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SUBSCE1BK FOR THK A.BOU8. - Í32.947 12 were devoted to the public ■ehooïs of this city !tst yenra. 'Jhis district contnins 2,407 nluldren be■„t'ii the age.s of tive and twenty. _ Prol. Estabrook o the State Norninl has I been quite sick iritb typhoid fever. - The work of plfMtering tho iiow CongreI rtti!itt Churfh commenced ycstenlay. ' -Mr. S. T. ütis feil fi om his wagon on I iHïany and dislocated his shonlder. - The CuBgregatfanaliats will ocoupy their I ald church on Suiiduy iit'tenmon noxt. - Oomelius Ganson and Ufan. Woodruff I ïfre elected school trustees at Ypsilanti on I jlonday. - The residence of Mrs. T)r. Dentón on Fifth .treet is undergom' repair and receiving imI .fovements. I - A ware-house occupied by Kemp & Wood I Bros- in Chel8eh, was uiirookid by a heavy J uiuii on Friday last. j -John H. Mayuard lias ?one East. On . retnru people wil) fiud it to their mterrall at his store. f - Work waa begun on the tiew hospita) at the Uuiversity on Tuesday afternoon, by dig] ing for the foundations. - Quite a nuinber of students have already 1 their names in the law and medical I -nts of tha Univeraity. I -The creditors of J. Muehlig & Bro., wiil I hold a meeting for consultation to-morrow, at -ie oHie of the assignee, D. Cramer. I -Mrs. Helen McAnürew, Mra. C. R. j .„on. and Mrs. C. D. Bassott voted last Mon, m Ypsilnnti at the school eloction. The suit agaiust J. I1'. Axtell for none ' ;, w;is discoutinuad laat week owin t lack of suiticient evideuce to convict him. I - The Rev. Jlr. Langcake, of Montreal, is bolding a mission at St. Thomas' Church this eek. The attendance has been very largo. - Mrs ƒ. F. Sclrierberle caught her foot u v;ts coming down stairs on Friday last snd falling broke her arm abovethe wrist. - The Kev. Mr. Brown hu aooepted the ■ ;ll extended to him by the Presbyterian hsrch, thus beconiinjj their permanent pastor. - No trains were run on this portion of the Michigan Central last Sunday, as a new bridge rw beiug put across the Tluron nver at lides. - The Rev. E. S. Mortoon; of Meadville, l'diin-, wili conduct the fervices of the Uniuinai) Church next Sunday, moruing aud t-.iuing. -Prof. C. F. E. Bellows, of the Normal Schooi, has publisñed a work eutitled " Geoil l''igures," designed es]ecially for se iwd classes. - Thuse who punt alter thrilling scènes, nay be entertained this ifternoon by the e performances of and aerouaut, one ■ jve Aun Arbor. - N'ormau Gates had one of the fingers of ; hand cut off, and the otliers somewhat ■tugled by a barr uw in the planing mili of lm. oble, last Fnday. -Bef. J. S. Boyden, pastor of the Baptist uurcli at Ypsilanti, has returned trom his eddiug tour. He f reached his first sermón ter his return on Sunday last. - Rev. I. X. Elwood has received the ap■BtBtent to the pastorate of the M. E. aurch here. Mr. Ehvood graduated t'rom t Cmversity with the class of 1867. - The youug men who got up a handkeref flirtation with two ladies on the bank oí ie mili race, last Sunday, are worthy of comjtudation for thair zealous efforts in pursuit. - Jti9 pupils have been enrolled in the lih School with a still larger number in te liraramar school. Upwards of seventyn non-resident students are Lu atteuduncq, - ï'he tuition paid into the High School ttjmi amounted to $4,029 ,50. The cost of utiou for resident pupüs in the High School alxmt half the average for the High Schools I the Stite. A ipotted adder three feet long was lied on Main street in tront of the store of taibach iL Co., last Friday. It is supposed ut the snake was brought iuto the city iu load of hay. - August flerz is opening a new stock of odt in hie store nearly opposite to the old umd. He has been selling off what was left y the fire at cost. He will still continue in Le tfrocery trade. Hcnry Borer, of Ypsilanti, was arref-ted on "ueaday for committing adultery with Mrs. 'cLwartz. The two were placed under one ïwisand dollars bail to appear tor cx.miiuatiou ' Moudaay next. - The colored people gave an exhibition on Uesduy mght at their brick church, for the Heit of the Sunday school. The ünancial ;iinwere not heavy owiug prineipally to the Kt that there was not an " exne'euued tellah it de do'." - The city is to pay the costs in a suit against reo. F. Lutz, which was instituted against him or the payment of kis quarter's saloon tax Ie U given till the lüth to pay the second quarer1, in default of which the law will take him hand again. -Rev. H. S. White, of this city, sought l" appointmeut from the Detroit conferece. The uufortunate Monitor siiver mine ock operations came up, and such oppolioii was manifested, that the motiou to give lim an appointnient was withdrawn. - The suite against the stockhokiers of the tal Arbor Trading Association came up bete Juatice Beahan on Saturday last but were Wan adjourned till the 25th of September. Ue cotnmittee appointed to consult with counK' reported a lack of funds for that purpose. -The layiug of the new walk ou Fifth 'treet, in front of the residences of F. L. Par' and E. W. Morgan, caused some loud ords and a frequent intercourse with lawFets and law bpokd by the latter parties. The aecessary walks are being puc down nevertlieless. - A gentleman in this city, whose name we re not at liberty to make public, has received ' appointment as postal clerk on the fast Baü tram between New York and Chicago. The primal tnp of this new Government post1 semce is to made about the iniddle of next nouth. - The young man, Henry Ortman, who was severely injured by the explosión in lower owu, isstill in a couditiou of considerable suftoiug. He is not able to use liís eyes and only 'JPus Ihem for the doctor's examiuation. His "eek i8 troubiing him iiow, and operations will ve to be performed for the removal of glass. -The twenty-seveuth aunual fair of the Washtenaw Cnunty Agricultural Society will 1] held iu this city September 22, 23 and 24. A ge list of premiums are offered, and the "Scers of the Society are doing all in their iwer to inake it one of the largest and most '"'restiii) iairs ever held in the county. John Kaschensky, while engaged in cut""ê out the dead biauches of the shade trees 011 División street, for his employer, Heury W ogers, on Thursday ot last week, was over "■ by tiia extreme heat and feil to tlie K'und. The tall produced quite a shock to uystetn but he was not otherwise senously "'jured. - A very large audience, composed ot' the "abor of the Congregationftl, Baptist, and e'hudist societies, hstened to the address o Hinkin last iSunday eveniug, at the M. E puren. She followed at some length he enty years' experieuce as a inissiouary and W in southwesteru Texas and Mexico Mch waa full of iutarest. A sweeping raisfortune befell the oíd pus senger house of the Michigan Central Eailroa ('ompauy at Chelsea, 011 Tlmrsday night las week. It was total ly consumad by tire, and i was only hy tlm utmost exertion that the giaii elevator and treijfht house were saved. lt had jnst reoovered, by carpenters' aid, from a shoc ít received few nights bet'ore. - On the laat two daya of the fair, a balloon oscensions will be made by the great Pedanto and akvM gymnasHcs performed at the helgh of ouemile, upon a trapeze bar. Weare pre pared to say that this is no humbug, and there can be no failure through want ot good gas, o the article manufacturad here has been tested by the aeronaut and found to be sútablo. If an adminitrntnr of un estufe of about $6,000 charges a bilí of f'2'2ft over and a)ove his commission, tor his services for about fifteen day8, is it not time that persona settled th.sir estates befare denth or else quit dying, aud especially so when the administrator has paid a lawyer a fee of $110 for advice and service aaide from said bilí ? The world procreases coi tainly. The Sunday School room in the basement of the M. E. Church has lately put on a new and decidedly improved nppearance. A rtew carpet or matting has been put npon the floor, a new rostrum erected in the south side of the ■oom, a very flne secretary's desk added, the walls calcimined, mottoes and insciiptions occupy conspicuous places, fcc. The whole his been done at an expense of alwnt Í37Ó. - The Chicago Tribune accuses Prof. Tenbrook of plagarism. This is in reply to a chiirge on the part of the Professor who accused the 'JYilntne, in reviewin his book on the State Universitie? of America, of copying a whole chapter without credit. The Tribune now says that it was copied from auother book, ind thiuks ít provea the Professor's plagarism :onclusively. Why doesn't the Tribune name the book from which it made the extract and ave thi unneceBsary controversy ? - The State taxes tor 1875, including the indebtedness of tlie counties to the State am-iuut to $)!!;", 690. 56. Of this amount Washteuaw ia to pay $26,873.38, $811.70 of which is indebtedness. Ten couuties owe less to the State than Washtenaw, aud fffteen owe more; fifty-two owe nothing. The State has a claim ot $31,218.92 on the county of Shiwassee, the highest, and only $54.30 on Baraga, the lowest amonnt. Wayne county pays the higheat tax, $33,77178, and Baragii the least, 54 30. - At the meeting of the Comraon -Counei on Monday eveniug, A. H. Herrón was elected tü till the vacancy caused by the resiguation of Alderman Bishop of the Fifth ward. Mr. Herrou graduated frora the law departraent of the Umversity with the class of 1865, and Bince that time has occupied the various positions of County Ulerk of Van Buren oouuty, Circuit Court Commissioner, of the same couuty, editor ot tlie St. Johns Keptiblican, and an editor of the Btx ning News. At the present time he is in tlie eniploy of that paper. - Warren Lewis, a ten year oíd son of W. H. Lewis, proprietor of the Leonard House, met with a frightful accident on Saturday last. He had goue hunting with his father and some other parties, seven miles west of the city, and while they were engaged in shooting game, he was practiciug at a mark ; very unfortunately his gun exploded and tore away the greater portion of his lett hand, only his thumb being left, hangiug by a strip of flesh and skin. He was brought home immediately and had his arm amputated between the wrist aud elbow by Dr. Maclean. The little fellow bore tlie opuration with great fortitude. - John W. Langley, B. L., has lately rece i ved the appointmeet in the University of Professor of General Chemistry and Physics. Prof' Langley ie a Bostonian and has the following record. He graduated from the Lawrence Scientiftc School when thirty years of age, and pent the followíng year and a half at this Jniversity in the Medical department and in he labratory. He was a surgeon in the navy uring the war, aud at its close was appoiuted roiessor of cheiuistry in the Naval Academuy t Annapolis. His studies in chemistry coninucid lor sevural yeais al'terwaril in Europe, nd lie has since held positions in Autioch Colege aud in the Uuiversity at Pittsburgh. His workhere will comprise nearly all that done by 3r. Douglas heretofore, and in addition that of [ie departraent of Physics. Dr. Douglas will till retain charge of all that pertains to applied liemistry, lecturing from time to time on venilation and kindred subjects. There is still n appointment to be made of assistant ot 5rof. Laugley, which will complete the list f iiistructors for the coming year. This jositiou has beeu olfered to a '75 gradúate of tie University. Pionehb Society.- The regular annual meeting of the Washtenaw Couuty Pioneers' ociety was held at Firemeu s Hall on Monday 'he meeting opened at 10 o'clock a. m-, and ín tie iibsence ot the president the lst vice-presient, Edward Clark, occupied the chair. We ive below the principal tentares ot the meeting. A large number of Indian relies and curiosee were on exhibition which had been colected at dftierent times in the county and at ther parts of the State. These collectioue were the property of N. B. Covert, who had 74 specimens, comprising chiefly arrow heads, tone hatchets and iinplemouts of war; of Mr. David Depew, of Pittsfield, who had 150 curisities ; of J. H. Sperry of Ann Arbor, and thers. Mr. Covert also exhibited an inscribd bark, which was covered with the hierogly)hics of some aucient people ; it was found on he shore.of Lak e Superior. Mr. Depew exïibitud an old volume of histories which had been in nis own and his mother's family upwards of one hundred years. It was printed in 1711 by one Joseph Downing, in Bartholomew close, Loudon. A committee was appointed to take the necessary means to organiy.e the Pioueers' Society n ac cordauce with the statute of the State au;hor izing the organization of historical societies. Heretofofê the Society has been a separate organization, but this movemeut puts it in" :o closer conuection with othera of the State' and gives it an Ímpetus toward assisting in the nstorical collection at Lansing. A paper was read by Mr. N. B. Covert, of Ann Arbor, on " Antiquities as lllustrative of ludían History.' He was requested to continue the 8iib]ect in subsequent papers at meet. ings of the Society. A resolution was passed authorizing a change in theconstitution wherebv meetiuïs will be held once in tlire mnnHia. lustend of bi-monthly as heretotore. The next meeting will be on the tirst Wednesday in December, and in the village of Manchester. Four volumes of the " Documentary History of Naw York," books valuable aa old relies, were presented to the Society by Bishop Gillespie. The following oflïcers tor the ensuing year were elected : President, Edward Claik, Aim Arbor; tirst vice-presideut, Wm. M. Gregory, Saline ; recordiug secretary, C. A. Chapin, Auu Arbor ; correspondiug secretary, N. H. Goodrich, Ann Arbor ; tre'asurer, J. G. Leiand, Anu Arbor ; executtve committee, J. D. Willinms, E. B. Lay, J. Q. A. Sessions, David Depew and John J. Kobison. The following vice-presideuts, one from each townahip and city in the couuty were also elected: J. Q, A. Sessious, Aun Arbor City ; J. Geddes, Aun Arbor Towu ; Aaron Childs, Au" gusta; Dau LeBaron, Bridgewater ; Wm. A Jones, Ucxter; Eliiis Haire, Freedom ; Morrell Goodrich, Lima ; Chus. Almendinger, Lodi . J. H. Collins, Lyndon ; J. D. Corey, Muuchester; Geo. Sutton, Northfteld ; Dr. Nathan Webb, PittEfield ; Calviu Wheeler, Salem ; AK. Clark, Saline ; Hiram Arnold Scio ; Audrew Robison, Sharon ; Geo. W. Gale, Superior ; Chas. H. Wines, Sylvau ; J. B. Annatrong, Webater; Henry Coe, York; Wm. Wilsou' Ypaüauti City ; E. D. Lay, Ypsilauti Towa.


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