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The Croquet Tournament

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As we wentto press last week the croquet tonrnament wns in full blast, and although the plnng has continued most of the time since, ït will not be completad till this evening. Thursiiay uioiniug, the opening day of the tournament, dawnod uuspieiously, and at the appointed tim playera began to colïect. Grounds had been piopared upon the race course of the fair ground, and were in tolerably good condition. There were four of thesa jroiinds and each was fnlly equipped with the best of outfits. The offtctis were prompt and regular in attondance, and the vigilnnce and euergy ot Benj. Brown, Esq., who acted as peñera I manager, promoted the sucoess of the tournuiuent. No games were played till the afteiuoou of Thursday, as but. few hud arrived trom abroad before that time. During the week a number ot towus and villages were reprenented, and we Jïive below a full list of those who competed for the, trom other places and of our own citizens. Clielaea. - Reuben Kemp, James GKlbert, J. VVood, E. Negus, G. Crowell. Duxtei- J. W. Williams, L. Palmer, Briggs, (i. Hosler. -Messrs. Waugh, Warner. Tecumseh. - J. L. Waldo, P. W. Aliaras, E. J. Fisher. Franklin, Lenawee Oounty. - E W. Love. Ann Arbor.- J. G. Price, Chas. Hall, Geo. A. Gilbert, Chas. M. Jones, A. H. Pattengill, Alvin Wilsey, G. Blifis, Eli Manly, R. A. Glaiat, Lewi Wade, K. A Beal, K. Slieldon, AJ. Sawyer, W D. Harriinan, S. Fairchild, J. Schumaker, Chas. Manly, Albert Edmouds, Martiu Boles, I. S. Foster, C. J. Kiutner- making a total ot 36 playera. Eight doublé teams and eleven single teams were entorcd, while the forty-teet shot wae le'ft open to all. The manner of playing was as follows : Lots decided what teams sbould opose each other.and aseries of games followed. The wiuning teams were again put into the ield with " lot" opponent, and 80 the process of continued. till there were left as candidates for the fitst two prízes, Wilsey and I'attongill against Gilbert and Jones. This contest was fiually decided by the victory of the tormer team in two straight games, thun giving t.hem the first prize, the second tiilling to the latter team. Tlie third prize was competed lor by Manly and Edwards against Waugh and Wiuiier, and was won by the fonnor. These game were completed only tiil late Saturday night. During a rest in a portion of the games, the forty -f eet shot was open, and upwards of forty entries made. The winner here was to make the lowest eount in ten shots, a scale extending on eitlier side ot the mark. (}. Crowell, of Chelsea, wou the prize, his score standing 69 1-2 inches. Oue series of games had boen played between single teams by Saturday night, and cousequently eleven persons knew that there was no prize for them. The playing oontinued on Monday aïternoon, with slow success during Tuesday, and only t.ill Thursday night was it de-ided who deserved the laurel. The first prize was wou by l'attengiü, and either WilBey or (rilbert will take the second. Thus all the pnzes but one will be retained in this city. The tiuancial suocess of the touruament is worthy of mention. There waa taken at the gate lor entrance fees, 24 98 ; fees for entries, 8 05 ; subscription, Ï36, making a total of $69 03. -The prizes amouuted to ffil. The excessively hot weather during the first two days of the tournainent and the distance of the grouuds from the city, prevented anything by a small attendance of visitors. Those who were present mauifested a great interest in the games, as much of the playiug was ver y good. As a whole the tournainent. waa enjoyable and successful.


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