue of Probate. In the matter of the es'ate of Juli.i R. Reyer Theodore A. Kejer, Amanda E. Reyei, and Osea J. Rever, minoiH. Anna G. Miller, execulrix of the last will am testament of Johu Q, Miller, deceased, comea int court and representa that the is now prepared t render the final account of aid deceased as guar dirtii oí' said minors. Thereupon it is oi-dered, thatTliurady, the twen ty-thirdday of September next. at ten u'cloek in th t'orenoon, be assigned for exaniming and :tllowin auch account, and that the next of kin of aaid minor audall othei persons interestfed in aid eelate, ar requiied to appear it i session of tiaid court, the to be holden at the Probate Otiiee, ia the city o Ann Albor, in aaid county, and show cause, if an; thore bc.why thesaid account shouldnotbe allowec And'it ís further ordeied that said Anua U. Miile give notice to the persons interested in said. estáte of the pendeney of said account, and the hearin ihereof, by causing a copy of this order to be pub lished in the Mi -inij-.m Arguá, a newspuper printe and in rtid county thn e auecessiv W9éka pieviouí iosddduy of hearing. CA true copy.) NOAH W. CUKEVER, 1545w4 ludge of Probate. Estáte of Rachel McCorinick. STATE OF MIOHUrAN, County of Washten;tw bs. At a sessioii of the ProDate CourL lor th eounty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Ottic in tho city of Ann Arbor, on Moe day, the twtuty sixth day of July, in the year one thonsand eigh hundred and seventy-five. Present, Noah W. Cheever, .Tudge of Probate. In the matter of the esutte of Rachel McCor miek, deceased. Zina P. King;, ad mi nis tra tor de bonis non of sait estáte, comee into court and représenla that he i now prepared to render his lirst account aa such ad ministiutor. Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, th thirteenth day of September next, at teu oVloc! in the foreuoon, be ussigned for examining anda] lowing such iiccount. und that the heirs at law of sai( deceased. and all other persons interest d iu said es tute, are reqnired to appear at asesaion of said coun then to be holden at the Probate Ottice, in th city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, if any there be, why the smd acconn should uot be allowed : And it is further or dered that said Zina P. King give notice to th persons interested in said estáte, of the pen dency of said account, and the hearing thereof by causing a copy of this order to be published in the Michigan Argus, a newspaper print ed and cir culating in said eounty, three successive week prerioua to eaid day of hearinsr, {A true copyJ NOAH T. CHKKVKR,. I54lw3 Judge of Probate. Estate-of Ludwig C. Miller. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wiishtenaw sa. At a session of the Probate Court foi the county of Wnshtenaw, holden at the Probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, on "Wed n es-Ja y, the twen ty-flïth day of Auyust, in the year one thousaud eiglit hundred nndseventy-flve. Present, Nouh W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Ludwiif C. Miller deceHed. On peadlngand fllini the petition, dnly verified of Friedveka Millur, pruying that an Administra tor may be uppoiuttd on the estáte of said decettned Thereupon it is ordered,tliat Monday.the twunti eth day of September next, at ten o'clock in the fore noou, be issiunt-d for the heariug of said poti tion, and that the heira at law of said deceased, am all other pexsonB interested in said estj-tte, art re quired to appear at a session oí said court, then te be holden al the Probate Office, in tbe city of Ann Arbor, and a-how cause, if any there be, why the prayer ot the petititmer Bhould uot be granted Aud it is further ordered, that said petitioner givt uoLice to the persons interested in said estáte, ol the pendency of said perition, and the hearing thereof, by causiug a oupy of this order to be pubLished in the Michigan Arytts, a newspaper printed and oircolating in naid county, three BU(x-essi weeks previou= to said day of hearing. (A trueoopy.J NOÁH W.CHKEVER, MA Judue of Probate. Estáte of Richard Flannery. ÜTATEOFHICHIGAÏ-T, county of WaahUnw O as. At a sesaion of the Probate Court tor thfc i-ounty of VVawhteiiaw, holden at the Probate Oüice, in tht city of Ann Arbor. on Monday the twentythird day of August, in the year onfc thounnc eight hunilreü and seventy-öve. Present, Noah W. i.'heever, Judeof Probüte. In the matter of the estáte oí Richard Flannery, deceaed. On reading and flling the petition duly verified, ot Luke Coyle, Administrator, praying llmt he may be licensed to heil the real estáte whertof said . ' di(-d seizrd. Thereupon it ia ordered that Tuesinv, tht twentyciyliih day of September next, at ten o' ck in the torenoon, 'beassigrd for the hearing of said petition. nd thát tlie ii. -is at law of s;iid deesased ;uu all tthe] persons nterestc-d m said estáte, are reqnired to fppear ata Beesion of suid court, then to be holden at the l'robute Office, in the city oí Auu Arbor, and show, if uny there bet why tlie prayer of the petitioner should not beffranted : And it is further ordered that ■said petitioner give notioeto thepersonsinterestediu aaid estáte, of the pendenoy oí said petition and be hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thin ordei o be pubiished in the Michigan Argus, a newsmper printed aud aironlating in said county, four lUooeaaiTQ weeks preriona to said day ot hennng. (Atruecopy.j NO.aH W. CHEKVKli, U46w4 Ju.lse of Prolmte House and Lot Tor Sale. Ï O FF ER my proporty No. G'J Hurón street, between División and State. The lot is -i rods by 12. Ten rooms. House aud groundá in good oreer. Pricu $-0,OUO. A iarge sbure ui&y remain on bond and mortguge. LMS ÜEO. D. GILLEriPIE. Murtgage Sule. WHEREAS Pairic i PaN-n, r,f the .„_ ... igan, did ext-cutè ,„i atlnei to liionL V Ch■ an indei.tim of raortpaüi; hearing tlnti, ï' 'i?" ttenth aay ot Nofeuibfcr. A. D. Ih74 ,m l"W" iheieiu (iesciibeü as all nf Hioïk ceriaiu 'femi' lautlku'juu ttiia deMAbed us ioUftwn ces f)i tba -Bt halt (.j the Dorll.ea.i üuam-'r Tly ; aut half cl the soiithwest QnnrteTaS 'ï' HOttthWMt itmutvi ol the northwett o,,,, " Piin of tlj( aortlieatt quarier ol t,. oaat quartcr of motion „■,.'"■ a1e ui toWDühip Dumbet one sonth of titk.! .u"u' oast. in theetate of Michigan, containto twuhuiidred arn) seven acres ut' land nuiiío"! ""' liicli aanl mortgage as rtulyrecordtd in ,hlv ' ter'soffloe for theoounty ol Wahtïï jLt IXuie fonr hundrrd and nm-six, utl ... ,,;,,'" 9i February, A. D. IK;:,, ,,t 8.1, „'c-kik s' that day. And whexeal deïault has Wen 'm'?' ia the oi Raid roortsage hy non. meutsof money tfeereby pecnred to bepaia w'i by the power Dl contained LuBbsm" operaüve. and there lrs Duw, ut thi date uítíf notiee, claimed to be due on aid mortffairetihii ' ol ttve hundrudund ieventy-four dollaïa n fl t ■oneceritB.besiileuan attumey lee of thlrty-ímiS" lre, in said mort;asre i xpremly agreed to be tïu a ofteo as ny pnieeodiage ilmuld he taken l7 lorecluBo the same, or auy purt thereof , and no m ceedinu al law or in equity having becu institiltVi to i-ecover the aainf or imy purt tbeteof : ïfoü thereforegiven, tlialoiithetwiiiiv tl.irddftvnfnl," ber.A. I) l-,r.,.tteuo'elock in ihe torn„'m dy at Qie louili daor oi the C)ouvt Bouw in th city of Aim rior, itiini hing the place fiw intr the Oirouit Court fotuíd oonnty of Waght.' nnwi, l hall U it public anction, to the MahZi biiidei, the priimiscB dawiribed in aaid mottgue ! above iet forth. ui tucli part oi part thpjeof shall be neeeHsary to.-íiitiíy s-tiid íiuiuunt with it tert'át, costa aod exift-iixen iiilowed by law Datea Ann Arbor July 19, 187Í. THOMAS rOÜSö,. tfortnffu Kooi & (Ikahukb, u7.; Att'ys for Mortgauee. Mortgage Bale. W HERWAS default ha b en madein the coniii uons of a certtiin indeittuie ot mortoage bear" mg date the second day ot' Jasnaty, A. D. Í872 x ecated by hiinee Coleman, of the city of Ano'u bor, County of Washtenaw, State 01 Michigan ti Uuther Jamen oí' Liuii. county iiníi 8tate aforesáid and recorded in the oöice of the Heninler ut ot iaid county of Washtenaw, :vt lo S, ü'clock a y on the IHth day of January. a. d. Í87-J., in ]ht L of mortgages, on page 37, which paid moiteiiee ww duly asaigued by. said Luther James to Lumitn R Slawson, on the tenth day of October, A. D. 1;' and the instrument of ansigurneut thereof recoriW in s:iid Begtrter'a oSlce, on the 21at daj of üctobsr A. 1). 187i. inliber 4 of asaignments of mortgagen' ou page 417, and there ia due and unpaid on mi mortgage, ut the date of this notie , tbe auia „ three huudred and fifty dollars and fony-ji cent, together with thirty dolhtrti as ;t solidtor's or attorney lee, in case proceedings shuuld be taken ,o foreelose aaiu uiortgage, and no prooeeding in tiw or in equity has ben instituted to recover the lebt amulad by said mortgage, ornnyparUhereoí Notice i8 theretore hereby given that by yuto, )f the power of sale in saiu n-.ortgage eontained I shall, on Saturday the ninth day of October, A.b 1875, at ten o'clock in the lorenoou ot said day, sel! at public auctioii to tlie bigheat bidder the premi, es dtiseribed in aaid mortgage to eatisfy the amount ot' principal and interest with the clmrges of sale, and altorney fee of thirty dollars, the premises hertinafter deseribed at the outh door ot iU Court House, in said city of Ann Arbor, (saidConrt House being the piuco of holding the Circuit Coart wiLhiu said couuty of Washtenaw), all those certtiin pieces or pareéis of land described as folloffa: Being lots'uuniber eleven and twelve, in blocknumber three novth of Hurón street, in rnnge numtw four east, accordint; to a recorded plat ot tlie viílaj, Cnowcity} oí Ann Arbor. Dated Ann Arbor, July l'ith, 'bTi. l.riliM R. SLAWSON, AaaigBM, Edwabd R. Slawson, Attorney for Assignee. 153 Mortgage Bale. DEFAULT having been made in the condítioni of a certain mortgage whereby the power therein contained to ell haa become operative, executtd by Villi:im Plimly and Jane Plimty, hisniie, o[ ttk city o! Aun Arbor, in the county of Waahtenaw and cítate ot Michigan, to John McC'urmitk of Salem, in said county nul State, dated theoinü day of January, A. D . eitrhteen hundred and aistyeight, and recorded on the tenth day of Januari. A. D. 1868, at nine and one half o'clock .1. m., m the office of the Register of Deedt tor the couütyol WaahtenaWjin the Stat of Michigan, in iber 5! of mortguges, on pa;, e 224, which said mortgap was duly assigned by said John McUormick a Rachel McCormiok, by deed of assinuient, datd the seventh day of February, A. D. eiphteen hundred and seventy-one, which assiíínraent waa dufr rocorded in the o tace oi the said Kegiöter of Bewil on the ninth day ol May, A. D. 1871, at ele?enand one half o'clock a. m-, iu liber three of awrijjTwwih of mortgagea, on page 119, upon wiiidi aaidtiurt gage there is elaimed tó be due, at the date oí tba notice, thesum of four hundred and thirty-six dollars and tílty cents, and all auits or proceedinp which have heretofore been instituted for therecovery of the debt secured by said raortae btve been discontinued, and no suit or proceedingBat law or in chancery haviug been instituted sinee said diseontinuance to recover any part thereui Notice is there!' re hereby given . that by ïinut oi the power oí sale eontained in said raortt;age,I shall, on Saturday the twenty-third dny of ürt ber, A. ü. 1875, at ten o'clock in the foreuoon, seli at public auctiou to the higheet bidder (theeakta take phice at the couth door of the Cotirt Ion ir. the city of Ann Arbor, in suid county, saM Couit House being the place of holding the Circuit Court for said county oi Wushteimw the premises described in said mortgage, or so roucti thereof as sliftll be neceesary to salisfy theamonnt due on such mortizage and legal costa and churla of such sale, together wlth an attomey fee of tb:rty dollars, covenauted for therein ; that isto say tbi foliowing described piere or pareel of land, beiiw lot number fifleen, (15j in block numlier four, ia i'artridge'a ddition to the city of Ann A 1 bur, :■ uorrhiig to the recorded plat thereof. Duted thia Ï7th day oí July, A. D. 1875. ZINAP. RING, Adminuti atoi' oí AsrigsM W. D. Harkiman, 1MI Alt'y for Administrator. Bheriff's Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Wnhtraw. ss. John T. Kaywalt vs. Alva A. Roíwo. By virtue ol one writ of execution iued )it of and under the seal of the Circuit tour lot the couuty of Waahtenaw, in tte above entitlfll cause, tome directed and delivered, ldidonthc -9th jay of May, A. D. 1875, levieil upon '" right, title and interest of Alva A. Bobuoauu" to the following described real estáte Mtuaied 11 the couuty of Waishtiülaw, State of Michis, J wit : All that certaiu tract of land situated in bloei number eighteen of the village of Uexter, Wi tenaw couuty. State of Michigan, kuown twuniwl and desiTibed as folio s, to wit: Btginumg o the east side of said bloek uumher eighteen, aoil south side of au alley twenty leet wide, 01e ■ dred and seventy feet froju the south side pi lln street or Ann Arbor road, and running northfflty-four degrees wst along siud alley one hunuwt and eighty-flve and a half feet ; thence sojtwenty and a half degrees west along an Ut! twenty feet wide. and parallel to said east uw said block, forty and one half feet, iheuce niti flfty nine and tnree-fourths degrecs east, ose bm dred aud eighty-six and afourtu feet to tof line of said bloek ; thenee along said eat liurW')' live and a half feet to the place of begiMHiwhich above described land I shall exposé tor to the hishest bidder, at the outh door cl .' Court Honee, in the city of Ann Arbor, at OT o.clock A. H. on the 2Sth day of September, '■ Dated August 3d, 1875. 2" . M. FLKM1NG, Slw Mortgtige Sale. HEFAl.'LT having been made in the oait'D' " of a certain indentuie ol mortgae, 1"' date the thirtith day of December, A. 1;J." ecuted by Jamts Coleman of the city of oo "m' cJunty of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, ,w Luman K. BlawBOn of the said city of An-": and recorded in the office ot the Register ot wj for said county of Washtenaw, on the 2fl '■ Jauuary, A. D. 1874, at 3 1-4 o'clock P M-. a 1 uk 4'J of mortgages. on page 2"6, and there "" unpaid on said mortgage, at the date of t1"11" the sum of thirty-seven dollars and f 'f E cents, together with thirty-nve dollars as ' tor or attorney fee, in caae proceedmgs s00".. taken to foreclos said mortgage. Aud fPL. iug in law 01 in eo,uity has been instituted 1 er the debt seoured by said mortgage or n! K thereof. Notice is, therefore. hereby S'";' by virtue of the power ol sale in aio ""J": J contained, I shall, on Saturday, the mntí "Í October, A. D. 185, at ten o'clock iu thiw of said day, sell at public auction tu tue mg a bidder, the premises desrribed in said niortKetl satisfy the amount of prinoipal and '!11 ,"L.jt, the .'liarges of s,ile and attorney fee '""",. lfc( dollars, the premises hereinafter drc riiM. south door of the Court House in saiJUlS1 " Arbor Csaid Court House being the VSuhtiing the Circuit court witlijn s:iid county 01 " naw) all those certain pieces or parcela u described as follows: Bring lots miro be r ' and twelve in bloek number three, north 01 tjj street, in range number four e-'ft. liccOT , Ud recorded plat of the vülage (n"W citj. m Arbor. Dated, A111 Arbor, July 15th, 18'. Edwabd K. Slawson, Attorney for M""i ' Mortgage öale. DEFAULT having been mde in the "S, of a certaiu indenture ol "1"fl'emtM date the seventh day of SU, j , A. D. '.I'fSS." Gotlob lieiscrand Anna Maria '"„i-mi. the city of Aun Arbor, County of " ltM State of Michigan, to John Daniel liemn. said city of Aun Arbor, and reconle'l 11 ■ htr. oí the Register of Ueeds of wiiCounW u " tli teuaw,onthe8lh day of May, ' es,.B o'clock a. m. ot said daV, in libti 1 ut ' iU"4i-o"l page 471. wLich said mortKage wa du M üy said John Daniel Heinrich to JoLu l Bl the ÜSth day ol May, A. D. 1871, and "f ' is;.. of assignment thereof, recoroed iu s'u ",-" ,ii office on the lStü day of July, ,A-?Jteaet' o-clockP m. 01 aaid day m Uber 10M "tó of niortgagca, 011 page 13, anu v ,im was duly assigned by said Johii ö " ',rument' da Ol March.A. D. 8T4, and the '"slrp6ler'. asBignment thereoi recorded m sald m 4 t ( office ou the 7th day of Marrh, A. '■ jfiD!I1elJ o'elock p. m. of said flay, in liber 4 o e n(i „nof mortgages.on page 24S, and there isou pald on said mortgage, at the date ot M „,. ihesum 01 tour hundred and se ven aona ,, tysix cents, together willi thirty do torney fee, in cue proeeading in l. oreólos said mortgajie, aud no pi g"L tiu i-M or In equily has been instituted to reu [Li.lW: secured by'said mortgage, or nï P rtue t Notice is therefore herely eiven, fll"[ ' he power ot sale oontaiudd irj saw tieI, y hall, 011 S.itui lay the mnth day d jy. D. 1876, at ten o-clock in the forenoml M r tte ell at public auctiou 10 the aiglie" ",(afy tW premia des.:ribed in said oorteaw w „„gei imountof principal and i"tlI ' doll,''1' f sale and attorney fee ot "'"'i s0„th dw' preniises heerinaftcr deeoribed . at tl't (s„J 1 the ( lourt House iu said city ol AnuiU c Court House being the place oí '„„wj, f uit Court withiu said Cuunty ot " f nortb, lmt part of lot number four. b L ■ , Footiat UHÏ east, that lies ""f'.èUd, "rdtrect iu ihe city of Anu Arbur atuie ug to the recorded plat th'-.o-j Dated Ann Arbor, AAO


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