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Council met in regular session Mondayevening, Mayor Kinne in the ctaair. Boll called- absent Aid. Schmidt. Minutes of telt meeling read and approved. PETITION8. To the Hou. Mayor, Stoorder, and Alisrmm of the City of Ann Arbor : The undersigned, resideuU of the city of Ann Arbor, would represent that thev have fully considered 'the question whether or iiot the ordinance of said city Ituowii as the Saloon ur License Ordiuance ought to be enforced to its f ullest extent. And they would most respectiully submit the following among other reaaous why they believe Baid ordinance ought not to be eníorced : lst. At the time said ordinauce was passed, the persons engaged in the business thus licensed paid no tai upon said business. Tbat since the passage of said ordinance the Legislatura of the State of Michigan have jassed au Act which has now beconie a law, md i in full torce, levying a tax which in the iggregate araounts to as uiuch or more than the license upon the same persons and business embraced in the provisious of said ordiuance, which answers all puiposes for which said iriiiuaiice was psased. 2d. That the niouey ansing froin said taz goes to the same I'uud and may be used foi th name purpoBe as the money aiising trom said ordiuance. 3d. That it was the clearly expressed will of he ueoDle of the said city that the sum-total of all the tax that ought to be assessed upon aid business was the ainount expressly contained in sairt ordinance upon the payment of which a license should be granted. And they uever contemplated and would not have pas.sed au ordinance affixing a license in doublé the amount of that affixed by said Iiceu8e, whioh is now the effect of euforcing said license since the passage of said Act of said Legislatura. The undersigned wou'd, therefore, most respectfully request that such an ameudment may be made by your honorable body to said ordinance as will exempt the business embraced m said law trom the operation of said ordinance. The above petitition wan signed by about 75 ersons, and was placed on file. Of A. B. Henion and others, tor construction of two crossings on west side of North Main treet, across Madison and Mosely st reets, econd ward. To street committee, Of C. Backus and others, tor sidewalk on west side of Twelfth street, from Hill street to north line of South University Ave. To sidewalk committee. Of K. Beahau and 50 ethers, for the appointment of Thoa. Clarkins to the office of Contable of the Third ward, in place of Thos. JHoskins removed from the city. To order of ifiMcollaneous Business. Of P. Donovan and 50 others, for the appointinent of A. H. Herrón to the office of Alderman of the Fiith ward, in place ot B P. Jishop, resigued. To order of Misscellaneous Jusiness. EEP0ET3 OF STANDING COMMITTKE8. Finance. - Bflta were allowed agaiust the everal funds in the following amouuts, for which warrants were ordered drawn : General Fund, $710 47; General Street Fund, Ï107 33; First ward, $29 90; Second ward, $57 52; i'hird ward, 10 26; Fourth ward, 34 75; Fifth ward_ 47 51; Sixth ward, $3 25; Cemetery, $7 38. . Sidewalk.- Submitting asseosment roll gaiust property owned by Patriok Wall, for ebuilding sidewalk on west side of Main treet, adjoining Chas. Kitson's. Approved. Same : That the sidewalk ordered in front f premises of C. H. Waite on Pontiac street ''ïfth ward, has not been constructed, and recmmeuded that said sidewalk be ordered built y the city and an assessmeat roll made thereor. Adopted. General Fund. - Recommending that a street amp be ordered erected on coruer of Madison nd State streets. Adopted. Pólice. - Summittiug the following which was adopted : Your committee have heard with regret that everal of the ordinances of said city requiring nmediate enforcement, have not received the ttention that your committee deem they ught, and we also hear that the City ey is not coníerred with as to the proots in ases on behalf of the city, before complaint is made, and we therefore present the accomanyiut; resolutiou and respectfully ask its doption. Resoloed, That the City Marehal be and s hereby directed to make complaint against 11 and every saloon and victualiug house in lis city thiit has not paid the two quarters' ícense last past due, or does not pay the same within three dayB trom this date ; and that he onfer with the City Attorney relative thereto, nd also relative to all violations of the city rdinances before making oomplaint, except in rgent ases admittiug of no delay. MISCELLANBOXTS. By Aid. Cate : The committee on (-ceneral rund be directed to ascertain price of priuting ud compiling the charter and oí dinances of ie city. Adopted. By Aid. Sraith : the following resolution which was adopted : Resolved, That this Council hereby grant ermission to any citizeu or citizens of Ann .rbor to lay water pipe on .State street, North Jniverhity ave., and Huron street, said pipe o be used fur the couveyauce of water till uch time as the city may eugage in the conruction of Water Works aud provide for the euural distribution of the partiea layug said pipe indemnifyiug the city against all ainages. Bonds of 22 saloon keepers were preseut for pproval. Referred to committee consisting of ity Attorney and Aids. Walker and Seabolt or iuvestigation. Leave being granted, A. J. Sawyer addressd the Council in favor of the city assuming ie costi made in the lieense suit against Geo' Lutz for the collection of his saloon license. By Aid. Besimer : That the matter be left to he diso etion of the City Attorney. Carried. By Aid. Besimer : the following, which was dopted : Resolved, That in the opinión of this Council ie public safety and convenience require the emoval of the eucroachment upou the sidewalk on the south side of Huron street by the ;airs attached to the buildings known as the íotsíord block, sitúate on the Southwest oorer of Main and Huron streets, said stairs eading the the second floor of said building, nd the office recently occupied by Dr. Jackon and au office now occupied by D. Cramer, 3sq. ; and that the City Marshall is, therefore, lereby directed to proceed on the first day of STovember next to remove said stairs (uuless hey shall have been removed before that ime) in pursuance of section 3 of ordinance No. 91, entitled " An Ordinance relative to the eniovtd of encrouchments upon the public treets, alleys, and sidewalks of the city of Ann Arbor. Anü the City Marshall is also hereby irected to report to the next meeting of this )ouucil ot any other eucroachments upon the idewalks of any of the stroets in the City of Aun Arbor. By Aid. Walker : That bilis referred to City Attoruey at last meeting, against Third ward und, be allowed and warrants be ordered. By Aid. Walker : That Thos. Clarkin be apointed Constable for the Third ward, in place of Thos. J. Ho8kins, removed trom the city. Carried. By Aid. Caté: That Chas. Boylan be ap ointed Constable tor the First ward, in place of J. W. Lawson, deceased. Carried. By Aid. Seabolt : That A. H. Herrón be appointed Alderman of the Fifth ward, in place of K. P. Bishop resigned. Carried. By Aid. Cate : That resolution adopted at ast meeting, requhing the signaalles of both Aldermen in each ward to bilis for expendieres of the ward fund, be reconsidered. Adopted, and on raotion laid on tuble. By Aid, King : That Recorder, be iustructed to procure a book of record. By Aid. Cate : That a couimittee of three be appointed to revise ordiuauce relative ta building sidewalks. Adopted, and Aid. Cate, King and City Attorney appomted. Adjourned.


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