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Clawson Wheat

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-The Ffee Press of last Saturduy, in speaking af the crops in Hilidale county, 3ays : A fjood many are sowing the Clawaon wheat this year, as tLose who have harvested ït tuin auramer have got about one-third more per acre than those who have harvested Diehl wheat. The Clawson wheat is selliug for seed wheat here at trom $1 50 to f 1 7 per bushei, while extra white wheat i only sellan tor il ld in market. Seeing and realizing the need uf a change of eed wheat, I have been out on the Grand liver Vaüey Railroad, and bought 400 bushels of Clawson wheat ot F. W. Clawson at one dollar and fifty cents per bushei there, and ex. ect to have it home by Saturday, September lth. Any of my neighbor farmers wishing to ow this variety can be accomodated at reasonble rates, probably not to exceed tl 76 per uahel. Kvery farmer who has raised it, so ar as I have been able to asccrtain, speak very avorably of it, especially in regard to ita staning the severe winters and springt we are able to have. Ten days ago I carne across a eal good practical farmer from the State of New York, and one whom I am well acquaintd with and a very reliable man. He tells me bey have no wheat down there that begins to tanda the wmtfiis or begins to yield with it.


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